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  1. ghostwriter

    ABS of Viva Elite

    Hi, I have previously owned a Viva Elite manual version which doesn't have ABS and now I use a Viva Elite Premium which has both ABS and Airbags and those features were the very reason for me to change from Viva elite Standard to Viva elite Premium. I had done my Google researches regarding the actual usefulness ABS and Airbags and I think it is in the best interest of us to focus on safety. Regarding the cost of ABS maintenance, I have not come across any problems with my one so far. However, the previous owner has replaced one of the ABS assembly parts and I saw a repair bill which has cost him less than 10,000 for the part from J*natha motors, Panchikawatta. Like everyone has mentioned, if you can afford the version with ABS don't think about repair costs it's like buying a car without airbags because you won't have to replace the dashboard if the airbags deploy in an accident. Airbags and ABS save lives those are not fancy features added for luxury. Further, I think there is a law coming up which will ban importing vehicles which are not equipped with ABS and Dual Air Bags so if you buy a car without those features it might even affect the resale value. My suggestion for you if you're buying a Viva Elite is, go for the Premium Version which has both Airbags and ABS. Why would we need to comprise safety for an imaginary-repair-cost right? ?
  2. ghostwriter

    Allion 2002 model vs Tiida 2008

    You can't just demand answers from others buddy. Most of the car models in SL roads have been already discussed here in this forum. I have bought several cars in the past years and I had never needed to start new topics demanding others to express their experience because they were ALREADY there in the past threads. Do a simple Google search with the car model and 'autolanka' at the end. Plus, if you read the forum regularly, you can see that iRage is a person who brings in lot of information in topics such as the Japanese cars news etc. So if you disrespect the Top Contributors here, even the people who have experience with the car models will not be willing to express their views thinking you're a selfish person.
  3. anyone know the process which we as the seller should do when the buyer is taking the vehicle through a leasing/ finance? I tried searching forum but no proper info to be found. ☹️

    1. Crosswind


      1. Agree on a price with the buyer and get an advance and a letter written in the buyer's handwriting on the terms and conditions

      2. Do a valuation. Ask the buyer to pay for it and hand the valuation over to the buyer. Get a duplicate key done, if you don't have one. 

      3. Buyer will ask for a copy of the CR and a copy of the NIC. You can either give it to him or ask the finance company to contact you and give the copies to the finance company directly

      4. Wait

      5. Wait more if the facility is taken from a bank or People's Leasing

      6. If the finance company is LOLC, wait even more

      7. If the finance company is LOLC, tear your hair off around about now

      8. Suddenly you will get something called a Delivery order. At this point, go to the finance company with your car and its papers, get the balance money from the buyer, get the delivery order from the finance company, hand over the original CR, original revenue license, original VIC (if applicable), original luxury tax reciepts (if applicable), sign the transfer papers provided by the leasing company AND THE CAR. If you don't have a duplicate key yet, just take any key in your house.

      The moment you sign the transfer papers and get the delivery order, your dealing with the buyer is over. The car belongs to the buyer and the leasing company is duty bound to hand you the balance money. The Delivery Order is only issued after the buyer obtains full insurance and if the buyer crashes the car, the finance company is still legally bound to pay you.

      However, if you sign the transfer papers but don't hand over the car and if you crash the car, the insurance company can refuse to settle and the leasing company will refuse to pay.

      9. You will get the balance as a cheque from the leasing company on the next working day or two days later, if its LOLC.

    2. ghostwriter


      wow thanks alot crosswind for taking so much of your time. I have a good idea about the process now. The buyer gave me an advance but didn't ask me to do a valuation. I will wait and see then. At least now I know what happens. Thanks alot again for you valuable time. He said it was CDB Finance he's arranging it with. 

    3. vitz


      Appreciate Crosswind. This was really helpful. Thanks for spending your time to share your experiences.

