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  1. Pick the best car

    Ceres and Marino are too old cars now. You might have trouble finding the body parts. Bear that in mind if you go with those models. Though engine parts are not a problem.
  2. Suggestions for a Newbie

    My humble opinion is you to buy a comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle from Toyota or Nissan brand as you work in a very "Maka bass" infested area.
  3. Suggestions for a Newbie

    Ah old boy. You are here too?
  4. You may right in calling personal vehicle a Life style element. But that does not negate the fact that how important it has become in modern lifestyle. Owning a car is a human right and I say it again that government should not bar common man from having it. Even though public transportation is much convenient and easy it doesn't cancel out human tendency to roam free on his/her own. You should not misunderstand the need for a car and the need for convenient public transport. I don't think anyone would like to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. There should be good public transportation system as well as the freedom to own a good quality car.
  5. About toyota lanka full inspection

    There's a place in Nugegoda called D* S*l*a. I don't know whether they have any branch in Kandy.
  6. Sorry to go off topic, But I do believe that a car is a basic human need nowadays. Everyone loves to own a car. It is not necessarily to go from point A to B but as a symbol of social status. Not all developed countries rely on public transports. Public transports are only better in congested cities. People loves to enjoy the freedom personal vehicle can offer. And the thrill of driving. It is a crime to deny the general public that privilege.
  7. indeed mate. Though we can forgive doctors for requesting permits for obvious reasons. There can be no redemption for other civil servants. IMHO owning a motor vehicle has become a basic human need. Government should not bar people from pursuing their dreams. If people living in Sri Lanka could own a newer and better motor vehicles without breaking sweat I don't think many of them would leave this country for better prospects elsewhere.
  8. About toyota lanka full inspection

    I don't think they will find every fault with your vehicle specially the under body accident repairs. Therefore it is better that you use a trusted mechanic as well. However, the inspection will give you a fairly good picture of the vehicle if it done correctly. It is better than nothing.
  9. One of my friends has bought a BJ5P with a bad tranny because of this Gear Oil. The idiotic previous owner had use this oil instead of the Mazda recommended one which costs around 10-12k. Now he has to replace the entire gear box. So, I advice you people proceed with caution.
  10. Nice to hear that. But it is better to be cautious.
  11. But people should be wary of imported Mazda 3 models specially if they are from Europe for corrosion.
  12. Honda GP 1 Hybrid -

    It is not wise to change CVT gear oil at 40,000 kms. Better do it in every 15,000 km. That is what recommended to me for my Fit Aria. Though the both cars are ages apart I believe that oil will deteriorate faster in Sri Lankan conditions. Better to be safe than sorry.
  13. Toyota Vitz 1000cc Vibration issue

    Vitz comes with the infamous 1KR engine which is a 3 cylinder type. 3 cylinders are notorious for their instability and the vibration is quite common issue in these engines. Similar example is the Kwid. The vibration will get bigger with the time and you should not worry about it IMHO unless of course you would feel excessive vibration out of normal parameters.
  14. Engine worn at 100,000 Km

    If I remember correct what he said was applicable for certain models of cars in our market. Of course engines wear out to a degree when it pass the 100,000 mark. The wearing out depends mostly on the way engine was used. Generally 100,000 is not a serious mileage for cars except for certain models.