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    Autolanka Funniest Moments

  2. kusumsiri

    Toyota passo

    This thread will give you good idea.
  3. kusumsiri

    Help for toyota ERC codr

    Welcome to the forum @DennisLin, We have discussed it under this thread. Better post your request there.
  4. kusumsiri

    DFSK 580

    Don't shout. We are watching the drama.
  5. kusumsiri

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    @srinathkani Check whether rear speakers equipped as @hrmsaid. If it is, then need to check connections. If you are capable to get player out, it can check easily. Also the user manual of the player will help you in this case.
  6. kusumsiri

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    @srinathkani Why dont you go the person who installed it and ask about it ? Think he should be able to solve.
  7. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    All mechanical work on the project Moggie will discuss here. This was the differential original status. Cleaned & painted differential Back brake liners were wet with leaked differential oil because of weak oil seals. Found matching oil seal from local market and hope it will fix the leaking. Cleaned & painted brake shoes with newly applied liners. Cleaned and painted leaf springs Present status
  8. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Update : Repairing the gearbox The second gear popped out several times while carrying the car to home. Also 1st gear had a bad noise. So decided to open the box and check. This is my first experience of repairing a gearbox. So went through the workshop manual few times before try it. But it was not that much complex as I thought . Above images are the initial status of gearbox. Firstly noticed that there was very low oil amount inside it while manual says its 1.3 liters. The speedometer cable & drive pinion was missing and that could be the reason to fill oil partially. These pictures shows casing, rare cover, second motion shaft, three shifter shafts & gear selectors. Replaced the first motion shaft razor RLS 8. All other parts was in good shape. But there was enough dirt inside the box. So cleaned everything and washed with kerosene oil. Finally could not find packing set even from S**ana motors, Panchikawatta. So had to prepare all packing myself.
  9. kusumsiri

    Toyota passo odometer display check engine light

    @Muhammad Suhail Hi and welcome to the forum. When check engine light is lit, the ECU store a fault code and need a scanner to read it. Otherwise can not predict the issue. So better scan your vehicle. We have discuss this it many times. If you like to read more, use the search
  10. kusumsiri

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    After checking with DMT realized it.
  11. Found this in youtube.
  12. kusumsiri

    Our new car! Thanks alot guys!!

    Congratulations for your new gf. She seems nice in shape. Also interesting about the ZXi features.
  13. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    I too did a similar thing. It was a Kesbawa depot learning school Leyland bus. The bus completely stopped middle of the road with my first pumping. Thinking to use the car for daily school drops & picks. Its around 20km per day and will be 2-3 long trips per year. So lets see how things are going.
  14. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Hopes to keep its original condition. The pedal is stopping its half way. Hope it will function well. But no way to check the real situation. Also I am OK with pumping the brakes as I learned driving such way by a Austin lorry. 😎
  15. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Update : Brake system rebuilt with a master pump repair kit, wheel cylinder rubbers (washers) and new brake liners. All pipes cleaned, flushed and filled with new oil. Here are some images.
  16. kusumsiri

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    No. It will not further shine, when cut an even clear coat.
  17. kusumsiri

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    I am not saying their judgements are correct and remaining sufficient thickness (25 microns) after the job. Before start the job ff they have doubt, they slowly cut a corner (specially lower part of a panel) and check whether color coat coming up or not. Thats how they measure.
  18. kusumsiri

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    I have seen around 20-30 cut and polish jobs doing by a knows person. But never seen using any measuring instrument. But they know whether the clear coat available to cut safely or not by the experience. I can agree with @K.o.N.o.S here.
  19. kusumsiri

    Toyota Premio User Manual

    @Tom2020 Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the forum. It seems that there is a thread about - " Toyota Premio User Manual ". So better ask your question in it. Anyway lets ask our moderators to marge this thread. FYI : @Davy @Crosswind @iRage
  20. kusumsiri

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Think its depend on the depth they cut at a time. Once a painter said that it is possible to cut 3 times, if lacquer (clear coat) applied. But I am not sure about the original (factory) paint.
  21. Finding 4-5 Nissan Leaf battery cells (removed from a car) to play with a solar panel. Any help guys ?

    1. ajm


      careful if you are handling cells directly, they can contain voltages that are lethal or cause heavy skin burns even after a while. 

    2. kusumsiri


      It is said that 8.4v (4.2x2) is the maximum voltage of a new cell when fully changed. So can be handle safely.

    3. vag2


       In most countries only a certified hi-voltage technician is allowed to work with battery packs..

  22. kusumsiri

    Garage Floor Material

    I think the second tile will easily break. How about a 2x4 piece of wood ? Willing to know the experiences who has faced. (Seems your Lancer also polished & waxed same as Elite)👍
  23. kusumsiri

    Garage Floor Material

    Strong enough to use a car jack in case ?
  24. kusumsiri

    Garage Floor Material

    So is it possible to use a car jack on said Titanium cement floor ?
  25. I guess he is referring a page which shows tags. See image below.