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  1. Engine mount

    Hi Guys, I too am searching for rear engine mount for Carina AT 192. Looked in W*m*l M***rs they said japan one 12k and Malaysian one 4.9k. Any idea on a japan recon or new for a better price?
  2. Nano Energizer

    Guys, I know that it is wired.. comments from anyone who used it?
  3. Nano Energizer

    Hi All, I found a sachet packet called Nano Energizer. People those who used this says this improves vehicle performance. This has a ceramic compound with platinum, which fills uneven surface of piston. Any experience on usage of this?
  4. Hi all, My neutral indicator in dash board suddenly did not light when applied to neutral. I thought of a blown bulb. But today it suddenly light and now working. Any idea on what really has happened? Car is carina
  5. White smoke at cold start

    Milage is 278000 km
  6. White smoke at cold start

    Yes..untill I check for engine and do the needful..started to go for 15w-40... engine is fine other than this lil white smoke at the vehicle start of the day, sudden pick-up is very lil bit weak and engine raising noise is very lil bit discrete..
  7. High idle rpm

    Hi my friends, I experienced improper gear shifting of my car which is Toyota Carina AT 192 automatic, specially when I slow down gears are not shifted to a lower gear. I checked several things and one thing I was able to find was the improper TPS position. Exisitng position gave ECU that the car is in "idle" mode eventhough i depressed pedal halfway through.. Then I set the set up as per the car manual so that TPS "IDL" gives the correct signal to ECU. Then I experienced that the improper gear problem was not any more. However now my idle rpm is lil bit high. Its around 1200 at Parking with no AC. With AC its around 900. This is too much as per my manual. Also checked NE, IGT signals and also IACV control o/ps at ECU and attached herewith. These values are bit different from what should be as per manual. I think the reason for this difference is high idle rpm. Appreciate any experte would advice me on how to reduce idle rpm now.. P.S. - book exrraction pictures are what should be.. Oscilliscope pics are exisiting parameters.. Picture 1 - IGT signal Picture 2 - NE signal Picture 3 - RSO signal at AC off Picture 4 - RSO signal at AC on Picture 5 - Datasheet NE and IGT signals Picture 6 - Datasheet RSO signals
  8. My problem was how to set the adjustment screw to the factory or correcr position. I found in an article that this screw is there to keep a lil air through otherwise the throttle plate will be sticked due to air pressure. And also minor adjustments of it will not change idle rpm since ECM will nullify it by learning. I too expereinced this stick since recently I adjusted this screw such that throttle flap is more closed. Now I am going to do first is set this screw up not to stick the throttle plate. Then adjust the TPS. Any comments?
  9. Transmission test

    When I break to slow down and agin pedle to speed in traffic.. i need to raise pedal to 2000 rpm most of the times then only a lower gear will be applied. Also in hill roads I feel like I need to raise pedal too much. Other than that car is no problem. I wonder whether it is out of conpression or sensor issue or auto issue..
  10. Transmission test

    Dear All, Recently I followed a test in my car manual on transmission test. Test is in figure 1 and this test is done ignition on. I did this and smooth increase in voltage betweeb TT and E1 happens. But the problem is maximum voltage is 4.7V. This graph shows 8v. Is this a malfunction on my TPS? I checked TPS it gives vlaues within the range mentioned in manual but in the lower margin. However within the range. Could you please advise me on this? Does this imply my TPS is in poor performance? Do i need to replace it? Or ADJUST it? thank you all..
  11. Hi all, I noticed white smoke in cold start of my car. During this white smoke out water too coming out from exhaust pipe. Also I experience the exhaust is sulpher like odour. I also feel like I need to accelerate more than that of a normal car to go for higher speeds. Oil also reduced for around every 3000kms. Could you please advice me, 1) Is piston ring check enough for diagnosis? 2) exact reason that you think. Your comment is highly appreciated.
  12. Front Defogger

    Hi Friends, Thanks all for the comments.. in fact as jmzsl said.. a maka bass has by passed the heater. I removed tge heater and checked for leaks by just sinking it to a water basin. No continious bubbles came out. I do not think the pipes are leaking since they are straight forward.. What is the correct way of checking heater for leaks?
  13. Front Defogger

    Hi Davy, Thanks for advices. In fact I checked all the spongy material are not anymore... Seems I have to reinstall them. Will check after doing that. Thanks again..
  14. Front Defogger

    Mine is a climate control no hot air option only increase the temperature.. I have tried incresing temp no change...
  15. Front Defogger

    Hi Friends, When rainy and cool days my car front windshield is filled with fog in outside. I have to use wipers always to remove this fog. What could be the reason for that? Does it imply that my front defogger system not working? I checked front windshield air veins and cold air is coming when front defogger button is selected.