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    Looking For An E36

    Hey Guys, I've been looking for an E36 318i for some time now and still couldn't find a well maintained one. I've already checked all the ads and will be checking every day. If any of you are looking to sell or know anyone that is, please drop me a message. Thanks. P.S. If i'm posting in the wrong forum please do tell.
  2. bucky747

    Buying An E36 - Mechanical Inspection, Parts, Etc.

    I'd prefer the 318i like you said, cuz i feel like it'll provide enough power while not eating through my wallet too fast. I've checked pretty much every E36 ad available, and all the cars have somehow been messed with past the point I can like. So now I'm annoying random E36 owners by asking if they feel like selling anytime soon. If you know anyone willing to part with their beamers please gimme a heads up.
  3. bucky747

    Buying An E36 - Mechanical Inspection, Parts, Etc.

    Thanks for the info Janith, I went to test drive it today, and found multiple issues with it, including the issue you mentioned. So I decided to keep looking.
  4. Hello Everyone, A bit of background: I was looking for an E36 for some time and I found a 1991 316i recently. The interior seems to be in good condition, nothing seems to be changed except the radio as far as i saw. On the outside, an M3 kit and lights have been fitted, which i don't mind although i wanted to go for the stock look. The paint was chipped on the front without a dent, and had bubbles in a few places. There was a lot of rust in that common place under the car just behind the rear wheels. I'll be going for a test drive soon. I asked a friendly mechanic to join on the day, to inspect the engine a bit, because the owner seems to be a fan of changing parts. But the mechanic is Japanese car fan and a jack of all trades sorta fellow, so I'm thinking he won't like this much anyway. Now to the issues: A signal light had been broken, and a door speaker was missing. The owner agreed to reduce the price for these parts. The engine is M40 so I feel like a thorough inspection should be done, with the timing belt issues and all. The owner had replaced many parts in his little time with the car (i'll take a look at the documents for these), and if these changes weren't done correctly, I might be in for a lot of trouble later on. Finally my questions: 1. I was wondering where I can buy the two parts that are missing, and any others that I'll require later on, and how much they'll cost. 2. Is a second mechanical inspection necessary? And if so what's the best place for it in colombo? (I was thinking prestige) 3. With the background I've given, are there any big issues with the paint and rust, etc, and are there any areas I should inspect thoroughly when I go for the test? 4. After buying a car, I'm planning on finishing up the documents and insurance stuff and then getting it serviced and fixed up at M****ys probably. Is there anything else I should do pre or post purchase? Thanks. P.S. Apologies if i'm reposting, but i couldn't find any threads focused on mechanical inspection and parts.