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  1. Yes I like Mazda very much. But the problem is finding spares. Once I had to go Colombo from Badulla to buy some spare parts to my familia.
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I will search those things. Then can decide what to buy.
  3. Yes I must search about spares around Badulla and bandarawela. Is that maintenance cost is high in honda? I think When compare to vios interior quality is far better in fit aria. I want to use this car at least 4 years. Will this be a good choice over vios?
  4. Thanks. I also thought about it. Have you any idea about fuel efficiency and availability of spare parts? I have Toyota vios and fit aria in the list. What will be the best?
  5. Yes mainly fuel.My car is doing about 7_8km/l. Im working in Badulla area. I have to face many problems when to find spare parts.
  6. Hi, currently i have mazda familia bj5p car. I want to sell it and buy another one. My budget is around 2.7 M. What is the best car out of vitz 2007/08 1000 cc and ist 2004 1300 cc? Want more fuel efficient one. thanks
  7. Dear experts, I have Mazda familia BJ5P automatic car. I bought it 3 months ago. Recently I have noticed when accelerating the car from parking stage ,gear change is done with much vibration. It feel like car is going over a bumper. It happen in first gear change only, then other gears change without any abnormal vibration. what can be the cause?
  8. thanks . I have checked partsfan.com. There was all the details. Thanks again
  9. yes, the chassis number is that. what number can I use for check the details of the car?
  10. Thanks for your quick response. I have checked the engine compartment ,there was a metal plate containing details. There is a VIN number with 11 characters. In vehicles registration cetificate that same number mentioned as chassis number. Is that both numbers can be same?
  11. I have Mazda familia BJ5P model car. YOM 2000. how can I find the VIN number of this car? Is the chassis number and VIN numbers are same? I have read somewhere that VIN number has 17 characters. but I cant find it. please help.
  12. Dear experts, I want your valuable advices to select a car around 2.1-2.4 millions. I prefer used japanese auto car with considerable fuel efficiency and comfort. My selected models are Nissan fb 15 Mazda bj5p Toyota vitz old model Nissan N16 Honda civic/ city Corolla 110. Can you give me your opinion what willbe the best option to me? Please specify any reasons. Thanks in advance.
  13. friends, I'm going to buy my first car. budget is about 1.6 milion. first I decided to go for indian alto. but now I think about a used Japanese one. I prefer Nissan march Ak12. please give me your opinion on following.is it a good car? ( fuel consumption, quality,comfort,safety ) your experience on march Ak 12. problems associated with it, how much will I need to spend for general maintenance per month. if it is not a good choice, please suggest me a good option.( used Japanese car with automatic trasmission and considerable low milage) . hope you'll give me the direction. thank you.
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