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  1. Thanks highly appreciate.. are TZK or Tezuka in SL market? Any agent details in inbox?
  2. Hi all, As we all know Original Japan products are not available now for lower arm bushes, rear shock struct mounts and most of any other bushing. Some alternative product brands are, 1) Japa 2) RBI 3) Malaysian product which name I cannot rem.. etc.. Highly appreciate if anybody have an experience on the quality of such product brand. I am going to buy rear shock mounts under such brand since KBY is not available for rear strut mounts. Also as per my experience I bought Japa lower arm bush and seems it has been loosen so quickly.
  3. Problem is just adjusting screw will only adjust idle rpm. Not the 0.4mm - short cct/0.9mm open cct reqiirement to ecu.
  4. At what adusting screw set up i should do this? Since I am not the firsr who adjusted this screw... i rem when i went for engine tune up several months back the mechanic adjusted this screw to set the idling rpm.
  5. Hi Rumesh, Thanks for the reply. Infact I did not check the IACV yet. I will check it and give you feedback soon. Rather I wonder there are two parameters to adjust. One is this ajdusting screw and the other is throttle position sensor. Manual does not say anything on adjusting screw. Manual says if 0.4 mm short cct and 0.9mm open cct is not given in throttle position sensor, then adjust the throttle position sensor. What I did was adjusting the screw. For this setting screw set up to maximum throttle opening. I searched in videos, there are some complex activities to do in order to tune these all. Need an IAC actuator as well. Any comments? Will get back to you soon with your answers...
  6. Hi all, My Car front coils are of two different types. One has 5 turns another has 6 turns. I wonder what would be the original one came from toyota. Could you please tell me the original coil spring details or a photo, if anybody have toyota carina AT 192 ?
  7. Hi all, I am confused with setting the throttle position in order to get the optimim idling (i.e. Idle control valve functions at specified rates and at the specified idling rpm). My car manual says, 1) when 0.4 mm thickness is between throttle stop screw and throttle throttle lever, throttle IDL and E1 pins should show conductivity. 2) when 0.9mm thickness is between throttle stop screw and throttle position lever, IDL - E1 should start showing open circuit. When I adjusted the throttle stop screw in order to obtain above, I idling rpm was 1500 rev/min. This is too much. So I adjusted the throttle stop lever to obtain idle rpm to about 800 rev/min. My question is how I should obtain both correct rpm setring and throttle setting (above 1-2) ? Anyone who had same experience or expert please...
  8. Engine start up failure

    Hi davy, I checked each injector with a flat screw drive and I heard the ticking noise. But enginee does not start. Does it mean that signal from ECU is coming to injector? I also checked for sparks with a spare spark plug. I saw sparks of each spark plug. (I dunno whether it is strong or not but it sparks). Also fuel pump buzzer is heard still. There is only left is to check for fuel. Am I ryt? If so could you please let me know how to check? P.S. - bolt in the fuel rail was slightly loosen Fuel came out with a considerable preassure..
  9. Engine start up failure

    Unfortunately mine is OBDI. Still trying. We'l see.
  10. Engine start up failure

    Hi one question.. can i test injector pulses using a normal incandecent bulb? If so could you please let me know the Wattage of such a normal bulb? ( My car manual fuel injector resistance is 13.4 to 14.2 Ohm). Wont it harm the ecu transistor?
  11. Engine start up failure

    Hi Hi.. thanks for your advices will check...
  12. Engine start up failure

    Hi Thanks for the comments I tried following but unfortunately still the problem exists... 1) checked for short circuit ( measured amp through +ve to negative bat, when ignition off No short circuit. ( 150mA drawn when door is open, door is closes 10mA). 2) Replaced a new battery. 3) checked all the fuses and relays. All are OKAY. 4) checked spark occures. Used a spared spark plug and watched for sparks. It gave sparks when start up try. 5) engine roters when Switched to START but not starts. 6) Checked starter motor voltage when start up trying. It gave 10v. 7) Checked bat voltage when start up trying. It gave 11v. 8) Checked the fuel pump. When Fb and T1 terminals in the diag. Socket are shorted, I heared the sweeezz noise from the fuel flow. I checked all above still not starting. Any expert advice please....
  13. Engine start up failure

    I romoved bat terminals during repair. I took another bat not jump starter. Carina at 192=
  14. AC vacuume pump and gauges

    Hi guys thanks for all comments....