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  1. nisala4423

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    Well my advise is go for a 100 if you are looking comfort and not too much offroading because the 100 series came with balloon shocks and they are expensive to maintain if you are looking for some offroad action once in a while go for 105 model i think this has a 1hz engine straight 6 non turbo which is a perfect engine.parts are actually very easy to find and very cheat to maintain (i have a 80 series which has the same engine) other models came with a 4.2 1hd turbo engine which is faster and more powerful some models came with v8 petrol... my suggestion is to avoid those v8 once.. they can be very expensive to maintain and you cant use for offroad ( you can but if u damage any sensor its game over) good luck
  2. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    i did not xD i was in a hurry and i really cant find the problem.. i gave the car for a really cheap price so
  3. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    Thanks everyone i already sold it yeah how to close this
  4. nisala4423

    permit vehcles

    3 to 4m i think
  5. nisala4423

    Best choice for an Auto SUV/Car

    i would recommend the hilux to you any year is fine you can go offroad and its comfortable as well ( newer models 2005 and up) Mitsubishi pajero, rav 4 if you are into old cars a land cruiser box will also work great hilux surf just some suggestions good luck
  6. nisala4423

    car for permit :)

    thank you sooo much ❤️
  7. nisala4423

    car for permit :)

    thanks you ❤️ i have a permit i just want suggestions to buy one
  8. nisala4423

    car for permit :)

  9. nisala4423

    car for permit :)

    thanks for your reply can you suggest me some cars
  10. nisala4423

    Good vehicle around 6M.

    i really dont know about those cars but check out honda civic hybrid and mazda axela 2014 or new
  11. nisala4423

    car for permit :)

    Hey guys so i want to know what is the best car to get for the doctors permit my budget is 5m to 10m please post the price of the car if you know i dont know the value of the permit 25000 USD im not sure anyway i dont like allion/prius/axio cars like that.. SUVs and bmw any cars like that (fast cars xD) thank you guys ❤️
  12. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    one guy told me that one of my cylinders are not working properly he might be wrong thats why i wanted to check all the cylinders...
  13. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    hey man i sold my car because i cannot find the problem mine is a manual too im thinking its because of fuel pump blocking but im not a expert.. please check the plugs and do a compression test, then clean the fuel pump... these are the things that i wanted to do to fix it please run a scan 1st to make sure
  14. nisala4423

    2.3 million budget suggestions?

    no bro lots of my friends have ek3 for there daily ride.. no major repairs and repairs are cheap