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  1. Go for the Alto mate. But be wary of the rusting in the Indian model. Check thoroughly before buying.
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    Knowledge Box

  3. Congratz bro.. that is a nice car....
  4. No I don't think people pay exuberant prices on cars just because the cars are "Poss". It is the system that make people squeeze bucks out in millions in order to purchase even a 20 year old trap.
  5. Well, it's not blaming the technology but coming to terms with it. We don't live in the 90s to expect the tech and wisdom of the 90s. What I say is that the improvement of the technology does not necessarily make the car last a long time. Car manufacturers don't make cars to last more than 30-40 years anymore. But, our car market demands vehicles like those. We need to keep this in our minds and be well informed about stuffs like these. It might help us in the long run. Vehicles reliability lies in the simplicity of its build. Complicated vehicles are rarely reliable as there are so many parts that could go bust. This is why premium cars like Benz, BMW etc., are nightmares to maintain after more than 4-5 years. There was a time specially around 90s that Japan mainly produced pretty solid and simple cars. Those are the ones which we keep as our yardsticks to compare other vehicles. That must not be done. Regarding the OP, the issue is not about why turbo engine with large engine capacity have lasted longer but how will the smaller capacity lighter engines would hold on to associated higher stresses induced by the Turbos which are placed their only to increase the necessary horse power while maintaining good fuel economy.
  6. Well automatics does have problems. Just take a look at the CVT boxes. They are not as reliable as the manuals and they are expensive. There is a reason behind everything. Hybrids are just the same. They are not as reliable as there ICE counterparts specially in longevity.
  7. Scotty is right machan. Things get even worse for 1000cc 3 pot engines which are designed only to get better gas mileage and emission standards.
  8. The time has changed machan. Not too long ago engine manufacturers didn't know how to produce a compact engine with sufficient power to efficiency ratio. Therefore, they had to produce strong engines get larger number of horse power. But now technologies have improved and they know how to get large number of horses out of a relatively compact engine with great fuel efficiency. Though it is a catchy marketing slogan there are hidden gremlins associated with those engines. Longevity is one thing that must be sacrificed. As I said earlier Vehicle manufacturers do not care whether their product would last more than 10 years. They have sacrificed a lot to achieve the impossible feats like strict emission standards, safety and fuel efficiency all in one go. We have to realize the fact that we do not live in the 90s. In conclusion, human factor is an important aspect of deciding the reliability of a vehicle but the vehicle design process is a much more important factor to consider as well. We must not forget that.
  9. Do not get this engine confused with regular naturally aspirated engines machan. There are strong stresses affecting a turbo charged engine. You will not find the longevity of a normal engine from a turbo assisted engine. It is a physical certain. Manufacturers' do not care either. They are planning the obsolescence now. They don't want people to use their vehicles more than 10 years. It hurts countries like us of course. But, what can we do? P.S - Engine is the main component of a vehicle's reliability. Other parts contributes also but without the engine, nothing would matter.
  10. I also have a doubt regarding the 1L turbo engine. Considering the stresses involved, it might not last 100,000 kms.
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    Micro Geely MX7

    Cheaply built and cheaply last.
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    Express-Way Updates

    The thing is that they have already acquired the required lands on either side of the road. I don't see why they do not put an exit there. That would have been the saner and wiser thing to do rather than bottleneck the Kerawalapitiya road. They just need to put 4 in/exit ramps and toll booths.
  13. 4500km? That is too regular no?
  14. Well it is always wise to keep the motor in pristine condition. Generally it will cost about 10,000 LKR to do a proper EFI "tune up".
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    A Car around 1.9 - 2.0 Million

    From the list. I prefer the P11. However, machan that mileage is not accurate. It should clocked well over 175000.
  16. The prize does not justify the cause.
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    Best car have second hand market

    You are correct. Anything can be sold to the correct prize.
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    Nissan Skyline

    Don't buy this if you know nothing about it macho. It has some failings that will cost a hell of a lot to fix.
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    Nissan Skyline

    That car is not for you son. Don't even think about it. Look for something more docile.
  20. Is it worthwhile to dump 3.6 mil on a manual car? My suggestion is to look for a auto car in these price range.
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    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Well there trannies are susceptible to failure if not well maintained by able mechanics. Good mechanics are hard to come by all around the country. What type of civic are you looking for? ES series? They also have a tranny problem because the earlier models were wrecked by our own people when they used general purpose gear oils in Honda trannies. Take a good look at the Trannies.
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    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Still then avoid Hondas as they are mostly suitable around Colombo and it's suburbs.
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    Pick the best car

    Ceres and Marino are too old cars now. You might have trouble finding the body parts. Bear that in mind if you go with those models. Though engine parts are not a problem.
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    Suggestions for a Newbie

    My humble opinion is you to buy a comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle from Toyota or Nissan brand as you work in a very "Maka bass" infested area.
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    Suggestions for a Newbie

    Ah old boy. You are here too?