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  1. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 Actually went for a tune up because of the fuel consumption issue. When i bought this it did around 7 KMPL in city. But after the tune up it became around 9 - 10 KMPL But now I'm back to square one. First I'll try to reset the ECU using @Davy 's method. If no luck, I'll pay a visit to agent
  2. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 I don't think he did that. Just showed the changed values using an Android tab Here are 2016 and 2017 emission test results.
  3. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 @Davy I've try running around 60KM with the replaced MAF sensor and still no improvement over it. I got 6 KMPL. Also now i can see my idle RPM is 800 after full warm up (without A/C) Will an emission test helpful to diagnosis this problem ? I already did one on February because i wanted to update revenue license.
  4. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    heard that too. thinking about getting a one.
  5. rcmadawala

    Brake noise when press lightly

    It's available on couple of places. A.C.P*uls - Colombo 10 and UltraRacingSriLa*ka - Colombo 10 have them
  6. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 I went to see Ravi again and this time he replaced MAF sensor. Then he done a scan. Now INJ PULSE (2.3) and FUEL SCHEDULE (2.1) values gone down. This time i forgot to get a pic of new values. He said try running with this sensor and get back to him. Fingers crossed !!!
  7. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Davy I've measured according to the method you mention as result is worse. After initial fill, ran about 50 Kilometers and refilled. Filled liters: 10.358 L Trip meter: 58.1 Fuel consumption: 5.60 Kilometers per liter This is on octane 95 and bumper to bumper traffic in Malabe -> Kollupitiya route. But i knew car was doing more than this because i travel daily by car. Suddenly it drops to this @Rumesh88 Any inputs on what to check regarding this matter ?
  8. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 I stared at RPM for five minutes and it gave solid 700 RPM. I see small wiggling between 700 - 800 here and there but it gave me 700. Also no noticeable vibrations and i could barely feel the engine.
  9. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Rumesh88 I don't think they changed washers. It was just a cleaning job and a scan
  10. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    Yes it does mention "RON 90 or higher" And I've start using 95 octane now. Will post the figures using the method that you have mentioned
  11. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    Wow. Before tune up i used 95 petrol. After tune up got bit greedy and used 90 petrol for 5000 Kilometers. @Davy what do you think about this ?
  12. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    Thanks @Davy I'll do that and post the figures here. I'm wondering if i change ATF result will be better or not ? Because i know the fuel consumption i had and now it is reduced
  13. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    @Davy I just ran in to the car to check how RPM works. When i start the engine (cold start) it directly goes to 1500 RPM and quickly reduce to 1400 RPM. The gradually it reduce to 1000 RPM and the engine cold light goes off. Then after few minutes idle RPM hold on 700 RPM. This is without A/C. @PreseaLover Normally what I'm doing is when the petrol low fuel bulb is on I'm doing a a full tank and write down the mileage from trip meter. Then i reset the trip meter and doing the same thing on next refill. Maybe this is not the efficient way to measure fuel consumption. But all i know is i was able to run around 300 - 310 Kilometers before the low fuel bulb goes on. Now it glows around 240 - 250 Kilometers and I'm losing around 50 - 60 kilometers per a fill
  14. rcmadawala

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

  15. Hi guys, In my Nissan TIIDA 2008 (Automatc transmission) i had around 9 - 10 KMPL in city limits. This is after a full tune up. Before it had around 7 KMPL in city. By mentioning full, I meant Replaced Iridium plugs EFI / Throttle body cleaning Engine mounts In addition to this i had a engine miss due to burned ignition coil so replaced with two genuine coils. Also replaced air filter with a genuine air filter. Also I've recently replaced lower arm bushings, sub frame bushings etc. Now my problem is car doing around 6.5 KMPL in the city. I have driven around 5000KM after the tuneup and now it giving me this fuel figure . I'm driving carefully not to push it more than 2k RPM. Odo is around 96k and engine oil replacement coming in 98k. Never did a ATF change after i bought (ran around 15,000KM yet) this but when i check with dipstick oil having pink color. Tyre pressure 30 psi for all tires. Tune up done by Ravi (Bulugaha junction). When i went to see him last week regarding this matter he did a scan and showed me this readings (see attachment) saying fuel consumption should be good. Also he told me if I'm having this problem again, come back to him and he will give me a ignition coil set so i can try running with those. Do you guys have any suggestions on this problem ? Do i need to replace ATF and see ?