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  1. sirisome

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    Thank you all for the nice info will keep these in mind. If i might add another question, when it comes to the X1 being not so off roading and all, does it make sense to go for a 3 series? I guess the e90/92 will be in the same price bracket and offer more options?
  2. sirisome

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    Thank you @kmeeg much appreciated.
  3. sirisome

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    Thank you @ajm Yea, there is hardly any information about these locally ...
  4. sirisome

    Subaru XV and the BMW X1.

    Can i have a comparison of the Subaru xv and the BMW x1? 1st hand usage experience in Sri Lanka will be greatly appreciated from the 2014/2015 range xv and the 2011 range x1 I will be using it as a daily runner. Weekdays in Colombo rush hours; weekends in the suburbs; on and off for family tripping. Are there any probable faults to watch out for during usage and what to check for before buying? Are there suitable mechanics and service stations located outstations (i.e Kandy and Galle)? What is more suitable for Sri Lanka from your point of view?
  5. sirisome

    Honda Civic ES8

    It's a good car to buy & the drive is engaging Check the gear box if it's an auto tranny, if it jumps a bit at the cold start, specially in the mornings.
  6. sirisome

    Buying a Car for 2.2M

    If there is no issue with the chevy, keep it. Spares are available but the originals are a bit more costly than the japs.
  7. sirisome

    Tyre Prices

    This just popped up on the news today ... source : mashable.com (2016-06-16) A company from Dubai has set a new record for the world's most expensive tyres according to Guinness World Records. The wheels are encrusted with gold and diamonds, with a set of four being sold for an exorbitant $600,000 The tyres have been designed by Dubai's Z Tyre and produced by a Chinese tyre factory, but their staggering price tag comes from their glittering embellishments. The tyres are decorated with 24-carat gold leaf work, done by the same craftsmen who are working on a new presidential palace in Abu Dhabi. Finally, Joaillier Prive, an artisan jeweller in Italy, has added specially-chosen diamond stones to the tyres. The profits from the sale will be donated to a charity that focuses on improving access to education across the world. The previous record for the world's most expensive tyres was held by Michelin's Bugatti Veyron tyres, which were priced at 10,000 pounds for a set of four tyres. Unlike these however, the Michelin tyres were valued for the Veyron rubber.
  8. sirisome

    Chevrolet Cruze Or Vitz 1999

    Comparison on the first two; Chevy and the swift are more or less the same if you look at it from afar (you can use the same parts, looks kinda the same). Taking a closer look they are a bit different. For example, you can use the same steering arm on a chevy as on a swift, but that will increase the steering circle on the chevy. Chevy is cheaper in the local market, dunno why ... Fuel is almost the same.
  9. sirisome

    Peugeot 206/207 Vs Toyota Starlet/carat

    If you find a mint 206, go for it; if not stick with the starlet. You can get an averagely maintained starlet and bring it to top notch without driving a whole through your wallet. From then on, its pretty much smooth sailing. On the other hand if you go for the 206, you will have more ups and downs.
  10. Vios is a reliability king hands down & it suites Sri Lankan driving conditions.
  11. sirisome

    Buying An E36 - Mechanical Inspection, Parts, Etc.

    Since these ladies have quite a few years on them, how has the fuel in Sri Lanka affected them? Are the engines in good condition to be driven for a few more years without an issue?
  12. sirisome

    Traffic In Rajagiriya

    the best place to start would be to make the already available buses on the available routes to not 'kota kota go'. ex - I have timed the travel time in a bus on several routes and it could be halved in some cases if the buses do not stay in halts for up to 10 or even 15 minutes at times. shuttle buses is a great idea to build on top of this. after that when we get the ball rolling we can go for more cheaper solutions first ... bicycle stands like in any mojor city & we can lankanize them by having tuk tuk stands
  13. sirisome

    Traffic In Rajagiriya

    Yes & temporarily yes. Obviously, public transport has to be fixed to ease the congestion. It is the base for developing a city.
  14. sirisome

    Traffic In Rajagiriya

    If/When the OCH is connected to the Katunayake expressway, vehicles from Thalawathugoda area can take the Athurugiriya entrance and exit from Dematagoda, can't they?
  15. sirisome

    Fuel Consumption

    My chevy cruze did around 10 kmpl in the city, around 12 outstations and climbing upto kandy, around 12.5/14 running down from kandy