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  1. dhachamila

    Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    hii everyone! good news ! Seems like nissan local agent is going to launch nissan e-note in Sri Lanka (attached here with proof doc) therefore once they launch it, without any doubt we can have it because they are responsible for after sales services. i'd like to add few things about Suzuki Baleno as well. All baleno's are made in india under global car platform like nissan and same car shipped to japan with adding several safety features and tech gadgets. However the core is same as the car available in india (referring to 1000cc double booster jet) therefore car is suitable for SL roads and SL use. Unfortunately this car is having built quality issues related to its sheet metal (body panels). http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/SUZUKI/BALENO/971017102202400353007/index.html and also i'd like to share some info related to nissan 1200cc turbo line up. Nissan pulsar 1200cc which is their best selling hatch in europe and it is also known as tiida in asia. pulsar is a good looking family hatch with more spacious interior with multiple safety features with quite impressive acceleration and also its kmpl also much better than compare to cars available in its segment. we can import this car from either uk or from singapore but i asked from local car importer whether they can import this car, the answer was due to lack of awareness no one is demanding this so car importers are not interested to import it. The biggest plus point is even the car shipped to Singapore also made in Spain under GBP 16000 price.
  2. dhachamila

    Nissan Note Hybrid

    Agent should be able to anticipate, what things gonna be happened in the future unless ended up like local nissan agent. The best example is nissan leaf. Just see how many Leafs sold during the period of 2014-2016 in Sri Lanka, but local agent was not proactively involved, they took more than 3years to adapt to EVs. Because of this lateness in providing after sales services though currently they are conducting multiple free vehicle checkup programs to attract leaf customers but nobody is going to their doorstep to do repairs, other garages and service centres were able to attract those customer by giving the best service. Low re-sale value for nissan leaf also happened in Sri Lanka due to the poor service of local agent because customers have a doubt when buying a leaf whether we have a proper responsible place to maintain our cars.(In fact due to hot climate lithium iron battery get degraded soon also a big issue behind poor resale value of Nissan Leaf). However local Toyota agent even they were not directly importing allion, vios, axio, vitz, prius, aqua they were promptly attained to repairs related to those cars. Knowing these scenarios, SL vehicle importers don't want to take the risk by putting themselves into troublesome situations because if the customers started yelling at them by saying "look there is no one to get repairs done for our cars, now you'll are responsible for that". As a result of that currently nissan is washed out from the local car market though they were able to become the best selling automaker in globally. Therefore including e-note, new tiida, quashqai and leaf wont import to SL in big numbers. However in 2003-2010 nissan agent did their job brilliantly but now they are giving their 100% priority for cheap indian made hatchbacks. Currently customer awareness for e-note is also low, therefore we could only see these cars in our roads, if SL customers massively request local car importers to import this car only.
  3. dhachamila

    Nissan Note Hybrid

    I've seen couple e-notes in SL car sales (actually in ######.lk site & i haven't driven any e-note therefore can't share anything real about this car like pickup, handling and level of comfort). However those car sales people quoted me 4.9mil -5.5mil for e-note. The biggest issue in Sri Lanka why this car is not getting popular, the local agent is not resourceful enough to handle its after sales services, not doing proper marketing campaign to promote brand nissan (same for Leaf, even today Nissan Motor Corp launched their next gen leaf but local agent has done nothing about new leaf in their social media sites) and settled down with Indian made crappy cars,
  4. dhachamila

    Bluebird sylphy

    This thread has been discussed last year. By the way G11 is same as nze 260 Allion/Premio but more comfortable. more spacious and more reliable than NZE 260. Please don't rely on toyotaholics kmpl figures, according to them NZE260 does 14kmpl+ (under toyota vios thread, when vios was selling like hot cakes everyone said car does 12kmpl but now its dropped to 8kmpl). However G11 does 8-9kmpl in city and 12-13kmpl outstation. Hope this figure is pretty much ok for a non hybrid 1500cc sedan. No need to bother about the availability of spare parts because until 2012, G11 was in Nissan jap production line and all y12s, ad-wagons and tiidas came with same engine and suspension components (most of the parts are same)and still y12 and ad-wagon are in japan Nissan production line. There are several problems related to g11, 1. Dashboard Leather skin melting down like axio - leather skin can be replaced for rs 15,000- 20,000 2 Ignition coil failure - solved cars manufactured after 2008 3. Suspension bushes can be easily get cracked due to SL poor road - replacement bushes are available in panchikawatta for cheap money.
  5. dhachamila

