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    Hyundai Accent Ecu Repair

    I have checked with Ajantha, they don't have any used or new. The thing is, the car starts for any similar model ECU. The problem only shows up when scanned. I don't have a scanner with me to goto the second hand places and check. so far, i have bought 2 ECU's but they are not meant for this car. one is for DOHC 1.6L and the other is for 1.5L automatic transmission. both of these ecu show faulty sensors which are not installed in the car, mainly Airflow sensor. could you please try and look up the contact details. I read about the Juki place in the forum, but they are no longer here. I went looking for them but couldn't locate them. there is construction going on in a place where i think it was Juki, but the security guy has no idea about juki.
  2. nibras

    Hyundai Accent Ecu Repair

    Thanks Crosswind, i came across that too, i have left it as a last resort. their online payment is not very convincing. any idea on getting it repaired in colombo?
  3. nibras

    Hyundai Accent Ecu Repair

    Hii all, My Problem: My Hyundai Accent 2003 (Indian Make) has a fried ECU (part no: 39110-22800). Used ECU with exact part no is not available anywhere, hyundai lanka can get a new one for 150,000. I have bought a simialr model no (39110-22567 or something from Maruchi), the car runs. but shows a lots of errors in scanning, mainly it says Airflow sensor is faulty. this version of my car does not have a airflow sensor but has a MAF sensor. so basically, I can't tune the car, currently it is drinking a lot a petrol, very uneconomical plus theres is missing in the engine and a lot of petrol smell. Background Info: One day, the car stopped all of a sudden. wouldn't start. near by mechanic said ECU is gone. Took the car to a guy in Kelaniya, he somehow made it start by replacing the ECU with a not so compatible one. then the check engine light was gone, he says there was no check engine light. Please advice me on: (1) Any reliable place to repair the ECU, either by replacing the chips from the original board to the new board or reapir the original one. (2) Reflash the new ECU so i can tune the car. (3) If anyone can get me a used ECU from india, it is definetly available in india. i have no contact there. (4) Any way to fix my car I would appreciate any help from you experts, Thank you for taking the time and effort.