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  1. Hi All, Can anyone advise me a place where I can buy used rear buffer for Lancer CS1 2008. Thanks, HRS
  2. Hi All, How is the lifespan of a radiator horse? Thanks, HRS.
  3. UM fixed the issue. The problem was with faulty clutch fork.
  4. HRS

    Head Light Repaire

    Thanks TT. " light repair out fit " is the name of the repair center?
  5. Hi All, Please update a good place where we can get car Head Light repaired. Ex. cleaning internal/external discolored Head Lights. Thanks, HRS
  6. ohh.. it should be " Releasing clutch pedal "
  7. Thanks for your comments. Rumesh, No issue with changing gears. Only issue is with the smoothness when releasing the clutch.
  8. Dear all, My Mitsubishi LANCER CS is experiencing issue when releasing the clutch pedal. When I am releasing the clutch slowly, I can feel in certain points, it's getting stuck a bit. The issue is not feeling to me as soon as start deriving the car. It's only after driving considerable distance. Please let me know your comments on this issue. More information of the vehicle as follows. Manufacturing year : 2008 Model : CS1 Current mileage : 80,000 KM( Clutch plate has been replaced in 52,000KM by Un???d Motors) Thanks
  9. HRS

    Lancer Cs1 (2008 Model) - Head Lamps

    Davy+MADZ, Thanks. According to the information provided by you guys, I visited Mahinda's place one year back to purchase left Axel for my CS1.The unit was available with him and happy with his cost. However, I never thought he is dealing also with Auto lights. I will contact him
  10. HRS

    Lancer Cs1 (2008 Model) - Head Lamps

    Dear friends, Please update me with a good place to purchase reconditioned/used Head Light for MITSUBISHI LANCER CS1, Year 2008. Thank you, HRS
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  12. HRS


    Hi All, Wonder whether what will happen to MITSUBISH after the deal with NISSAN (http://www.wsj.com/articles/nissan-formally-takes-controlling-stake-in-mitsubishi-motors-1476965004). Any expert comments? Thanks, HRS
  13. HRS

    Mitsubishi Lancer Recall due to faulty airbag

    I would like to give you a little advise. They are removing whole dashboard and placing removed items (such as audio set up..) inside the car without placing any protective cover in the seats. Therefore, the probability of harming the condition the of the interior is very high... it happend to me.. there were few black marks in my rear seat after replacing the unit. However, they did a quick job and has assembled the removed parts perfectly. This information will be useful if anyone has planned to do the replacement in near future.. better to go there with some covers to safeguard your interior...