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  1. when you put MG as an example, it makes alot sense as to what a Zombie brand is. Though not a brand, I think the same thing is happening to "Starlet" as well.
  2. re-checked. mine is Festina. First time I heard about the term Zombie brand. Like I said, I'm not a proper enthusiast hence the lack of knowledge in the subject. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. so my urge to get a proper swiss made watch still continues..
  3. not much of an enthusiast but I own following atm. Looking forward to get a smart-watch in the future. 1. Festina Racing - Swiss made 2. Casio - Basic Japanese one. Bought as a reminder for my first salary 3rd got as gift.
  4. Both headlights of my Vitz 130 were stolen by thieves while parked overnight in car park of a service centre next to my house. Police is suspecting kuddos and shows no hurry to investigate. Got them replaced at my own expense and waiting for the insurance to reimburse. 🥵

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    2. ajm


      What about car alarm, doesn't go off?

    3. hrm


      Too bad. Saw a wagonr which had the same fate. Even the front buffer was stolen. 

    4. ghostwriter


      Vitz 130 doesn't come with a factory fitted alarm unfortunately. And I wasn't interested in installing one as it would interfere with the factory wiring. Might change the idea soon. 

  5. The CB has instructed to release payments for duplicate certificates submitted by depositors. Also, if it's a must to visit, the head office in ward place is said to be in operation.
  6. I'm have no experience with Hondas and Hybrids so I cannot give any technical assistance. However, don't loose all your hopes for car issues bro. All of the guys here may have gone through these kind of situations and we all know how issues like this can make someone unable to sleep at night and disturb mental peace to work during the day. On the plus side all these strangers who you have only talked on an online forum are giving their experience and knowledge to help you get through this barrier so look at the big picture and start sorting out things one by one. Don't panic and listen to the experts. on a side note, prices quoted by agents are high mark up prices. my boss had a Vezel and he was once quoted above 300,000 for a windscreen which he could purchase for around 100,000 from outside. Also, once he was asked to replace some cooling fans stating that they were malfunctioned and was quoted a significant amount (cant remember exact amount). but after taking a second look at an outside garage (hybrid h*b), they just fixed a fan motor for fraction of the price quoted by the agent. So don't loose your cool due high prices quoted by the agent.
  7. engine oil leaks and power steering failure are not huge issues but given its mileage is 20,000km my bet is that the odometer is tampered with. you could either ask her to fix the issues before buying or get a quotation to fix the issues from a garage and ask the owner to discount that amount from the sale value. not sure if unimo is doing valuations but there are many vehicles valuers who would visit the place where the car is located and do the valuation. make sure you are doing the valuation from a place that is accepted by the Bank you're taking the loan/lease facility from. cannot comment on the prices as SL car market is highly volatile. I'd seen axias advertised around 2.5 mil sometime back but the times may have changes now as reconditioned vitz's are being advertised above 5 mil nowadays.
  8. could you specify what the 'additional forms' they were asking for?
  9. if you leave in the morning you can save the day. time is golden, so..
  10. Yes bought the harness from motorcade itself. Power given to the horns directly from the battery through the relay via a fused power line. So yes a wire is drawn from the battery to the relay. Photos will not show anything bro after doing the wiring and fixing it has been covered is in black insulated wire protectors and tightened with electrical tape. Even if the bonnet is opened there is nothing to see as everything is covered, insulated and attached to the original wiring paths. As I can remember there is only one wire coming to the factory fitted horn. I don't have knowledge with these electrical stuff thats why I got it done through an electrician. I can guide you to him if you want to. He is based in Pannipitiya.
  11. I have done this in my Vitz. When I bought the Hella horns from [email protected] I also bought a wire harness that is used to convert single horn set up to double horn step (cost about Rs. 400). The harness comes from the factory so its pretty neat where there are wire splits and joints so there is no need to twist/ solder wires. Then I went to an electrician known to me. What he did was put a new relay, give power to the horns directly from the battery (with a fused power line) and used the factory horn switch line as the trigger. Hope this helps let me know if I can give more info.
  12. Congratulations on the new ride. Did you get rid of the Vitz before buying this or bought this in addition to the Vitz? How do you compare the handling of the two cars given somewhat the same suspension setting, same width but Premio being lengthier?
  13. There is a grade called FM grade which is below F grade. It doesn't have power shutters for the rear windows, no power mirrors and no rear wipers etc. So be mindful if you're looking to buy one from a sale.
  14. The 2008/2009 models must have run more than 100,000km by now even if they were only run for 10,000km per year. But there is a high chance the odometers were turned back when they were imported to SL from Japan as reconditioned units. So don't trust the odometer reading and look for a car that is in good condition by checking each component of the car by an expert. Also, while the Demio is a better alternative to the Vitz, it is really really difficult to find a unit that is in good condition, I know this because I was looking for a Demio for a sometime before I bought the 2016 Vitz Unreg, but I wasn't able to find a decent unit that reached my satisfaction. Almost all of them are with 'baiyas' who have bought them from real owners and then rolled back the odometers and are asking ridiculous prices. So consider yourself lucky if you find a good Demio. If your finances are alright, you can also buy an unreg Vitz. There are plenty of them in every car sale offering different trim levels and grades etc. However, it is also very rare that you'd come across the 1300cc version and those would also be over-priced for a compact car, if you ever find one. If you're buying from a car sale make sure to verify the auction sheets online because lots of accident damaged cars are fixed and sold here as good ones. Regarding the size, its only small in length to the Allion/ Premio and they're same in terms of width and Interior space. So the size factor is not really noticeable like someone had mentioned otherwise. However, have to agree on the fact that Allion/Premio are a level above the Vitz when it comes to comfort, given the quality of seat cushions, interior build material, engine noise, vibration etc.
  15. elite's starter motor generates quite a high sound when starting anyway. maybe yours is on its way out. Also check if the 12V battery is in good condition and it gives enough power to the starter when starting the car.
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