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  1. Jbkumara


    Any place near to Negombo ?
  2. Jbkumara


    Hi everyone I have daihatsu Hijet (2012) Suddenly check engine lights appeared and scan says P0420 Some says that I have to replace rear o2 sensor which attached to the silencer. But some says that just need to clean there. Please someone can help me out to resolve this problem. Please suggest me a good place near Negombo and how much it will cost. Thank you all
  3. EBD-S321V Hijet van 2012 Please suggest me to buy iradium spark plugs from internet. ( ebay ) Which one is the best Please just send me the link. Here in jaela it's nearly 11000/= costs for 3 plug set.
  4. They are not professional at link lanka and am afraid to take the vehicle back to them. Thank you so much.
  5. I have daihatsu haijet mini van. Recently I installed a taxi meter from link lanka. Since they installed it my check engine light keep on. Do I need to scan to find a matter or what ? Am in jaela and I want to find good place for engine tune up and also how much will cost for petrol filter ? Thank you
  6. Jbkumara


    It's Yd engine. R u sure it has chain? So seems it's doesn't need replacement then
  7. Jbkumara


    Hello I got Nissan NV350 flat roof caravan which is produce in 2012. When I bought it main meter was 104546km Now it's almost 115000. What I want to know is do I need to replace timing belt now. Has it got timing belt or a chain ? Any if yes , what is the best place to do it closer to negombo or wattage . Pls give me some advice Thank you
  8. Jbkumara

    Engine oil

    Hi Am using shell 10w40 synthtic engine oil for my hijet buddy van. What if i use 10w 30 insted of 10w 40 Is it okey ?
  9. I have daihatsu hijet van. It has done 87km. I think its time to change the ATF. Is there any specific oil for it? And how many ltrs its need ? Thanx in advance
  10. Thanx Maxxarox.. for now engine goes smoothly..even the fuel abt 16km per ltr. Yeaterday i have done first service. change d oil filter. they said much better to cleand d engine b4 v use new engine oil, since we dnt know what they use in japan. So they put engine cleaner can and keep d van start for 20 mins. That cleaner cost me 2850/. And after filled with shell synthatic engine oil. ATF didnt change . They said oil seems ok and will do it next time. They r doing it manualy and it will cost 5000-6000.
  11. Had a good air filter... just clean them...but spark plugs ... do i need to change them or what?
  12. Thanx. Its s321v i got a user manual book also its in japaneese..i will go through this link. Thank you again and really appriciate...
  13. YOM 2012 ,unregisterd .just registerd cpl of days ago. someone said that there is no timing belt in this models and comes with the chain...thanx for ur usefull words..
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