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  1. petrolHead1

    Best hatchback for below 1.8M

    I used a Japanese Alto 2002 model for a period of one year. It was a pretty good car. Mind you this car had dual airbags but not ABS. Very easy to maneuver within Colombo due to the light steering. It did around 11 kmpl during heavy traffic. A Japanese alto is ideal for a lady if performance is not a concern. However, try to find a good sample with ABS if you are interested. Happy hunting!
  2. petrolHead1

    Honda GP 1 battery condition

    Hi, I did this test few months ago when I bought a Vezel. The SOC is somewhat irrelevant as it is just an indication of the current battery charged percentage. However, battery usable capacity is very important. I was advised by an engineer from [email protected] that an average functioning battery should have a minimum usable capacity of 30%. My Vezel which was bought brand new had a score of 50%. Therefore, my opinion is that the battery is nearing to replacement. I also asked this question from the forum. The link is pasted below. Cheers
  3. petrolHead1


    I would buy a slightly used Mazda 3 for the same amount of money. However, I would still buy a Vezel RS if I absolutely want an unregistered car with 0 millage. :-)
  4. petrolHead1


    I can shed some light as I've been using a 2017 Vezel RS for the last 5 months. It was bought brand new and has done 6000 km up to now. First of all, the car feels solid, well built and is packed with good features. My one has the Sensing package where you get adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist etc. Pulling power is a little bit low in the Eco mode. However, you can use the sports mode along with paddle shifters for better performance. It really does make a difference and is fast enough to have a bit of fun (by sacrificing the fuel efficiency figures.). The car also feel planted around 140 - 160 kmph (tested on the expressway). Suspension is on the stiff side and feels sporty. You can feel the bumps and uneven surfaces on the road. By using the exact manufacturer recommended tire pressures (33 psi and 29 psi), this stiffness effect can be reduced to a certain extent. The vehicle is comfortable enough for long distance cruising but not in heavy traffic conditions. You can feel the clutch engaging during the launch which becomes somewhat of a mild headache.This is due to its Dual Clutch Transmission setup. It was quite weird as I used to drive a CVT equipped car (a Belta) earlier. I guess this setup is more stable when compared to the 2014 models as one of my relatives uses a 2015 vezel with 60K on the clock. The only issue he got was with the remote key battery. Fuel efficiency gets dropped to 12.5 - 13 kmpl in heavy traffic while you could achieve 14 - 15 kmpl easily in low traffic conditions. I averaged 19 - 20 kmpl in the southern highway using cruise control at 90 kmph. However if you could really drive it efficiently and patiently, achieving 22 kmpl is possible. All in all, its a good vehicle with loads of goodies. It is not the most efficient car nor the most powerful hybrid. But it gets the job done with good adaptive technology and ground clearance. However make sure that you take care of the transmission and it will take care of you. Good luck!!
  5. petrolHead1

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    Thanks for the reply Rumesh88
  6. petrolHead1

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    I see. Thanks for the reply.
  7. petrolHead1

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    That's what I was thinking. Cannot trust service advisers these days.
  8. petrolHead1

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    Hi guys, Today I went and did a full inspection of a Honda Vezel (which I intended of buying) from [email protected]#rd motors. This vehicle is a 2017, 0 millage unregistered one. The summary of the status report is as below. SOC - 35% HV Battery total voltage - 168.75 HV Battery usable capacity - 50% HV Battery cell votage range - 3516.00 mV to 3519.00 mV The supervising official said that the car was in excellent condition after the report. However my issue is why is the "Usable capacity" only 50%. I did a google search and found out that vehicles have around 70% usable capacity. Therefore, my question to you is whether these values are normal for a Vezel/Fit? Thanks in advance.
  9. petrolHead1

    Perodua Axia is it a good car to Buy ?

    Hi guys, I am curious about buying this vehicle. Most of the users were having the vibrating issue and high fuel consumption. Did these get fixed after driving for some time? Hows the vehicle holding up since it's release in 2015? When I inquired the price from Un#mo, they said that a new model (2017 version) is available with a VVT-i engine plus some cosmetic upgrades for 80k more from the base price (31,95k). Have any of you guys experienced the new model? What do you guys recommend out of the two? Thanks for reading my long question. :-)
  10. The same thing happened to me with my Alto. I went to get the brake pads replaced and the brake disks faced but ended up with this scenario. After long hours of waiting in garages and A*W I figured that the problem was with the drive shafts. Some how the brake makabaas has damaged them. I replaced them with recondition parts from Jap*n La*ka for 8000 per axel (CV inner + outer + shaft) . Hope that you will not experience this. Check for brake disk failure and then try to jack the car up and look for play in the tires. Good luck!!!
  11. petrolHead1

    Suzuki Alto Brake Problem

    Hi guys, do you know the approx. price of the front disk rotors (both sides)? Since this vehicle has an Indian version, will I be able to use them?
  12. petrolHead1

    Upgrade from BJ5P to Belta or Invest in a Land?

    Hi, one of my best friends owns a BJ5P which we used to travel a lot. So I'm pretty familiar with it. And currently I'm owning a 1.3cc Toyota Belta (2007). Pros of Belta over BJ5P - 1) Newer car - 2) Better fuel efficiency (Does about 11 in the city and 17+ on the highway) - 3) Excellent resale value -4) Less repairs and parts are ample -5) Smooth gear shifts (due to the CVT transmission) Pros of BJ5P over Belta -1) Excellent ride comfort. (Belta can be a little bit bumpy at times) -2) Excellent pick-up -3) Good looking (Both the interior and the exterior) If I were in your shoes, I'd definitely keep the Mazda and go for the land. This is assuming that your car's body is in top nick. Belta is a pretty decent car. But the BJ5P is a little bit better despite the age. Changing a timing belt is a simple task. Do the routine maintenance on schedule. Drive trains of Mazda are pretty solid. So just take care of the body and you will be good. All the best!!!
  13. petrolHead1

    Suzuki Japan Alto Suspension Issue

    Yes I replaced both shock mounts along with shocks.
  14. Hi all, My Japanese alto gave a slight clicking sound when turning the steering wheel (to the left) and accelerating. This sound was diagnosed as a CV joint failure by my mechanic. Therefore, we replaced the entire left side shaft along with the inner and outer CV joints. Brand new CV joints were not available and had to settle with second hand Japanese parts from Delkanda. However the sound was not sorted out. After another trip to the garage, the right shaft , joints and rack boots were replaced. This also resulted with no improvement of the sound. Now the odd part is that the mechanic is now suspecting a bush of the AT gear box as the cause. He is saying that I have to replace the entire gearbox in the worst-case-scenario. Have you guys experienced this type of an issue? If so, how do you diagnose this?
  15. petrolHead1

    Suzuki Alto Brake Problem

    After driving sometime with the new braking system I feel a little bit of a difference. It feels more harder and progressive. The skidding is also reduced (Tested at around 50 kmph and skid about 2 feet). I guess as most you guys said, driving safety is the only option. Thanks a lot guys for your awsome replies!!! Cheers!!!