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  1. rajia

    Ford Mondeo

    thank you so much Crosswind for research and finding important things and for useful information too. I will meet Mr caldera too. yea your correct the beading, has to be replaced. Sunroof issue was my mistake, it was not properly closed last time by me. i will post a new photo of it.. =) A/C area also discoloured at the moment and need to replace center dash board as well. Thank you so much once again for assistance mate =)
  2. rajia

    Ford Mondeo

    Thank you Sierra Charlie, Crosswind and iRage for comments.. =) Yea i will post some interior photos as well..
  3. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    Thank u for your comments Mr expert =D
  4. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    Congratz Mcn...! JF I uploaded some photos here : http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/17178-ford-mondeo/#entry287158
  5. rajia

    Ford Mondeo

    It is a bluish green one Crosswind.. =)
  6. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    Thank You JF..! Will post some photos soon.. =)
  7. rajia

    Ford Mondeo

    "You don't know how to reply to retards who ask 'why did u buy a ford?' - my usual reply is - machan, that's my taste. I like my ass to be pampered. Would u like to touch it and see how smooth it is?'" ha ha .. Some fellows always ask these kind of "stupid" questions.. superb answer machan.. !
  8. rajia

    Ford Mondeo 2004

    totally agree with you.. I bought one resonantly and very comfortable car. When i went in the southern highway to galle (to & from), hardly you can notice it is going around 100-120 (as still you feel like as if it is going around 50-60 ! Average petrol consumption is around the rate you have mentioned in traffic (I may be able to give some proper figure soon ) Yes you will have to depend on ebay (UK) for most parts (as per the previous owner as well ) but general stuff like vipers, bulbs etc you can use common once available in market in most cases. things like brake pads, plug leads & injectors you can order at low cost from ebay uk rather than getting from local shops which will be bit costly. (Experts, pls correct me if i`am wrong !)
  9. rajia

    Ford Mondeo

    last week I bought a ford mondeo 2003 (2000cc). It is a very comfortable car but keep in mind that spares r scarce and seems to be some what costly (this is the reason why the price is around that range for a that much comfortable vehicle as far as I understood ) as per previous owner but most of the things you can order from ebay (use ebay uk) and get them fixed with a mechanic familiar with ford. Their r couple of mechanics in Piliyandala (Once i get hold of the details i will post here as previous owner will introduce me to those mechanics ). If you have a good budget for maintenance (in case some issue arise) this is a good vehicle to own. But if you consider availability of spares, cost and also second hand market, then go for a well maintained toyota. Specially toyota corolla AE 110 (I also tried initially to find one but it was too difficult to find a quality one)
  10. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    it was a bit hard to find a good toyota corolla 110 with price etc so while i was searching, Got hold of a Ford Mondeo 2003 for a reasonable price just before the price adjustments . For repairs n stuff i will have to depend on couple of mechanics used by previous owner while some parts i could get from ebay ( which i checked prior to getting hold of it ) Also hope I can get some ford experts advice who r at autolanka. Seems to be a good vehicle & almost fell in love with it ! When ever i park it somewhere i used to look at it couple of times before leaving. =) Will post some photos in a new thread.
  11. rajia

    How To Buy A Used Car In Sri Lanka

    Very useful article as I`am looking get my first vehicle. =) Thank you Saturn.
  12. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    Thank you so much JF & wolseley for the valuable information for newbies like us =). So i will try to get hold of a toyota one. Something like corolla AE 110 or a Soluna and update you guys too. JF Is this also a good one as a Toyota ? "Dx Wagon" ? seems to be bit lower in price compared to some 110`s and soluna`s i came across in car portals n paper with english numbers as well ?
  13. rajia

    Best Sedan Car To Buy Below 12.5 Lakhs

    Posting for the first time after registering. =) Well I`am also looking to get my first car with almost same budget and req.as Shalika. JF I wish to go for a Elantra or Kia Rio (Korean stuff !, I`am aware that it has low 2nd hand market ), Why do you say that beginners has to stick to Japnease cars ? Any exact reason ? Will a 1995 Toyota(used/recond) more reliable than a Kia/Hyundai(Used not reconditions) made in 2000-2001 ?