    Nissan TIIDA High fuel Consumption

    Last month same thing happened to my Tiida, suddenly fuel consumption dropped to 7kmpl ( before 9.5 - 10kmpl in city limits) and experienced engine knock (cutus cutus sound) in full throttle. Did efi tuneup, acceleration improved slightly but fuel consumption remain 7kmpl and engine knock also there. So i google why efi engines knock and i found low grade petrol and bad knock sensor causing engine knock. So i pumped 95 octane 2-3 times and felt the difference, now engine runs very smoothly no any engine knock and fuel consumption also back to normal. (However i dont know how high octane petrol results for better fuel consumption). @rcmadawala make sure to change atf in every 35000km-40000km.
  6. dhachamila

    Best car for 3.5M

    Hope you're a honda enthusiast, so i would like to recommend you honda civic 7th gen face lift(2004-2005) In terms of performance, comfort, reliability and driving pleasure this car is much better, compared to cars available at your budget. However this car does 8-9kmpl in city limits but who would like to sacrifice honda driving pleasure because of fuel consumption.(normally 1500cc-1600cc cars do 10-11kmpl in city limits ). Toyota 141 is an under-powered car with sluggish pickup and poor fuel consumption (does only 7-8kmpls) .Beltas is another underpowered car and known for CVT failure and that repair least cost you Rs 80,000. If you really want to buy a toyota, consider allion 240, corolla 121 and second gen vios. Lancer ex is another good car for your budget but many lancer owners are complaining about its eps system because steering rack needs to be replaced after couple of thousand kilometers and this repair might cost you lot because this model is not available in Japan therefore used parts are rare to find always you need to replace parts with brand new parts. At last if you're interested on Nissan, i would like to recommand you nissan sylphy g11 and tiida as good family sedans. These two are comfy rides with descent pickup and good fuel consumption but tiida looks weird for many people
  7. dhachamila

    Less Troblesome Used vehicle ...............

    The myth in Sri Lanka " Toyota cars are much more reliable than other car brands" has already changed. In autolanka forum you can find many threads on faulty toyota cvt transmission and even similar threads are available on elakiri car forum and Rayaz reviews on CVT. Generally CVTs are not reliable as coventional AT and CVT gives you only more Kmpls and CVT doesn't give better driving pleasure like AT. However the lifetime of the CVT boxes most of the time depends on your driving style (if you're heavy footed driver then CVT is not for you because too much throttling is not good for CVT) and the way you maintain your car. When it comes CVT reliability, Nissan cars are better than other japs brands because JATCO is the company (Nissan own subsidiary) which supply gearboxes to Nissan, Suzuki and several other European auto manufacturers. So thoroughly inspect transmission from agents before buying a belta or any cvt equipped car because this repair may cost atleast Rs.100,000.
  8. dhachamila

    Brake noise when press lightly

    Ordinary mechanic can handle such repair & i thought when you apply brakes steering wheel turns slightly left or right. Thatz why i suggested to replace all rubber seals on calipers which i had experienced in my tiida 6 months ago. So grinding noise can be fixed by applying copper grease to pad back plates and properly applying grease to caliper slide pins and other moving parts on caliper assembly
  9. dhachamila

    Brake noise when press lightly

    Brake grinding noises and brake squeaking are caused by due to inferior quality disc pads and slight grinding noise is common in cold starting. However in your case its quite different. In most of the cases when applying brakes steering wheel turns slightly left or right , happens due to stuck caliper pistons. Sometimes this issue can be fixed by caliper rebuild kits (caliper rebuild kits include small rubber seals and boots. so once these rubber seals get torn debris and dust particles build up inside the piston and piston can not move easily) or sometimes you need to replace caliper assembly to fix this noise.
  10. dhachamila

    Upgrade from BJ5P to Belta or Invest in a Land?

