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  1. kusumsiri

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Practically : Can it achieve when reversing the car ? 🤣🤣
  2. kusumsiri

    used prius battery

    Interesting about you system and willing to know the progress in the future. Congratulations.
  3. kusumsiri

    How To Check Vehicle Registration Number

    Also the Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lk.icta.mobile.apps.dmt
  4. kusumsiri

    Making an old morris minor convertible?

    Did you give up Morris Minor Traveler hunting ?
  5. kusumsiri

    I need sd card

    Are you talking about a car setup ? Interesting this is the first time hearing Windows (shit) in car setup too.🙄
  6. kusumsiri

    Maruti Alto Temperature Guage

    Does your car getting overheat ? If so I think you need to solve that issue first rather trying to fix a gauge and read the temp Celsius by Celsius.
  7. kusumsiri

    Nissan Presea

    Not only the 3rd. The one who took the photos ?
  8. Guess he edited the phone name on the app.
  9. kusumsiri

    Car tyre size increase

    Did you search the forum ? There was a old thread which discussed about same thing. (I will find it for you when get a free time). P.S : Here are some threads
  10. kusumsiri

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    In this engine model, the spark plugs go through the rocker cover and air cleaner chamber locates top of the rocker cover. (1) Top view (2) After removing the air cleaner (3) A cylinder head (rocker cover) (4) Here is a discussion about the said oil leak.
  11. kusumsiri

    Gear box mount and rocker cover replacement

    Agree with you. It is said that if tube seals are bad, oil leak to air cleaner chamber which is on the top of plastic rocker cover. So if you cant see any oil vapor deposit inside the air cleaner chamber, I guess you may replace only the outer gasket.
  12. kusumsiri

    Renewal of Previous versions of Driving License

    Agree with you almost all things. In my case it was a valid credit card which I ask them to cancel before it expire. So bank returned me the punched card. Most of our idiots want to stay inside the water well. That's why we are having stone age systems yet. How many times so called bus, three wheel unions against to change motor traffic related laws. Pushing the country forward is difficult with those idiots. But still keeping hope. So just wasted around 30min to reply to a post in SLTV group.
  13. kusumsiri

    Renewal of Previous versions of Driving License

    Not only the DMT, banks too returning the old cards after punching. A bank officer said punch is a physical indication of cancelled card. Unfortunately we can not test punched bank cards because the same time they update the system too. But we may test punched licenses until crops update.
  14. kusumsiri

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Guess the title itself explain the reason to use as 'him'. Anyway good luck with your buddy.
  15. kusumsiri

    Project A72V

    Out of the main topic : It seems some cops trying to give tickets for old plates. Here is a discussion from SLTV fb group. I tried to read relevant gazettes. Unfortunately could not find links/hard copies for all. But guess no any gazette cancelled the existing plates. Rather they introduced new plates. So think better to keep relevant gazette in the car in case of you stopped by cops. * 2005.06.02 gazette 1395/19 - (Two English letter system, WP GA-1234) * 1952.02.27 gazette 10360, section 8-21