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  1. HRS

    Import Honda CRV

    I have question on importing a Honda CRV (Year 2018/2019) Can anyone recommend the suitable country to import this vehicle? Is it form Japan or Australia? Which one will be suitable for the condition in Sri Lanka?
  2. HRS


    thanks for your advise.... wonder whether any one is having experience with CS1 with high flow fuel pump?
  3. HRS


    I am not experiencing any issue such as startability, idling issues. I just inquiring about the replacing existing fuel pump with high flow pump. Can I get performance improvement by doing that?
  4. HRS


    Can anyone tell me whether we could fix a "AEM HIGH FLOW FUEL PUMPS" into a 2007 Lancer CS1? Link of the product : https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/fuel-delivery/high-flow-fuel-pumps/340lph-high-flow-in-tank-fuel-pump-offset-inlet
  5. HRS

    Iridium spark plugs

    thanks for the information.
  6. HRS

    Iridium spark plugs

    TT, It's 1.3 Also, please advise a place where I can buy original plugs.
  7. HRS

    Iridium spark plugs

    Can anyone advise me a part number of iridium spark plugs suitable for Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 CS1? Thanks HRS
  8. HRS

    External air inlet

    can anyone help me to find the A/C External air inlet in Lancer CS1 Year 2007, in order to use A/C cleaner.
  9. HRS

    Car is wobbling at slow speed.

    Thanks for the information Davy.
  10. HRS

    Car is wobbling at slow speed.

    Accident was impacted to left two doors and the fender. Repaired done in U Motors. Hope nothing happened to the chassis. By the way I have an idea to buy new alloy wheels to replace the original wheels. JJ W***ls would be a good place to make the purchase?
  11. HRS

    Car is wobbling at slow speed.

    Yes. Good point. will do...
  12. HRS

    Car is wobbling at slow speed.

    Davy, yes. car knocked down by a lorry one year back and I had to replace fender and both doors of the left side. By the way I will visit a places where wheel straighten as you have suggested.
  13. My car is 2008 LANCER CS1. It's with the original whee comes form the manufacturer. Car started to wobble at slow speed few months back. Recently I replaced all four tiers and I am experiencing the issue continuously. Last week I consulted a good guy who is having good experiencing for wheel alignment. After the investigation, got to know that three wheel out of four have slight bent. Therefore, technician advised me to replaced replace bent wheels. Greatly appreciating your comments on this issue. I am ready to replace my wheels. Thanks HRS
  14. Hi All, Can anyone advise me a place where I can buy used rear buffer for Lancer CS1 2008. Thanks, HRS