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  1. Hi everyone. Just wondering whether there is a solution for headlights turning yellow. I know it happens when it’s exposed to the sun. Will the 3M sticker prevent it? I don’t want to put a cheap sticker & ruin my headlights. Only thing is the 3M sticker is priced at Rs.7400. My vehicle is a Perodua Axia (Facelift model) & I park daily in the hot sun. And my headlights are positioned in such a way that it’s severly exposed to the sun. So I’m really looking for a solution for this. Thanks in advance!
  2. Keen Auto Body Works.
  3. Unit#d Mot#rs has some offers these days. When you buy 2 nano waxes, you get one free. So the average cost comes to about Rs.662 per bottle. Or you get 25% off on Eagle One & Simoniz products if you have a HNB credit card. (Valid till the 30th of April)
  4. I think those carpets should be sufficient. Get the lamination done for the door steps.
  5. If you really want seat covers, put leather seat covers. Because the comfort is less when you put fabric seat covers. With leather seat covers, you can easily shampoo it & also it looks premium too. But get it done from a good place. Otherwise the leather will start peeling off after sometime.
  6. How is the fuel consumption in heavy traffic?
  7. My vehicle is a 2013 Honda CR-V. I noticed that the battery has leaked (Exide) & caused damage to the nuts & bolts that are around. I went to Exide Powermart down Havelock Road & they replaced the battery as it was under warranty. And they painted the battery holder. But the rust in the nuts & bolts are still there. What should I do about it? Will it spread to other mechanical parts? I’m worried about the gear box because the nuts outside the gearbox are rusted. Will the rust spread inside the gearbox?
  8. You can try the Perodua Bezza. It’s a 1000CC sedan & it’s 3.8mil. But my advice is, wait for the budget. 1000CC vehicles might do down in price. Anyway I don’t think it’ll increase. Worst scenario, it’ll remain the same.
  9. The automatic version of the Gen2 (1600CC) had a gear box issue. Just check on that. Also the car gets run down very soon. Eg- The steering wheel gets tight, engine smoothness reduces drastically,etc. However spare parts are cheap. Just be careful with the gear box issue in the automatic version.
  10. NRA95

    Suzuki Sx4

    Go to the A*W workshop down Kithulwatta Road. Not the Pitstop, the main Suzuki workshop.
  11. If you are planing to go for a brand new vehicle, a Hyundai i10 or a Kia Picanto would be good. But I've heard that the Picanto is heavy on petrol. Perodua Axia would also be a good option if you could stretch your budget a bit.
  12. It's coming from India but the agents claim that most of the parts of the vehicle are made in Korea. (Which I highly doubt). It comes with indonesian Hankook tires though. The built quality is okay. The doors are quite thick & heavy. It doesn't have that budget feeling. But when you are driving it, you get the Indian feeling. Power is not that good but manageable. It comes with a tiptronic gear box & its proper automatic. Not the "Auto Shift" that you get in the Celerio & the Alto K10. There are 2 variants in it. The basic model is Rs.2,990,000 (Inclduing registration & revenue license chargers) & the fully loaded is Rs.3,250,000. The differences of the fully loaded variant when compared to the basic variant are as follows - • Rear power windows • Power mirrors •Remote locking, remote boot lid opener & flip key. (The same key that the Tucson & the Santa Fe has) • Alloy wheels • Driver's side airbag • Fog lights A JVC DVD player with a reverse camera comes standard (it's fixed in SL) And there is an AC went for the rear too. (Even in the basic model) Something which you would not expect from a car of this class. I've attached some pictures which I took when it was displayed at the Arcade Independance Square
  13. This is an inherent problem in the Aqua & the Axio. Not sure about Prius,Allion,Premio though. It mainly happens on the left side mirror right? To the best of my knowledge, you can't do anything about it.
  14. Guys, To**ta La**a is a giving 35% for Pirelli tires. (For S*mpath Bank credit card holders) So the Pirelli tire will be the same price as a Malaysian Good Year tire. Is it worth going for Pirelli tires? Are there any issues with Pirelli tires?
  15. I too have the same problem with my Axio hybrid. Some people say it's normal. Not sure though. ?
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