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  1. what about astar? however not japan made. 2004-07 passo would be a good option.
  2. Honda ek3, city, mazda 323, mitsubishi ck2, suzuki liana,wingroad
  3. some say sx4 do only 5-7km/l (city). anybody has an idea about this?
  4. thanks crosswind. your comments are really useful. this is going to be my first car and its always difficult to make a decision specially in present market condition. I checked the car today and it looks like sx4 is a very good model.
  5. guys I was looking for a good car around Rs. 3.0mn and found a Suzuki SX4 2011 and decided to but it. However, I’m little bit confused whether I made the correct decision. I refered the threads relating to XS4 in Autolanka and got some knowledge. If anybody used this car for a some time can share your ideas specially availability of parts, maintenance, common issues and fuel consumption, it will be a great help. Cheers.
  6. guys, I really need help to select my first car. I just found this thread when I was looking for a car in the price range of 2.5-2.9Mn. Im looking to buy Mazda demio 2007/09, Honda Fit GD1 2007/08, or Toyota passo 2007/09. Vits are bit over prized these days. My key concerns are space (since the car will serve as a family car, 05 adults, but not always), fuel efficiency as this will be a daily runner and driving pleasure (relatively, as this may not always go along with fuel efficiency) Your valuable ideas are welcome.
  7. ravindasenarath, this may be due to bad windscreen. i had the same problem (AE91 - YoM1989) and i also changed the bulbs of headlights but could not drive in the night specially when raining.however, ultimately understood that the problem is with the windscreen and i'm going to change it.
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