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  1. He seems to be in a hurry and opened multiple threads. These actions prove some business with him. I do not expect to earn as well as deceive. @Admin @Davy or any other moderator, Can you please merge below threads ? Original Duplicates (1) (2) (3) (This thread)
  2. Good idea and a correct logic. Though most people asking code for their own cars. That`s why I shared the decoder. (Unfortunately the link removed by hosting provider). Not only me @Hyaenidae also providing this service freely from long time. Here Carworld seems honest because mentioned the real situation. Anyway how much are you charging for this service from a customer ? 😝 (Just kidding you. Dont expecting the answer) Cant you do it as a free service ? If so I can provide code via this forum. That`s my thought.
  3. Watched the video on FB. Felt sad about the vehicle.
  4. Here is my blog entry about gearbox rebuilding. http://autolanka.com/forums/blogs/entry/81-project-moggie-mechanical-work/?tab=comments#comment-189 I called the Galle place 2 years ago and after that answer I did not bother further. But may be they provide service to local customers now.
  5. As he want to learn about Tinkering , Metal shaping, Mechanical & Auto electrical , need to have vast set of tools and some machines. That's a point he need to think first. Painting is missed in that list. Not sure whether he don`t like that area. If the process takes more than a year, ECO test & revenue licenses are next concern. If so a early 70`s car is suitable which dont need to have ECO test to obtain revenue license. The license can renew while car is in the garage/home. If he want to learn about/(knows about) imperial units and the vintage technologies Morris Minor or some other old car is suits for him. He may understand that the millimeter range nut & bolts are not the only world in motor mechanics. Regarding Morris Minor & A-series engines : still plenty of old parts are available. Also there are 4-5 dealers in Panchikawatta for new parts. Once I called the said shop in Galle, they said that they make parts only for export market. But I could easily find all parts from other places. "A-series engines are said to be very mechanic friendly" : Yes. I could rebuild Minor gear box successfully. That was my first experience of repairing a gearbox. But it was not that much complex as I thought. Finally, I wish him to be a knowledgeable and skilled technician & not to be a grease monkey under a mango tree.
  6. Thinking about the revenue license information in the RMV database. Guess when a DS office issuing a revenue license, they check it with the RMV. If more than one license issued for same CR (same chassis number), that should be display. But not sure whether they have allowed one-to-many relationship in their Database which should not.
  7. "After that at one place ,radiator fan gives direct to car oil line. " I think that technician connected the fan power supply to the oil pressure power line or some other direct power line. So the fan will continue to run.
  8. ඉංග්‍රීසි පීරියඩ් එක කට් කරාම ඔහොම තමයි.
  9. I too do the same and informing the fuel amount (mostly full tank) after confirming the meter is set to zero. When I switch on, the indicator always shows maximum bars. Never faced any odd behavior so far. @kana try Power OFF, refuel and ON. Update here the results.
  10. Update Here are the rim painting tasks. After applying filler Final status
  11. @Manoj20030120 If scroll up you must see this reply.
  12. One previous owner converted the wiring to negative earth and an alternator also fixed. It is a 3 wire alternator having inbuilt regulator. But the control box fixed as a dummy.
  13. Update : Because we already discussed about electrical works in this thread added the relevant images here. To suit it changed the thread name from "Project Moggie - Bodywork" to "Project Moggie - Body & Electrical work". First two images shows the control box and fuse box in the way they were. This is how the viper motor and flasher were there. Below images are the present status of wiring. The hole on the control box cover was repaired and added some dummy wires to it for better look. Thank you @varotone for suggestion about flexi tubing. Original status and present status
  14. I am still thinking about the angle of the tire. It seems something odd for me.
  15. Here are some images after applying the top coat. Used Toyota white 058 as the color.
  16. A Morris Minor shell with Fiat powertrain. So it is neither the Minor nor the Fiat.
  17. Another wonderful year is going to end. But don’t worry, one more year is on the way to decorate Autolanka !!!
  18. @Davy or any @Admin, Same question asked in thread too. Shall we merge this with it ?
  19. After sanding the primer, applied the filler coat. Gray color filler applied on the body shell. Later thought to use white color filler as the top coat will be white.
  20. Changed my Viva Elite timing belt as a DIV task on last weekend. Added some images for reference. The new belt has two stripes to make the job easier.
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