  4. ghostwriter

    Service Except Pres**

    auto bavaria
  5. Take the safety ratings (NCAP) in to account too. as I recall, Vitz has a better grading in Euro NCAP compared to that of Swift RS.
  6. ghostwriter

    Car for 2.4 million or bit less

    You're welcome. I have been using the elite for some years and know in-and-out of it well, you can ask me if you have questions regarding the elite. Regarding the Passo 2007/08 there is a saying in the market that Passo's AC system is prone to problems quite often. However, I don't have first-hand experience with it.
  7. ghostwriter

    Car for 2.4 million or bit less

    voting for Elite just coz I own one. But one thing to tell you if have not already noticed, there are reconditioned Japanese Kei Cars (such as Daihatsu Mira, Toyota Pixis, Suzuki Alto and the famous Wagon R) flooding into the country these days and these can be purchased within your budget. The only difference is that these have 660cc engines as opposed to the 1000cc engines in the models you have mentioned in your post. Then again Viva Elite is also based on a Daihatsu Kei car platform (Mira L250) but with a bigger 1000cc engine. You have a plethora of hatchbacks to choose within the 2.4 M budget, be it Kei cars, 1000cc cars, used or reconditioned. So it all comes down to your choice. Like others said, focus on the quality of the particular unit of car you're planning to buy. Most of these are fuel-efficient cars designed for city driving and have similar qualities.
  8. ghostwriter

    toyota vitz 2017 model vibration issues

    have you tried switching off the AC while the car is vibrating? that way, may be you can identify if it has got a faulty idle up sensor? (I'm just guessing from a previous experience I had). If the vibration is not there in the N mode it might not be the engine mount no? some issue with the transmission system like gearbox mounts? Best bet is to get it inspected by a qualified mechanic ?‍♂️
  9. ghostwriter

    VIVA Elite Auto or Alto K10 Auto (2015)

    Voting for Elite. I own an Elite Manual. for that price you might be able to buy a premium version with airbags and ABS so you'd be better off with it than with the K10 for sure.
  10. ghostwriter


    don't worry about the spares if you have made up your mind to buy a Kelisa and all other factors are in order. There is a handful of perodua parts importers in panchikawatta and there is one dealer in Maharagama area as well. if parts are not available, you can order them from an importer in panchikawatta as they frequently visit Malaysia and bring down parts even in their hand carriages. However, I used to own a Kelisa a few years ago and I personally feel like the time for Kelisa's is now coming to an end. In Malaysia also, the Kelisa's and early vivas are being broken apart for parts. These things are budget cars so unless they've been used with care and properly serviced, they will start giving trouble. Kelisa's are, hands down, good cars when they were new, but you have to consider the age and condition of the particular Kelisa you're planning to buy.
  11. ghostwriter

    Music To Drive By

    For Brownie eaters...
  12. ghostwriter

    Gratuity - private sector

    The probationary period is considered as an active service period in most appointments unless specified otherwise. In most of gov. appointments, you get your employment confirmation back-dated to the date you started working.
  13. ghostwriter

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    sounds a bit pedo.. JK JK congratulations on your purchase mate . How does the cs1 drive compared to the Viva Elite? I'm stucked with a viva at the moment and looking for a possible upgrade in future, with a budget of around 3M. Is this variant of cs1 equipped with airbags?
  14. ghostwriter

    Viva Elite Community

    Fixing Viva Elite Caliper Pin Noise The caliper pin of Viva Elite is prone to wear out soon and give the irritating clunking noise when going over pot holes or bumpy roads. One of the fixes is to replace the caliper pins with new pins which are bigger in diameter. I got an aftermarket caliper pin set from J*n*tha Motors today and got it fixed. A simple process that takes only about 2 hours. These are the aftermarket caliper pins that are a little bit higher in diameter than the original pins. if the original ones are fixed, the noise will still be there as caliper hub has also worn out and the diameter has increased. The new caliper pin has a rubber cover halfway through the pins so that it will not create the clunking sound. getting the wheel removed from my bass down the road. the caliper pins currently fixed were too tight, had to put a lot effort to take them out. Notice the lower caliper pin. This mofo gave so much trouble coming out. It was too tight and the thread had become almost round. finally out and fixed. the sound has completely gone now. the caliper don't play songs now when going over bumbers/ pot holes etcetra. I also lost the left fog light cover due to a dog attack, probably yesterday when coming home and I noticed it today in the morning. Got one left fog light covers from J*n*tha Motors and put that in place. all good now.
  15. ghostwriter

    Viva Elite Community

    hi fellow viva owners, I have a doubt whether my IAC valve is functioning properly because when I switch on the AC, the idle RPM does not increase straight away, it stays somewhat the same with a small variance back and forth. can someone confirm me that the idle RPM goes straight up when AC is switched on? thanks in advanced