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  1. Thanks alot iRage, Plesae Can anyone suggest good brake pad brands, and places to buy around Colombo
  2. Im using Eclipse cross for 2 years now, so far 25000 KM done, in last service from Unit#d Mot#rs adviced to change the brake Pads on next service, and cost will be around 58000 including labour charges My questions are 1. Normally at how many KM we need to Change brake pads? 2. I think 58000 is bit too much, is it correct? and can i do it somewhere else for lower cost? I imported personally from Australia so no local company warranty
  3. Thanks a lot. That has cleared my doubts. 2004 auto tr. Is going around 26+ some are demanding 27+ is it really worth it for a car 12 years old Confused! [email protected]@
  4. Hi im a newbie hr. Im planing on buying my first car. My budget is around 2.5m i prefer Toyota Vios. My question is are there differnt version of vios S, E ot etc.... ( i dont want to start a new topic so im asking here.please help me.)
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