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  1. kusumsiri

    Can we Export Spare Parts to Other Countries?

    Hey, Did you contact "Sri Lanka Export Development Board". Guess they can give you some information.
  2. kusumsiri

    Trunk Central Lock Not Working

    Guess you have 2 wire actuator (or 5 ?). Try to connect a 12v bulb to those wires and see whether its working when you press lock-unlock buttons. This should test while door is in open position and close position.
  3. kusumsiri

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    Totally agree with @Davy. This is what most garage people propose to do. They see replacing parts/units blindly is the easy way to diagnostic.
  4. kusumsiri

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    @Muditha420, @Crosswind don`t mention about its build quality further. After exposing those, present owners may not be able to sell their cars. So there will be another සදහට ම ඔබ මගේ series. We need to appreciate rather complaining. That`s what the CLUB CCP - SL members expecting. (Don`t know the meaning of CCP-SL. Just blindly used)
  5. kusumsiri

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    @Muditha420 It seems you have completed the above (1) first condition. You used it for a while & having your own comment here. But sadly seems you have not completed the second (2). I guess you haven`t used it well. (If you use it well it gives you the best returns)
  6. kusumsiri

    Toyota vitz KSP 130 2015 service

    Agree with you @The Stig. Recently one of my relative ordered a KSP 130, 2015 from a famous importer. After 2 months there was 5 Vitz reached from same shipment. All was 18-20k millage and seller said my relative was lucky as all in low millage in the shipment. (Anyhow they bought one of them) I don`t think there is a way to find whether odometer tampered or not, via a scan. As those changes are not logging inside the ECU. Though its logged, they may clear logs too. Guess the physical inspection is one way to get any idea.
  7. Is it recorded any acid rain so far in SL ? I dont think. If so we dont need to worry about it. There is ongoing thread in the forum about polish & wax. Read it too.
  8. kusumsiri

    Driving license age limits?

    The DMT website mention the minimum (18/21) age to obtain a light/heavy vehicle driving license. Nowhere mention the maximum age. But when license renewing, need to obtain a medical fitness certificate from the national transport institute. So that certificate decide the fitness rather maximum age.
  9. kusumsiri

    Philips Bulbs

    @Naveen auto You are replying to a 2012 thread. So it is already 6 years old.
  10. kusumsiri

    Wagan R or Yaris

    Agree with @iRage's comment. In my view as car owners, we need to have some knowledge about car technical stuff. (May not need to do the things) If so we have idea what garage people doing and even we can tell them 'what to do'. The garage people know 'how to do'. So they may not easily cheat us. Also if we have keen ear and eye, can identify most issues in early stages. Though the car is new, unregistered, registered, recondition or even abused this will help us. I am not sure how many of us read 'owners manual' after purchasing a car. I know we dont read TV's users manual and calling a 'technician' to fix the antenna & tuneup. Also we dont read mobile phone users manual and trying to know things in trial & error. When success behave like Archimedes. As a summery, dont expect 100% trouble free cars.
  11. kusumsiri

    alto vs mira

    Is there a car which having unlimited output ?
  12. kusumsiri


    What was the initial question / topic here ? It is Removed now. So other readers will confuse.
  13. kusumsiri

    Replase timing belt

    According to the the owner's manual it is 100,000 km. (Section 13-3 Maintenance schedule - Normal driving ). But for severe driving (section 13-7) it is 50, 000 km.
  14. kusumsiri

    Good car polish and wax

    I am not sure about its origin. Here are some images. You may identify it by seeing these images.
  15. kusumsiri

    Good car polish and wax

    I found it from a local paint shop and cost me 2550 LRK