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  1. fiatLife

    Fiat 127

    it can go from 100k to around 350k, depending on the condition, but hard to find 3 door ones..
  2. fiatLife

    Reason for poor 2nd hand market of European cars

    This topic afaik has been discussed alot here, anw here is my take on the topic just for the fun but on a serious note. You need to care for the vehicle well, you can't treat the vehicle like its only purpose is to get you from point A to point B. Only if you don't treat the vehicle well, it will give you issues. Just because you wash and wax your vehicle doesn't mean caring. Lack of knowledgeable mechanics and ones who are available can come with a cost. Reasons for that is, a more than normal and usual knowledge is needed for Euros. Everything has a purpose somewhere. Driving pleasure can come with cost like fuel and spare part costs. Have you ever seen a Euro driver sad? Some workarounds for issues are there, but only a few knows them. Owning a Euro doesn't need to expensive if you the owner has a knowledge of the car. Its the age old story that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Buy may cost you a kidney, eye or so Hard to find replicas/knockoffs like others, but parts lasts longer. Finding parts are not around the corner of the street spare parts shop. So finding parts can be tricky. You won't be able to fix some issues in a day or by the hour, depends on skill and part availability. Resale value, hard to resell. In SL, other than any country, people buy a vehicle planning ahead to sell the vehicle for a huge profit. I mean wtf, everything has a depreciation value. Poorly maintained ones can sell for cheap or wont even sell. But good condition ones will be pricey and hard to find and will sell easily. "Will the society accept me" factor. As a owner, running costs of my vehicles i used is similar to that of the Japanese one. So for anyone saying running costs is high, i can nullify it.
  3. fiatLife

    Radiator shop near Nugegoda

    theres one infront of nawala vali park, kandewattha road, a good one. google map link
  4. fiatLife

    1997 Fiat Punto First generation (176)

    its worth it as long as its mechanically sound, i have driven a rally prepped same punto white color one and its effing fast. straight pipe + lighter flywheel is a bliss in this. Parts can be get down from singapore if its not available here, but many have spares or the stores will get down for you. I dont think the body parts are here unless u buy a salvage car or a car for parts. Fuel wise it should do around 9 in colombo. Resale wise this car wont be much of a hassle as its not overloaded with much electronics, but worth than other cars in the same price bracket or less than 1 million. A 4 door GT?
  5. sadly i don't recall the exact number, it was sometime back cmon, he is having a dilemma with the current SL car market
  6. Just a gentle reminder, It is not an automatic. It is an automated manual. Electronics and an electric motorised clutch change the gears of a manual gearbox for you. But the system seeks to limit torque reactions on upchanges, particularly first to second and second to third when they can be most damaging to the transmission. You have to be gentler with the accelerator. Basically, anticipate when the box will want to change up. BTW is this the red one? dont worry about parts, the above mentioned places will have in stock or they will get it down for you. IMO THIS punto is a rare one with the panoramic sunroof. Superb car, one of my friends own a manual one Try to get down the price a bit, but totally worthy car. I can help you with contacts on the above mentioned places if you dont have
  7. Well the car market in SL is actually full of BS. Well diesel converted Europeans are cheap due to the engine conversion reason, no resale value but only a one who is desperate to call himself owning a prestige automobile will buy, or you can buy and replace the original engine and up the market price Furthermore you can go for a Corolla 110 if you can up your margin by 150,000. Nissan FB/SB 14 is also good. Diahatsu Mira/Daihatsu Coure is also good, but a compact car. Perodua kelisa
  8. fiatLife

    PreseaLover's soundgimmicks.com

    Nice macha, wishing you all the best from the bokka I see some nice changes have done, Change the color of the % in top 10 tracks i was confused there for a bit so only for one song i can vote? not multiple?
  9. why would you go to toyota lanka for the car, i mean you dont need to go there and spend unnecessary cash on labor, but you can get the genuine timing belts and bushes from them if you want to. Engine mounts, gear box mounts, suspension mounts and all other mounts and bushes can be found easily if you have a sample, the common brands are RBI for mounts. as a starting point, you can start by saying where you live
  10. fiatLife

    Noise from rear when breaking

    how about the condition of the brake liners in the back? springs connectors to the brake liners?
  11. fiatLife

    Suzuki Hustler

    ^ This quote
  12. fiatLife

    Suzuki Hustler

    ahh okay well something is better than nothing
  13. fiatLife

    Suzuki Hustler

    never expect advanced or trustworthy options by the looks of it, What is the reason behind stating high maintenance cost? because we also have a 1991 double cab and its abused but still running strong, just the usual wear and tear Well an engine rebuild should be done if not, other than that reliable for us, its been with us for more than 8 years now.
  14. fiatLife

    Suzuki Hustler

    Hustler comes with 4wd? I mean by the looks of it, it looks like a bodybuilder with skinny/toothpick legs
  15. fiatLife

    Nissan FB 13 Diesel

    It can be due to the neglecting of engine oil change and so on. better to check oil level and use the correct oil, thats the first thing to do. I dont know if SL have oil additives which are common in other countries to fix the issue.