    Thatz your personal preference but tiida is better than Belta. I don't know why you are complaining, it is dull to drive however if you drive Tiida you can feel it performance, it can reach 100kmh with in 9 secs and even in high speeds steering feedback is better than beltas and axios ( if you hardly throttle Belta or axio only thing you feel rpm is fluctuating rapidly and car moves very slowly thanks to toyota CVT box). Further many are complaining on Toyota Corolla 141's low pulling power and low fuel consumption due to its small engine (1600cc) and heavy weight body structure. However fuel consumption figures of tiida and lancer are much better (at least does 10kmpl+ in city). I'm talking about Nissan tiida new face so its comes with white meter dials with blue colour illumination and i have attached some pics to have a proper idea about its interior. Finally i'm not boasting about Nissan Tiida, just want to say it is a good car for a person who is planing to buy a car for 3 million -3.5million budget and it is hard to find good Lancer ex for 35lks (atleast below 50000km ) unless need to increase budget another 3laks.
  11. dhachamila

    Upgrade from BJ5P to Belta or Invest in a Land?

    Option 3 Yes belta is a class below the Mazda BJ5P and Belta interior feels very cheap. Only thing that belta gives you better fuel economy and interior space. All these Beltas and Axios are known for CVT failure which may cost you more than 100k repair. However Belta comes under Toyota brand name therefore it may have a good resale value.By the way if you really need an upgrade please consider following options. 1. Mitsubishi Lancer Ex (2008 above) 2. Nissan Tiida new face 15M (2008 above) 3. Toyota Corolla 141
  12. dhachamila

    Nissan Note Hybrid

    2016 Nissan Note Hybrid, kind of hybrid and ev. Here the e-POWER system features full electric-motor drive, meaning that the wheels are completely driven by the electric motor. The power from a high-output battery is delivered to the e-POWER’s compact powertrain comprised of a 1200cc gasoline engine, power generator, inverter, and a motor. In conventional hybrid systems, a low-output electric motor is mated to a petrol engine to drive the wheels when the battery is low (or when traveling at high speeds). However, in the e-POWER system, the petrol engine is not connected to the wheels; it simply charges the battery. And unlike a full EV, the power source originates from the engine and not just the battery . Moreover according to Japanese media this car does 37kmpl but not sure whether this car will import to Sri Lanka because SL car sale people are the trendsetters in SL auto market and they believe TOYOTA IS THE BEST LOL.
  13. dhachamila

    Buying A Car

    Don't go for 1000cc belta because it's overrated and underpowered. Try to find 1300cc variant and several belta, axio and allion models are famous for cvt failure due to poor maintainance. Therefore before buying check service records and try to find agent maintained car. Since you can afford maximum 3.1mil you can go for better quality nissan, mitsubishi and honda variants. So if you consider only about resale value then go for belta.
  14. dhachamila

    Nissan Tida

    tiida is an affordable car which you can experience the same comfort of a 4.5mil sedan. pls google following links http://picture1.goo-net.com/012/0120142/J/0120142A30150306W00212.jpg (without front armrest ) http://picture1.goo-net.com/090/0900454/J/0900454A30150923W00114.jpg( same as brand-new version ) http://picture1.goo-net.com/070/0700814/J/0700814A20151121E00602.jpg ( highest grade in 1500cc) http://picture1.goo-net.com/070/0700814/J/0700814A20151121E00612.jpg (rear) http://picture1.goo-net.com/057/0570569/J/0570569A30151210W00112.jpg ( lowest grade)
  15. dhachamila

    Premio 2009 Maf Sensor

    Did they clean your Maf sensor? and how did they do tune up did they pull out the all 4 injectors from the engine bay and cleaned (using 3m or whatever inj cleaner) or did they clean injectors without removing? ?? A*W always prefer to pullout injectors and clean for nissans because they said it is the most safest way to do engine tune up because adding chemicals to fuel line and doing injector cleaning is not good (but i'm not sure about whether toyota prefer to add chemiclaes to fuel line)for car and did you check maf wire socket?? Sometimes error codes and rough idel can happen due to poor contacts and after every tuneup ecu should reset.