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  1. should I replace the rings then?
  2. I drive a M.sport 2008 since 2010 and I'm really in love with the car. Not using as my daily but using it in weekends for long travels. Comfort is not 100% i must say. but gentle enough for long trips. Off road capability is also pretty good. Highly recommend the vehicle.
  3. 15W-40 by Mobil I am using. I was thinking the same. Asking for an overhaul then it must be neh? A guy once told me, engine oil may mixed with fuel. This can be happened? also I have noticed fuel consumption is low from recently. it does around 8-10 kmpl in colombo. One more thing, Once I start the car in the morning it wont go even i accelerate. Have to keep the car for around 5 minutes to warm up in parking gear. But in low gears and revers gear this never happens.
  4. developed gradually.
  5. Hello All, I daily drive a corolla 121 (YOM - 2000) with 230k km on clock. Recently I'm experiencing a loss of engine oil (very small quantity). I drive this approx 15km daily. Every two weeks now i have to refill the engine oil by approx 1L. No leakage on the floor or no black smoke is producing. What may be the issue on this?
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