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  1. Machan,it's not a standard..
  2. if you don't like accusations it's your own problem & if anyone needs to stop bullshtting,believe it should start form YOU before anyone else..I will not comment in this tread anymore,so please knock yourself out
  3. please try to read the comments I made before you type your bs comments again...i've never clamed that honda is a supercar and it can outperform the some of the best cars of the world. before i started to comment on this thread,i saw comments of few idiots' who were comparing average econoboxes (that many of us use) over some fancy sports cars that they have or pretend to have. this thread was about comparison of three cars FB15,AE110 & EK3 & i stood behind EK3 & i expect others to do the same, but few smart ass fellows assumed that people who commented on ek3 as fan boys & started to dish out pure BS if anyone got offended by my comments,i'm deeply sorry about that. but i hate to see people trying play god just because they are members or admins of this web site.
  4. this is just a list of featured brands of the movie & it doesn't prove anything.as you can see Ferrari is also in the list...ROFLMAO
  5. fact is that they used "Honda" not "Nissan" or "Toyota"..& it proves a point.
  6. well said,all those who made funny comments about 130 BHP cars must be having supercars parked in their garages
  7. if you like Honda's, EK3 is another good option to consider,.believe G or H series would fall within your budget
  8. let's put the sarcasm and hatred aside and admire the beauty of the machine...
  9. Nitro

    Nissan N 16

    believe you are exaggerating little bit bro,I replaced the steering rack (with rack ends) & front shock absorbers recently and it cost me less than 24k get it done including the wheel alignment.
  10. Nitro

    Nissan N 16

    I prefer auto,but it's a subjective matter.
  11. Nitro

    Nissan N 16

    if you go for N16,check the front suspension and rack.it's the only major issue that come to my mind.I have been using N16 since 2006 till now & it's a worth buying car. 1600cc engine has more puling power but does low on fuel (8~10 Km/l in city limits) mechanically both vehicles shares most parts in common & will not have significant difference in maintaining cost between two
  12. why not use black & white with net finish !!!
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