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  1. if you leave in the morning you can save the day. time is golden, so..
  2. Yes bought the harness from motorcade itself. Power given to the horns directly from the battery through the relay via a fused power line. So yes a wire is drawn from the battery to the relay. Photos will not show anything bro after doing the wiring and fixing it has been covered is in black insulated wire protectors and tightened with electrical tape. Even if the bonnet is opened there is nothing to see as everything is covered, insulated and attached to the original wiring paths. As I can remember there is only one wire coming to the factory fitted horn. I don't have knowledge with these electrical stuff thats why I got it done through an electrician. I can guide you to him if you want to. He is based in Pannipitiya.
  3. I have done this in my Vitz. When I bought the Hella horns from [email protected] I also bought a wire harness that is used to convert single horn set up to double horn step (cost about Rs. 400). The harness comes from the factory so its pretty neat where there are wire splits and joints so there is no need to twist/ solder wires. Then I went to an electrician known to me. What he did was put a new relay, give power to the horns directly from the battery (with a fused power line) and used the factory horn switch line as the trigger. Hope this helps let me know if I can give more info.
  4. Congratulations on the new ride. Did you get rid of the Vitz before buying this or bought this in addition to the Vitz? How do you compare the handling of the two cars given somewhat the same suspension setting, same width but Premio being lengthier?
  5. There is a grade called FM grade which is below F grade. It doesn't have power shutters for the rear windows, no power mirrors and no rear wipers etc. So be mindful if you're looking to buy one from a sale.
  6. The 2008/2009 models must have run more than 100,000km by now even if they were only run for 10,000km per year. But there is a high chance the odometers were turned back when they were imported to SL from Japan as reconditioned units. So don't trust the odometer reading and look for a car that is in good condition by checking each component of the car by an expert. Also, while the Demio is a better alternative to the Vitz, it is really really difficult to find a unit that is in good condition, I know this because I was looking for a Demio for a sometime before I bought the 2016 Vitz Unreg, but I wasn't able to find a decent unit that reached my satisfaction. Almost all of them are with 'baiyas' who have bought them from real owners and then rolled back the odometers and are asking ridiculous prices. So consider yourself lucky if you find a good Demio. If your finances are alright, you can also buy an unreg Vitz. There are plenty of them in every car sale offering different trim levels and grades etc. However, it is also very rare that you'd come across the 1300cc version and those would also be over-priced for a compact car, if you ever find one. If you're buying from a car sale make sure to verify the auction sheets online because lots of accident damaged cars are fixed and sold here as good ones. Regarding the size, its only small in length to the Allion/ Premio and they're same in terms of width and Interior space. So the size factor is not really noticeable like someone had mentioned otherwise. However, have to agree on the fact that Allion/Premio are a level above the Vitz when it comes to comfort, given the quality of seat cushions, interior build material, engine noise, vibration etc.
  7. elite's starter motor generates quite a high sound when starting anyway. maybe yours is on its way out. Also check if the 12V battery is in good condition and it gives enough power to the starter when starting the car.
  8. oh yeah, being a government worker, it is kinda embedded in to my genes to file everything to the correct file opened under the subject, chronologically. So all my previous cars also has had every document under a file opened for the registration number. This includes even car wash bills, only bills I throw out are highway tickets and parking tickets. So everything from auction sheets, import documents, RMV stuff, Insurance docs, regular services, all are there. It doesn't take much effort to put the bills in a file it just kinda happens automatically now.
  9. K11 Vs. Viva K11 March is quite old and it has a bad reputation for high fuel consumption. Viva is quite newer and is lighter vehicle compared to the march. Both are decently safe vehicles which has ABS and Airbags (there are non ABS. non-airbag variants of the Viva so make sure you buy one with both of those features if you're buying one). K12 Vs. Viva Regarding K12, I have not used one but there are plenty of threads in AL discussed extensively on model variants and issues related to the K12. K12 is a lot roomier than the Viva and its also a 4 cylinder engine vehicle compared to the 3 cylinder Viva. It comes down to what your requirements from buying a car is. If fuel economy is your top priority, Viva Elite is the best buy and you can even sell it easily given its high demand. However, due to the high demand, ODO meter tampering and re-selling is very common with the Viva so beware of that as well. If you're buying the Viva make sure you buy the Premium version which is equipped with ABS and Airbags. Viva has a good pick up and the ABS has been useful for me, several time to avoid crashes.
  10. maybe another CHR owner can show how it looks on theirs, so OP can clarify if its distinct to his CHR or common to all CHRs
  11. depends on your requirements. If you are in to fuel efficiency, low cost maintenance, running less than 1000km per month AND don't want to lose money when selling it back, Vitz is what I would recommend.
  12. get the chassis number from the car and check the auction sheet online. you'd have to pay a small amount but that's worth it.
  13. 1.your Insurance company - SLIC 2. Insurance type Full or 3rd party - FULL 3.How much per year with your Vehicle type and valuation - 65k for 3.5 Mil (Toyota Vitz 2016) 4.How fast they paid your last insurance claim - No claims from this vehicle but in my prev. vehicle which was also insured from the same company, it was settled as a fast claim where the agent estimated the claim amount, I agreed to the amount and the company directly put money in to my Bank Account so I only had to repair it and show them (showing them is optional but its better to do it so they update that in the system and won't have problems in future claims). Their instant claim approval is only for under Rs. 50,000 claim. I also claimed another one prior to the last, it came to about 45,000. It took some time to process as the garage initially gave a lower quotation and while doing the job they said there are some damages they have missed so that the garage had to re-apply for an extension of the claim amount etc. The garage took care of most of the documentation process apart from the initial claim form so it wasn't a hassle for me. However, I took the car home after repairs before settling as the garage owner knows me well and after about 1 week I paid him after I got the money to my Bank. There were no deductions for labor costs but I had to incur about Rs. 1500 out of pocket due to a replacement part being more expensive than SLIC approved value (side valance). Overall good service not much of delays if you follow up regularly. 5.How is their customer service when claiming - I am dealing with an agent so I get him to do all the things internally. They are not the best in customer service (maybe because they're gov. owned). but it's no reason to boycott them. 8/10 would recommend SLIC.
  14. This is the bonnet sticker in the Vitz and its translation from the Jap to Eng which says "Iridium plugs installed no inspection required". of course I solely depend on the accuracy of the Google translator so correct me if this is wrong!
  15. spark plugs replacement is only recommended at 150,000km - 200,000km by the manufacturer. You could start with the basics, check if there are any warning lights indicating problems/ malfunctions with the engine/ transmission etc. It could even be an external factor such as low-quality fuel as the issue came up suddenly. try changing the shed you normally pump. to make sure everything is ok with the system, you could perform a so-called "Tune-Up" that includes cleaning the sensors/ throttle etc. and check with an OBD scanner that the readings are showing in a sensible way without indicating any problems even though there are no trouble codes shown in the dashboard.
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