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  1. Fuel Filter is located inside the Fuel Tank with pump right? What is the average mileage for cleaning Fuel Filter with Sri Lankan Dirty Fuel? (I mean the condition of the Fuel Sheds)
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    Suzuki swift 2008

    Thanks Davy
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    Suzuki swift 2008

    Thanks AVANTE That's what i needed and what i presumed. I would do same. Thanks
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    Suzuki swift 2008

    My brother recently brought Suzuki Swift 2008 (DBA-ZC71S. 1300CC) and there are some things to clarify. 1. When AC on the radiator fan noise is noticeably very very high is this normal of this model? 2. Engine heat is very very high more than other similar capacity cars (But heat gauge needle is in the center always). I used to own a Chevrolet Cruze and engine is M13A which also on Swift beetle older models never heat this much. (DBA-ZC71S has different engine and i need to clarify is this normal for this model? After 1/2 hour drive cannot even touch the bonnet stand. Fuel consumption is 6 to 8 without heavy traffic. I feel that there is some issue on cooling fan or engine cooling system. Any expert or Swift owners please reply me. Thanks
  5. Good Info. Are the system reset on Honda Fit GP1 can be done by a scanner or disconnecting 12V battery or from both way will reset usable capacity?
  6. Honda Fit GP1 is very good car to own and very trouble free Hybrid Car (may be it is mild Hybrid). Compare to other cars in this price range most of hatchbacks like Vitz, Passo, IST, WagonR, Swift, Mira, Alto including Hybrids and Petrol cars GP1 is way ahead in regard options, Comfortable, Driving Pleasure, even it way ahead with most popular Toyota Aqua. I owned GP1 one and half year now and it never give any single trouble for me. The price is GP1 is low presently and worth the every bit of money comparing above mentioned car prices (Some are very older than GP1 and still has very high price) If you refer Japanese website for recall it clearly mentioned the manufacture date range as follows. GP1-1200002 to GP1-1242186 May 10, 2012-August 2, 2013 When searching to buy a GP1 i found lots of cars 2012/2013 manufactured and falls withing recall range and all cars in 2011 out of range. So i went for 2011 minding safe side and regardless newest manufacture year. So try to avoid recall range (Except current owner repaired the oil burning issue and produce evidence of repair) When searching to buy a GP1 i found various trim levels and versions in GP1s (Basic model with less options like key starts, 10th Anniversary Model, Navi Premium Model, Fine Style Model, Anniversary and Navi Premium with Original Mugen Body Kits. etc. Navi Premium Model is the Highest grade GP1 and it has lots of extra options like 7 Speed Paddle Shift, Dual Multi function Steering Wheel, Intelligent Smart Key, CoolBox, Climate Control AC , Cruise control , Traction control , Alloy wheels , Fog Lamps , Seat Heaters,Auto Head Lights , Retractable winker Mirrors Original Honda navi premium Audio System with Reverse camera, DVD Bluetooth & Navigation. Windscreen & Side mirror heaters etc. Currently most of GP1s falls in same price range regardless above extra options. So try to find highest option out of recall range GP1.
  7. I find that the driving the GP1 in the traffic is a bit hard until you get used to it, because when you leave the breaks the car feels like its in a hurry to go even without pressing the accelerator. Haven’t noticed that in the GP5. I don't have driven GP5 but about GP1 you are 100% correct. indeed i also found that the GP1 is hard to drive in traffic until you get used. After you familiar with GP1 for a long time it will be hard to drive other car. Also i have things to clarify about GP1. 1. At the very steep climb with 4 people if you break the car it is very hard to accelerate and get up. You have to reverse down and get pickup. then it will be ok anyone noticed about it? 2. Break and stop at climb when releasing break pedal car is reverse backward. you have to put handbrake or press gas pedal to stop reverse ( i didn't experience that much in any other car) like balancing clutch on manual car. Are above common things on GP1 and also with GP5?
  8. I have faced similar issue last week. When i started my GP1 AC works fine after 10 to 15 Minutes drive suddenly AC completely stops working. I stop the car with engine running and checked no compressor on/off click sound or fan running. Then i tried AC on off manually few times and suddenly compressor start 2 times and stops not starts again. I took car AC repair guy and he checked and says Gas and other things are OK may be problem with electric issue. Then i went to my electronic guy and he inspect car with scanner and says AC Relay may be faulty and this is common issue for GP1. He changed the Relay AC works fine. (Relay is located in near AC compressor on engine bay). This was happened 3 days ago and still no issue.
  9. This is very true. You will be save more money from your Vitz than Prius or Aqua. The reason is both cars are very old for Hybrids and you have to spend lots of money for maintenance and repairs. I was owns a 2008 prius. If you want upgrade from Vitz go for higher grade Petrol Car. If you badly need hybrid for save money from fuel go for Brand new Hybrid.
  10. No not engine oil burning issue. May be this is only for me. As per Mechanics opinion smell is coming from Hybrid Battery cooling system (Fan). and he says what exactly what you have posted "When the hybrid battery is low engine will try to charge it then performance go down".
  11. Agreed with TheflyingFox and Matroska I have experience with both Toyota and Honda Fit. on Aqua you can never trust about battery other than full test with T......Lanka. On Honda fit Battery issues will be very less and must check for chassis number to avoid recall range. GP1-1200002 to GP1-1242186 GP1-8000002 to GP1-8000091 You can easily avoid above range by checking chassis number display on the to of the engine bay and also on passenger side door frame. I have checked 12 cars 8 is within the range and other 4 out of range.
  12. I have recently changed my 4 tires to Dunlop SP Sport LM704 (Japan) which is great tires (Comfort, Road Noise). On the tire it says Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Is Dunlop also Sumitomo or Dunlop use their rubber?
  13. Is you feel some burning smell inside the car when accelerating hard? I have experienced same exact issue what you have also in GP1 2011 . Battery capacity is also 25%. Mechanic says burning smell from Battery and low pulling power due to weak battery capacity. When turning off Eco mode pulling power is ok. it seems common thing for old GP1.
  14. Like Davy said this would be Oil Control Valve for VVT. In Suzuki Swift M13A Engine leaking oil from this Oil Control Valve is a very common issue for old engines. Mostly leak happening from power connector of valve. You can replace it with used Japanese one removed from engine (cost will be Rs 4000 to Rs 8000). I have tried to repair it with sealing with glue but not succeeded (M13A Engine).
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