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  1. Deeshana

    Average Lifetime Of A Car Battery In Sri Lanka

    I didn't use my car for a long time. We would be out of Lanka throughout the year. The car would've been used only in the Month of July or August. So basically the car was locked up for 11 months an year until last year. I've used a President battery since I bought the car (N16) in 2008 to 2009. Then changed it to another battery I can't remember the make though. Used it upto 2010 when my alternator belt snapped and I didn't know that. I was in a traffic jam and suddenly the Air con was out, didn't bother much. The same day while travelling Outstation. I didn't know about the alternator I thought the battery died, and I've bought a new Exide battery which died again, luckily it stalled in front of a garage and that guy told me the belt is snapped. Replaced the belt and I've been using that since then no issues at all. Lesson learnt : Always check for Alternator belt noises, replace ASAP if it's weak I'd recommend EXIDE for the Srilankan market I've used the battery for five to six years by which four were just stationary for 11 months per year. Topped up the battery level in 2014, it never gave any issues. Replaced the Alternator belt 3 times though
  2. Deeshana

    ECU Nissan N16

    I've got some good news. For the emissions test what I've did was bought some SOLTRON and went on some high speed runs that got my emissions passed. I kept the AC on while doing the test. Because the idle part of the test was failed.
  3. Deeshana

    ECU Nissan N16

    Hey guy I've got a Nissan N16 ii (N17) 1.3 Manual 2003. There was an issue with the ECU and 2 cylinders were not firing properly. The garage told that the ECU is damaged and I replaced it. ( This was about 2 years ago, and the car isn't used much.) I replaced it and it was alright I didn't notice any issues back then. Not sure about fuel economy because I didn't use the car. After the Ecu was replaced the car was left without use for around an year. Recently I've found out that the ECU is from an Auto version and it gives a P0600 Error when scanned. But when replacing the ECU we tried out different ECUs and the automatic ones didn't even start the car, I thought this was a manual ECU. However I was wrong, and the car has some performance delay when going at around 3k rpm, for example when accelerating under normal gas the rpm would stop at 3k for around 2 seconds then it would advance higher. And the only way to make it go above 3k sometimes is to downshift and rev harder. The main issue is that the fuel consumption is higher than normal, I haven't been using this car for a long time (Locked up in a garage at granny's) but when I started using this again (4 months) I felt the fuel consumption is really high even if babied out (6kpl Colombo with AC). The MAF failed and fuel pump failed I replaced both of them as well. Last week I went to get my emissions certificate and realised the ECO test was failed and the fuel told me theres a lot of fuel wasted. I did tune ups about 2 months back when I started to use this car. But the fuel consumption isn't fixed and the rpm issue either. Is there a way to get my old Factory ECU fixed so that I can be still using that ECU instead of the Automatic one installed? Is there a trusted place to get this fixed? Thank you in advance.
  4. Deeshana

    Central Locking N16

    I did have checked both but I couldn't find it.
  5. Deeshana

    Central Locking N16

    Guy's I've got an N16 facelift (n17) and I didn't use the car for a while and the central locking doesn't work. I think rats are the culprit (car was outstation locked inside a garage) Are the fuses bad or wiring damaged? Anyone knows the location of the central locking fuse? Thanks in advance!
  6. Deeshana


    Hello guys, First of all I'm new to this forum and I don't know whether this thread is in the correct section, I'm sorry if its in a wrong place. I've got a Nissan Sunny n16 facelift aka n17 in Sri Lanka. (MT 1.3) It's a 2003 Ex saloon, and I've being using it for about 8 years now. I had an ECU issue and I replaced the ECU about an year back. However I didn't use the car after that because the car was outstation and I was in Colombo. Now I've got the car with me and I realised that after the ECU replacement the fuel consumption is terrible. I thought it was an issue with the oxygen sensor or the camshaft positioning sensor, I realised a few days back that the ECU is from an AT 1.3 N16. Sometimes the rpm won't rev passed 3000 rpm in 2nd gear, it might struggle at around 3k. but suddenly the issue is gone - that's strange though, but at least it revs The fuel issue isn't fixed though, the fuel consumption is high (6kmpl in Colombo) and all the sensors appear to be alright. I'd like to anyone here will be able to explain/help me out regarding this particular topic. Thanks in advance