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  1. My trip computer average for 7500km over a period of 6 -8 months in the Vitz 2016 ksp130 is 14.4 kmpl. the 7500km consists of heavy traffic, mild traffic and maybe about 30% expressway driving.
  2. ghostwriter

    [Civic 2018] One year later...

    props for saving such a wide car from tuks and bikes that leave dings and scratches while performing their lane filtering exercises in traffic
  3. ghostwriter

    Toyota Vitz 2016 to 19 Review

    enjoyed reading it, being an owner of a 2016 f grade. there are many characteristics to like the car and several to hate it. I have replaced the factory horn with a Hella fanfare duals bought from motorcade as I couldn't bear the negligence it receives from the traffic even when I keep pressing on the horn for 1 minute straight. I don't plan on selling the car any sooner so maybe one day the 1KR-FE could be replaced with a 1300cc variant 😒
  4. ghostwriter

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    these customizations are mesmerizing
  5. ghostwriter

    Purchasing a new car.

    Mira will not have a lack of spare parts problem unless you're planning to rebuild one. Just check the spare part section of the quick site and you'll find plenty. out of the ones you mentioned, wagon r will be the most refined in terms of interior quality, vibration, and fit & finish. but the market and reliability of the mild hybrid system of wagon r is a controversial debate. if I were you and I had ONLY those three options I would go with the Mira. You also have options such as Perodua Axia (slightly used one may be as the BN exceeds 3mil.), Vitz, Demio and moving to bigger vehicles you could consider BN imported Lancer (cs1/cs3) which are now on sale in the second market.
  6. ghostwriter

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    send me the chassis number if don't mind. One of my friends checked out a vitz with the said features and found out it didn't even have an auction grading at the auction in Japan due to a major accident it had faced when we checked it from those paid auction sheet checking sites. I think it was a light blue colour one. he must have the paid auction sheet available with him even though he didn't buy the car.
  7. ghostwriter

    [HELP!!] Wrong CVT grade

    Sounds like you're describing the commonly known "CVT Jolt" which is when the torque converter disengages at low speeds and when you press the gas pedal again it quickly re-engages causing a sudden jerk. However, the engine miss could be a separate issue you need to examine. Maybe yours has a severe jolt that feels like an engine misfire due to CVT oil not being replaced at the correct interval (could happen when sales guys roll-back a mileage such as 39000km to 19000km and then you run another 20,000km before changing CVT because the oil replacement interval is 40,000km but the oil has actually been used for about 60,000km). You need to take it to a proper mechanic and diagnose what's gone wrong without wasting money on changing random things like oils, plugs or filters. check with the JDM user manual regarding the correct CVT oil type. As I know the latest Toyota CVT oil edition is CVT FE which is the successor of CVT TC. Hope you could find a proper solution quickly.
  8. ghostwriter

    92 or 95 octane for the Suzuki Alto Turbo RS?

    Not relevant to this topic but I saw this ad from your post yesterday and one of my friends was looking for a Lancer so we ended by checking the car yesterday night and then went again in the early morning today and bought this one. Thanks for mentioning it @Hyaenidae it was in good state with all work had been done at Unimo. I was looking for Lancers I checked a whole bunch of Cs1s and cs3 even at Unimo auctions a few months back in April, I couldn't find a satisfying unit and I ended up buying a KSP 130.
  9. ghostwriter

    RPM meter not returning to zero - Allion 240

    try tapping 3/4 times on the display/ screen it might have got stuck. once my kelisa's speedometer was stucked at 20kmph where it won't go below 20 kmph mark even when stopped. I lived with it but one day a friend of mine who is a pilot was driving my car and when he saw it doesn't go below 20kmph mark he tapped on it which made it release immediately. Apparently, it is a common thing with old airplanes which have lots of analog dials too and what they do is tap on it like crazy.
  10. ghostwriter

    Viva Elite Community

    exactly. Even if you consider the costs, Unimo costs are fair and the things they do in a Full Service actually makes sense when you compare it with the shitload of BS you see in Autom*r*j service bills which were posted in those wagon r groups on fb.
  11. ghostwriter

    Toyota Allion 260 Unusual Slow Down

    Allion has a traditional CVT and what's Aqua got is an eCVT which is a more complicated and improved version of the Toyota CVT gearboxes (aka electronic CVT). The usual CVT jolt is not there in the eCVT.
  12. ghostwriter

    Viva Elite Community

    Unit#d Mot#rs Rathmalana can be recommended. I have had problems properly diagnosed and repaired by Unimo Guys in two of my Viva Elites previously. If you do not mind the long distance, Unit#d Mot#rs Orugodawatta can be better recommended. The Service Advisor Randika at Orugodawatta is an expert when it comes to Viva's.
  13. ghostwriter

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    probably not crazy and you're not alone I guess as TL is bringing down the 70 series brand new nowadays
  14. ghostwriter

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    unrealistic unless I win the lottery 😅