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  1. vishwa.j

    Honda city

    Lancer CK2 will be a better buy in my opinion..
  2. Yeah Saloon model with weird rear lights! I like weird cars // there were no cv joints lower arms shocks rackends// not only for Fiats..I have a 97 Daihatsu cuore and it has Swift CV joints lights are nowhere to be found and damn expensive too..I think it depends on how many cars are there in the country. when only few cars are there it doesn't make sense for sellers to stock parts for them. on the other hand you can easily find parts for Peugeot 406 , Volkswagen Passat since there are many cars running.
  3. Thanks for the detailed info. Yeah if clutch and parts that are required for daily running are available here , I'm not worried about other parts..can import them.
  4. Nope this was a 300- or 301- one.. 1.4 petrol..I wanted it the moment I saw it.. Yeah not worried about body panels and stuff.. what about clutch , CV joints , belts , rack ends , lower arms and stuff? available at Panchikawatta?
  5. Thank you! I will.. If I can find parts somewhere I'm not really worried about anything else..
  6. Yeah He said it's not a Q4.. I saw a Maroon Bravo about an year ago..didn't have money at the time
  7. I'm always looking for Rare strange Cars Not just Italian.. German , French and Swedish too..If you see a Brava or a Bravo for sale please let me know There's only 1 155 for sale at the moment , Problem is it's a little far for me. Thank you for the detailed reply! Just the kind of reply I wanted
  8. So E34 will be a wiser and a better choice than this?
  9. Hello everyone , I am currently looking for an Alfa Romeo 155 (2.0 TS). I have owned a Euro Car (VW) before and have driven and know up to an extent about other Euro cars (BMW , Mercs , Peugeots etc) . But never driven or been in an Alfa. I don't even have a friend who owns one so this forum is my only place of information..I have a few questions. and I apologize in advance if there are any existing threads about this car..I couldn't find one. Here are the questions I want answers to, 1. I know parts are hard to find , but are they available? (since this is a rare and old car) 2. I know fuel economy isn't great but can someone give me a rough figure? 3.Are there Alfa specialists who can handle this kind of car except ITMC? 4. How reliable is this car? I can live with lack of parts and bad fuel economy , but reliability is important to me..Is this a good car to use as a daily runner? 5. Are there any known problems? common issues with this car? 6.How much should I pay for this? I have no idea about the market value of Alfas. Thank you in advance!
  10. vishwa.j

    Buying a Car for 2.2M

    Can't answer that..We had one as an official Vehicle and I didn't have much interest on vehicles those days.. But it never spent a day in a garage..Just Services.
  11. vishwa.j

    What to buy for 2.0 - 2.6 Million?

    Well the VW Bora won't return you 14 Kmpl unless you drive carefully on Expressway 8-9 in city traffic 10+ on normal roads 12+ on Highways But I can say that it's problem free (given that it's well maintained) and repairs aren't that expensive..and it will be definitely less than 2 million! (Fuel consumption wise , FB15 and other large cars you have mentioned won't be any better...despite what owners say)
  12. vishwa.j

    Buying a Car for 2.2M

    Old Vitz and the Lancer CS2 are good choices in my opinion.
  13. vishwa.j

    buying a used car

    I will give you one valueble advice.. Stay away from people who advice you to buy Toyota 110s and FB15s You can get a Honda ES8 at that price.
  14. Carina has good ground clearance? we used to have one and it is one of the cars with least ground clearance..
  15. vishwa.j

    Peugeot 206/207 Vs Toyota Starlet/carat

    I saw a forum post saying all the bad things about the 307...that's why I asked about the 206 instead in this post.. Lancer seems like a good choice..but CS1 is 1.3? I gave up looking for a Familia/Laser manual with 1.6 engine was looking for a good one for months before I got the VW..