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  1. Shack

    Transmission oil toyota aqua

    Transmission oil should changed at every 40000km. I'm did mine with TL
  2. Hi All, I'm willing to purchase a Nissan Patrol Y 61 (2001 Model). Please be good enough to let me know if you guys know of a good vehicle. Many Thanks!
  3. Shack

    Using A Sdhc Card With Japanese Car Setup

    Thanks a lot for all the replies guys. Asrock - I have not tried it with a full size SDHC. Will check if that works.Thanks a lot for the msg! Rashmikad - I formatted it with NTFS. Will try with FAT 32 to see if there's any luck.Thanks again for your reply machan! Update : Since SDHC and USB drive failed, I've stored songs to my phone and connected it through the car blutooth. Now the Dang thing works!
  4. Shack

    Using A Sdhc Card With Japanese Car Setup

    Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm using a branded (Scandisk) 64 GB SDHC card and it came with an original adopter. Thought the capacity was too high for the player and i took a 8gb (borrowed from a shop to test) card and tried but still failed. All other functions are working properly in the setup.
  5. I have a Toyota Aqua NHP 10. It has inbuilt hard disk (Capacity Unknown) and i have copied some songs through CD's.I wanted to use a SD card to play music without copying it to the hard disk since i do not know how to delete tracks which are already copied to it. Is it safe to use an average SDHC card with an adapter to play music with the car setup? Will it make a problem to the existing settings of the setup and later locked? Appreciate if anyone can share the experience as i couldn't find a post relating to this. Many thanks!
  6. Shack

    Tax Change On Vehicles

    One of my friends bought an axela 2013 before the last budgetary changes. Actually the prices went up whilst the car was on cargo. He personally imported it.This guy created a group of personal importers on FB, Had a media conference then got the chance to visit the minister. Result was that everyone got the chance to clear the vehicles without a change in tax. About one week ago he wanted to sell the same for around 6million.Now he would definitely keep the car since its not just a car but a GOLDMINE!
  7. Shack

    Pumping Fuel From Flooded Fuel Stations

    One of my friends car stalled when he pumped petrol from the station in between boralesgamuwa junc and the lake. It was way before the floods and as far as i know that area has no flood threat either. It was after a heavy rainy day and the tanks were filled with water.Somehow my friend was able to claim the damages through the owner and it cost him nearly 16k for the whole thing. (Maruti Zen). Be careful if you happen to pump gas from this place as i don't know whether they have repaired it properly.
  8. Shack

    Buying A Used Hybrid Car

    Go for prius 2010 and make sure you do a prior check with TL.It would only cost you around 7k but they do a detail scan of the car.Check all the service records and make sure the car is well maintained (Agent the better). People are worried about the battery failure of hybrids but to say there is a prius 2002 still running with the same engine. Even if there is a fault you may not need to change the whole battery.There are separate cells inside and at a time it will be one or may be two cells that need attention.B/N cell would cost around 22k at the agents.(Now there are lots of spare parts shops that are dealing with hybrids and some are specialized on batteries). If the car is good then go for it.Its better than Honda insight both in maintenance and after sale price.
  9. Hybrids are not the type of machines to mess around with everyday bass. Better to get it diagnosed through TL. If you need an expert to overlook the car why not try with Lal alawatta. I have no personal experience with him but heard the guy is sound enough for these type of matters.You can contact him through 0777229714
  10. Shack

    Nanoe Button..what Does It Do?

    Hi Guys, Can i know what does this button exactly do? I guess its to purify air inside the vehicle. Would like to hear from experts.
  11. Shack

    What To Do After An Accident?

    Comment deleted!
  12. Shack

    What To Do After An Accident?

    Law is to report every accident to the nearest police station and there's no two words about it. In my original post I’ve clearly mentioned that things I wrote is purely based on my experience, having worked at a general insurance company for 8+ years I know things better when it comes to claim settlements/procedures. No customers were fined during my career for not reporting an accident to police if the same accident was inspected at the location by the insurer (No casualties or 3rd party damages). Even police encourage amicable settlements when they find people are arguing over accidents. There's no FALSE in what I’ve shared.It is what happening practically!
  13. Shack

    What To Do After An Accident?

    Wrong, insurance companies don't honor third party claims unless the court ordered them to do so, I confirmed this from SL*C when I got my insurance.Take my word for it, insurance companies will try their level best to avoid paying you or the other party for any damage caused irrespective of whether you have a premium or 3rd party insurance. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Too bad you had the vehicle insured at S L I C! If it was c******o or U A L they would (If both vehicles are carrying a comprehensive insurance only)
  14. Shack

    What To Do After An Accident?

    1. Wrong. Informing the police should come first. You are legally obliged to do so2. No this is not the last resort. This is the first thing you should do. Even if its a minor damage. There are too many CCTVs around nowadays. You may face legal issues. It's the law! 3. Unless there's human injury, you can actually move the vehicles AFTER marking the tyre locations on the road. Despite educating drivers about this, very rarely people follow this. People ALWAYS stop the vehicles in the middle of the road and be a nuisance to others. 4. You are at fault or not, if the other party demands damages from you - you need to follow the third party claim process. If you call cops, they will usually take the side of the person who is not at fault (unless that's a politician or someone above the law). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I wonder how many motor accidents are reporting to police on a daily basis considering the number of accidents that are seen & settled on site by the insurers! When you have the option to amicably settle things on site who would dare to report same to police and then get fined! I understand its the law but here I'm talking about the practical scenario. Third party claim process doesn't necessarily mean that you have to report to police and end up in courts. Like I've mentioned before if the insurer is same, Most of the insurance companies honor third party claims without legal procedures. Anyways, I respect the views of others!
  15. Shack

    What To Do After An Accident?

    You belong here bro!