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  1. Hi Guys. Is Mr. Lal Alawatte is good for mark x engine tune up? injector cleaning etc.
  2. Guys, Can someone recommend me the best and reasonable place to repair and service Mark X? Cheers!
  3. Guys, Any idea about the white Mark X up for sale (KN -8***). I thought of buying that?
  4. Hi guys, I thought of buying a Micro kyron 2007/2008 model. Any advice you can give? 1. Performance 2. Fuel Consumption. 3.Common faults 4. Any different versions of the same model? 5. Spare parts and maintenance economy Thanks in Advance
  5. we should't rely on mileage. It's all reversed. Mark X seems to have some maintenance and parts issue it seems. Whatbout Civic FD3 guys? I am currently driving Nissan P12. I need that comfy and the size of the car
  6. LOL!! i noticed that ad too. that car looks good relative cheap isnt it? By now i have found mark x 2007 from 3.1m to 4.5m . I dont know whats the difference in these same cars to have such different prices. Are they different models?
  7. Thanks guys. Camry 2007 looks nerdy though
  8. Thanks for the heads ups guys. What are these different models of S, face lift etc? Are they also in same price range 3mn -3.5mn? iRange, According to you the car sounds little troublesome apart from its pulling power. I am a one who hate spend time in garages and to fins spare parts. what do you recommend? or else my next option is Civic FD3
  9. Hey guys, I am new here!! I thought of upgrading my car to Toyota Mark X 2007 model. Any important info about the Mark X ? Thanks in advance
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