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  1. Restoration work began. The idea is to work at home. Found a person to do the tinker work. I do the mechanical work and hoping to do the paint job as well in the future. Firstly removed the interior parts such as car seats. After that, the four doors were removed. Then front and back wings, bonnet & boot. Finally the differential and the engine were removed.
  2. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Thank you for the idea. I will contact the lathe machine guy and discuss possibility.
  3. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Weak break : As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, the brakes were very week when the car bring to home. Had to press paddle 2-3 time to slow down the car. Could not exceed 30kmh. When started the disassembling work found that back oil seals leaked differential oil to the brake drums. Also one brake liner separated and was inside the brake drum. Now complete brake system disassembled, cleaned and repainted. What you guys think about the U bolts. Should I find new ones or threaded originals ?
  4. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Thanks @john cooper. It is happy to see forum members like you staying here and trying to help others. I will send you a PM regarding required parts.
  5. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    I did not try to find hub cups yet. Because still working with other tasks. Are you really finding hub cups ? Are they hard to find ?
  6. kusumsiri

    Perodua Viva Elite

    Some after market security system having a shock sensor fixed on the body. Mostly inside a fender. When its sensing level too high, the security system alarming automatically. But Elite factory fitted security system dont have that shock sensor installed. So still I too guess its from bonnet or boot sensor. Lets see @Geeth1987 reply. @Sampath Gunasekera was there a sensor on your cars fuel lid too ? I cant see a sensor in mine.
  7. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Thank you very much for appreciation. Hoping to update this blog when time permits. Willing to restore the car in its original condition. Unfortunately it dont have original front seats and hub cups. So need to find those.
  8. kusumsiri

    Perodua Viva Elite

    When it is alarm ? While riding or while parking ? There are 2 switches on bonnet and boot. Check them first.
  9. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Initial Status

    The car was exposed to the sunlight & rain for a long time. So there was corrosion on almost all body panels and floorboard too. Cleaned the plug wires, filled the tank, connected a charged battery and attempt to start it. After several attempt it started. The destination (my home) was 120 km and we started the journey around 11.00 am. As I was aware cars condition, selected rural roads. Brakes were very weak. So could not exceed 30kmh. During the trip had to replace a tire and the fan belt. Finally reached to the destination around 9.00 pm. Here are some initial condition pictures. Special thanks should go to @Davy for encouraging me to write this in a discussion.
  10. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Thank you very much @Davy for appreciation. Thank you very much @varotone for appreciation. Thank you very much @tiv for appreciation.
  11. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Initial Status

    @Twin Turbo, Thks for the input. Yes it is converted to -ve ground. Fuel tank drainage plug had a leak and fixed it by adding a aluminum washer. Braking system : removed all pipes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders in the disassembling process. Willing to clean all parts and fix with new washers.
  12. kusumsiri

    Reasonable Mech Needed For Old Classics

    It seems finally you bought one.Congratulations !!!. Guess your cars brakes not modified. It is said that MMs brakes are weak by born. Mine also had very weak brakes when bring to home. Drove around 120km and had to press paddle 2-3 time to slow down the car. Could not exceed 30kmh and avoided all main cities. As I was aware cars condition, already planned rural roads. When I started disassembling it for restoration process found that back wheel oil seals leaked differential oil to the brake drums. See picture. Not sure you checked the drums yet. I suggest you to do the repairs in your home. As I have heard enough bad stories about restoring old cars in garages. Once they disassembled the parts/car the power goes to mechanic/garage owner. We need to obey what they say. Doing things in our home is other hand. Anytime we can change the mechanic. So think about it. Also try to find some old set of spanners which suit for old cars and try do things your self. Old cars are simple machines. There are many sites and fb groups for Morris minor cars which is very helpful. For tinker works too try to find a person who can visit to your place. Expend Rs 2000 - 3000 to bring his tools to your home. In my cars I am doing most things myself and still in the painting process. Willing to write a blog here soon.
  13. kusumsiri

    Buying a 2004 Alto 1.1 (ABS/Air bags) in 2019

    Meant parts easily find in your local market.
  14. kusumsiri

    Buying a 2004 Alto 1.1 (ABS/Air bags) in 2019

    Thanks for the images. The body and interior panels shows same as Indian Alto (Yes it shows air bags on dash board & steering wheel). So seems body parts may source easily. As @Crosswind said if engine from Indian wagon r, spares will not be easily source. In summery 1.2M seems too much for HZ plate 2004 Alto though it have ABS, air bags & 1000cc. P.S : You can upload images here directly.
  15. kusumsiri

    Buying a 2004 Alto 1.1 (ABS/Air bags) in 2019

    Is that a K10 ? Can you upload a photo of it ? Interesting to see Alto (Indian) with ABS & Air bags.
  16. kusumsiri

    Sell my used car with leasing

    Why dont you visit to your leasing company and ask them about the procedure ?
  17. kusumsiri

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Practically : Can it achieve when reversing the car ? 🤣🤣
  18. kusumsiri

    used prius battery

    Interesting about you system and willing to know the progress in the future. Congratulations.
  19. kusumsiri

    How To Check Vehicle Registration Number

    Also the Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lk.icta.mobile.apps.dmt
  20. kusumsiri

    Making an old morris minor convertible?

    Did you give up Morris Minor Traveler hunting ?
  21. kusumsiri

    I need sd card

    Are you talking about a car setup ? Interesting this is the first time hearing Windows (shit) in car setup too.🙄
  22. kusumsiri

    Maruti Alto Temperature Guage

    Does your car getting overheat ? If so I think you need to solve that issue first rather trying to fix a gauge and read the temp Celsius by Celsius.
  23. kusumsiri

    Nissan Presea

    Not only the 3rd. The one who took the photos ?
  24. Guess he edited the phone name on the app.
  25. kusumsiri

    Car tyre size increase

    Did you search the forum ? There was a old thread which discussed about same thing. (I will find it for you when get a free time). P.S : Here are some threads