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  1. Congratulations, last year I was also hunting for an FD1 but could not find a good one and ended up buying a mint first owner 2011 FD4, but I still miss those paddle shifters :(.
  2. No, did the calculation manually.
  3. We are having 2015 model and in heavy traffic conditions it does only 8/9 KM per liter even with careful driving. However, we twice visited to Anuradhapura and it did 19 & 21 km/l.
  4. I am having a 2015 vitz 1000cc and in heavy traffic conditions it does only 8.5km/litre and 9km/litre but outstation from Colombo to Anuradhapura and back it did 18km/litre once and the second time 21km/litre
  5. My one does 14 -15 in outstation with smooth driving with the speed of 70 & 80 KMPH. (RPM under 2.5)
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