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  1. All roads in sl are crappy 😐 I think I'm cursed or something 😂
  2. Thanks machan. I'm also starting get some rattling noise from rack. mileage is around 5000km. Did you get it done from the Kithulwatta repair center. How much it cost?
  3. jmzsl

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    I was answered to this question not OP's
  4. jmzsl

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    check the coolant temperature sensor
  5. jmzsl

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    According to the Suzuki Japan website it comes with one red and yes it comes with grey Edit: Sorry. it does not come with Grey http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/swift/detail/index_hybridsl.html
  6. jmzsl

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    Yep. I got my hybrid SL one for 1.15 Mn. Highest auction price I saw for hybrid one is 11.67 Mn
  7. jmzsl

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    I too kept a eye on aucjp prices during last month. 1L turbo is going from yen 1.3 Mn to 1.5 Mn. But Hybrid SL normally selling around yen 1.1 Mn and SG for around 0.95 Mn
  8. jmzsl

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    my guess is that because full hybrid one doesn't come with a RS version. So people go for the mild hybrid one
  9. Viva Elite does 10-11 in Colombo city which is slightly better than FB15
  10. jmzsl

    Front Defogger

    may be heating system is removed due to water leaking under dashboard. It's a common solution of maka basses for water leaking from heater matrix
  11. jmzsl

    Peugeot 406

    ECU reset was done after replacing the parts and after replacing the coolant temp sensor I have driven around 20km's. Other parts I replaced earlier to that so around 200km's. I didn't do a scan because I live in Kandy and I'm yet to find a garage that do diagnosis scan on Peugeots.
  12. jmzsl

    Peugeot 406

    I have already replaced the Throttle position sensor and after that jerking gone accelerating is much smoother. Now the only problem is minor idle fluctuation and stalling issue. After stopping the car in traffic when I try to move by balancing the clutch rpm suddenly drops to around 200-300 and goes back up to around 1500 rpm or sometimes car stalls
  13. jmzsl

    Peugeot 406

    I I forgot to mention that I recently did a Tune up including the change of the spark plugs & air filter
  14. jmzsl

    Peugeot 406

    I have a issue on my 406 D9 2.0L 16v. It had rough idle,stalling,jerking and surging of idle issues previously. So far I replace the TPS,Stepper motor and the coolant temperature sensor. So now the car is more smooth and no jerking. But idle is fluctuating slightly and car stalls or feels like stalling when try to take off and when reversing. Also car sometimes need to crank bit more to start. What might me causing this? I cannot detect any vacuum leaks also. Thanks in advance
  15. jmzsl

    Swift 2004

    Spray WD-40 to screw before you try to uncrew