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  1. Music To Drive By

    For Brownie eaters...
  2. Gratuity - private sector

    The probationary period is considered as an active service period in most appointments unless specified otherwise. In most of gov. appointments, you get your employment confirmation back-dated to the date you started working.
  3. My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    sounds a bit pedo.. JK JK congratulations on your purchase mate . How does the cs1 drive compared to the Viva Elite? I'm stucked with a viva at the moment and looking for a possible upgrade in future, with a budget of around 3M. Is this variant of cs1 equipped with airbags?
  4. Viva Elite Community

    Fixing Viva Elite Caliper Pin Noise The caliper pin of Viva Elite is prone to wear out soon and give the irritating clunking noise when going over pot holes or bumpy roads. One of the fixes is to replace the caliper pins with new pins which are bigger in diameter. I got an aftermarket caliper pin set from J*n*tha Motors today and got it fixed. A simple process that takes only about 2 hours. These are the aftermarket caliper pins that are a little bit higher in diameter than the original pins. if the original ones are fixed, the noise will still be there as caliper hub has also worn out and the diameter has increased. The new caliper pin has a rubber cover halfway through the pins so that it will not create the clunking sound. getting the wheel removed from my bass down the road. the caliper pins currently fixed were too tight, had to put a lot effort to take them out. Notice the lower caliper pin. This mofo gave so much trouble coming out. It was too tight and the thread had become almost round. finally out and fixed. the sound has completely gone now. the caliper don't play songs now when going over bumbers/ pot holes etcetra. I also lost the left fog light cover due to a dog attack, probably yesterday when coming home and I noticed it today in the morning. Got one left fog light covers from J*n*tha Motors and put that in place. all good now.
  5. Viva Elite Community

    hi fellow viva owners, I have a doubt whether my IAC valve is functioning properly because when I switch on the AC, the idle RPM does not increase straight away, it stays somewhat the same with a small variance back and forth. can someone confirm me that the idle RPM goes straight up when AC is switched on? thanks in advanced
  6. Vehicle to buy on the range of 8 million

    no idea about exact models as I have never owned a car in that price range. but I can safely assume that driving pleasure + fuel efficiency is not a common combination. if you're concerned about pumping fuel, put 4 mil in an FD, buy an economical car for 4 mil and use the FD interest to pump gas. There, free rides for life
  7. Allion 260 rolling back problem

  8. Buying Kia Picanto

    if you're talking about the new Kia Picanto, spare parts won't be an issue as you have KIA lanka as the agent they are kinda bound to bring down any part if you ask them and they should probably have all the common spares in stocks. I have never driven either the Picanto or the Celerio but if you can check the safety ratings, I think Picanto has like 4 stars while most of the Indian cars recently scored zero. so my suggestion is without limiting to fuel efficiency and spares, be mindful about the safety and safe features such as ABS, Airbags etc.
  9. User / Service Manuals - Download

    did you try the Viva Elite group on Facebook? they should have at least the physical books they got when buying the cars.
  10. Nissan Presea

    wow. thanks man thats a comprehensive answer. I came across a Presea with the CT2 badge and from the look of it I think its just a CT2 but the owner says its 1999 version. My guess is it may have been manufactured before 1997 but registered in 1999 and that the owner keeps saying the YOR as the YOM. it was a 301 blue/ green colour one with Manual trans. I am yet to check it out. thanks again for the long answer
  11. Nissan Presea

    can someone please give a link where I can find the difference between the Presea CT11 (1999) and the Refina models? I tried searching on the internet but couldn't find a proper description. thank you.
  12. Buying a new smartphone

    Using apple iPhones is like using car with a sealed bonnet. for about 25k you can buy a good Huawei with warranty from agents. I have a Huawei 4c and an iPhone 5, the only plus side of the iPhone 5 is the display that has very high pixel density. the new Huawei's are good in build quality and offers many futuristic features.
  13. Suzuki Swift Indian Vs Suzuki Swift Jananese

    I guess you're having the same budget as mine and going through the elimination process for a new car. mate, I also researched about this a lately. I found lots of information in the old AL threads. I drove an Indian Swift (2007) owned by one of my colleagues and then I drove a Swift Japanese one owned by one of my friends' brother. There is no big difference from the outer look. But if you check safety ratings, Japanese swift has 4 or 5 stars while the Indian one has a whopping ZERO number of stars. Both of those owners said they haven't not come across any major repairs. the only plus side of the Indian swift is higher fuel efficiency. if you take the VXI version, you don't get ABS, Airbags no nothing. And as I heard Indians use metal that are recycled from old ships from Indian ship recycle yards and they are not even galvanized which means they are prone to rust. why put putting your life at risk. and the indian swift is highly overpriced in the second hand market. I think better to go with the Jap one if you're buying even if it does about 2km per liter less than indian.
  14. Repairing A Carina Gt

    When I was doing the repair PAS took only one whole day to take the engine and gearbox out of the car but unfortunately for me I had to keep the car about 7 days due to the time taken for repair and supplying the spares. I was however satisfied with the work they did. their work was transparent and during the week it was there, I spend a lot time in the garage observing how they do the work (it was not necessary but I was close by and I was curious to see what's going on). as I mentioned earlier, I really felt like that mechanic who do the actual work know what they doing except for the supervisor who would sometimes make up a story when I ask about something (e.g when I took the car out there was a jerking-like feeling and I felt like the engine is jerking too much. I suspected they may have not tighten the engine mounts properly so I took it back. when I showed to the supervisor he got in to the car and just said "there is some electrical problem with the car, you need to replace the coils". then the mechanic guy who repaired car came there, took a thorough look down under and found out a lower arm joint (i think) was not tighten enough. after tightening it, jerking was solved). However, even though I am not an expert in these mechanical stuff, I think the car will need sometime to fully settle down with the engine because when every wire and hose are removed and rejoined, then tend to loose etc. so my suggestion is don't make plans assuming that everything will be settled within just 4 days and you can use it like it was. at least allocate a 6,7 days for the whole process just to make sure everything is firmly fitted before you make long trips. good luck.
  15. Repairing A Carina Gt

    I have done a repair from PAS for my car. to take the engine and gear box out + cleaning them + fixing new oil seals (all oil seals) + fixing axle seals + axle boots and some other related work were done. the labor cost was 16K. my overall bill came to 41k with spare parts plus an efi tune up (4k-ish for tune up). good thing is that most of the mechanics are actually qualified from places like German Tech and they know what they do. however, keep an eye on what's going on cause they tend to overdo things and cost you more.