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  1. I am not much interest on hatch back, had Nissan so need some different driving experience
  2. Thanks for your comments, what about the age, Allion/Premio more than 15 years old are they strong enough for the next few years?
  3. Hi Guys, I am interest on buying Toyota Allion 2002/2003 or Premio 2002 like car but Now it is 2018 which means those are 15,16 years old and most of the car have mileage over 1 laks, In other hand we have Yaris and Belta with 2007, 2008 manufactured so we can buy almost same prices as Allions. I am looking for 1500cc car but saw Premios has 1800cc only then fuel consumption should bad. Need your opinions on either go for Allion/Premio or Yaris/Belta like cars? PS : Have a idea of Corolla 141 also but most of people saying don't buy it. Is there any specific reason for that? Cheers!