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  1. Mazda6

    New Defender Design??

    Looks like something from the fast and furious films. That means there should be a market.
  2. Been using a brand new Mazda 6, 2 L for the past three and half years. Every time I look at it, my heart skips a beat 😊. Spacious and comfortable. The road noise is a bit high. Responsive and powerful. Loads of cargo space. Reliability is its strongest suit. Not a single issue so far. Changed break pads once through agents. Frequently get mistaken for a Benz and even once for a Tesla! My point is Mazda 6 is a large family car, with sports sedan creds which punches far above its weight. Premios on the other hand are, well, good cars. Or so my car dealer friend tells me.
  3. Mazda6

    Budget 2019

    Price increased through the whole range.
  4. Hi all, this is for a friend of mine. He is looking at buying a 2010 year landcruiser ZX model. Adaptive height control and the ride comfort are his main concerns as he travels long distances often. My question is basically what to look out for in this year and trim level and any known issues. Thanks.
  5. Mazda6

    Honda Vezel RS 2018 vs Toyota CHR 2018

    I think CH-R is butt ugly. But it’s just my opinion.
  6. Okay. It might be time to bite the bullet and upgrade to a suv with some minor off-road capability and be a decent family carrier while being a reliable and enjoyable car to drive. Resale and fuel economy aren’t the main concerns as much as maintenance and reliability. I drive around 10000kms a year and plan to hold on to the car for about 5 years at least. I’ve narrowed the options to: Used- porsche Cayenne S Hybrid 2012 Audi Q7 2011 Quattro brand new- Honda CR-V peugeot 5008 VW Tiguan Allspace 110tsi BMW X1 I would love to get some feedback from someone who owns any of this cars, especially the used ones, including the reliability, safety, maintenance and any bugs to look out for. TIA.
  7. Mazda6

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Out of those two, Honda CR-V hands down.
  8. Mazda6

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Personally, if I had a 10 million bucks, I’d look for a well maintained BMW 5 series with low mileage, preferably 2013/14.
  9. Mazda6

    Budget 2019

    We are all going to get ridden!
  10. Mazda6

    Which 7 seater car best?

    @Neethan siva Like sathyajithj99 says, first of all narrow down the budget. If you are unsure of the type of vehicle you want, it might be better if you stick with a Dolphin or KDH.
  11. A bloody naattaami works as hard as any government servant. So let’s give the ‘government servants deserve permits’ argument a rest. It’s all about pleasing the vote banks.
  12. Details like annual mileage limits need to be taken into account
  13. Mazda6

    Honda CR-V 2018

    The base engine is 1.5l
  14. Mazda6

    Honda CR-V 2018

    Would it be worth ‘what’ price?