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  1. Again Custom has change the FOB value. All the values reduce to same price as earlier price. This is credible now. Ashwaryen nannathtarawee yahapalanayen makabeweema???
  2. your point is clear. but you can insure the car without the license. let say you met with a accident and the vehicle didn't licensed and it still a civil case. but the insurance company agree to pass the claim. so what will happened if drunken driver hit our car? still the same argument are they not going to pay?
  3. One of my friend met with an accident and at the moment he was drunk. so insurance people not passing the claim. What is the insurance law behind this. Is the agreement include if driver is drunk or nor license the claim not given??
  4. so news like this, FOB value already increases and there will be nearly 32% increase of tax for japan vehicles. so n16 and 121 ended in 2.8 Mn Wonder of Asia is near now
  5. government has increased FOB value of most vehicles, but they have keep the tax percentage as same, For ex, PRIUS Previous FOB - 2410000 (YEN) TAX 92% Total Tax Payable - 2730589.69 (YEN RATE 1.9) Current FOB - 3497237 (YEN) TAX 92% Total Tax Payable - 3925989 (YEN RATE 1.9) So there is no change of tax but tax value is increased due to the increase of FOB value.
  6. The point is i get the car from one of my friend in Japan. So at the time he inspect it odo meter is showing 23000km and auction sheet same. so the there is no possible evidence that those people change the odo meter, since the place is genuine. is there any chance of mistake in jevic. bcz, one year back a vehicle came with a jevic certificate showing YOM as 2009 (actual 2010), and jevic entered it wrongly and they reissue the certificate to clear the vehicle frm port. so it confusing actualy what happens. if they usually do it they will never send the odo meter certificates since i can reject the vehicle by not releasing the LC. I have send an compliant for jevic asking this...
  7. Auction sheet says the mileage as 23000km. and in the Odometer 26000km. But in the JEVIC certificate mentioned the mileage as 42000km. so i am confused now which is wrong?
  8. no machan this may not important to you. but others may need to know. we canot find these tax prices in forex if so pls give the link thanks.
  9. Due to the increase of Yen Tax is increase by the customs. Aqua - 1759000 Prius - 2579000 FIT GP5 - 1703102 VEZEL RU4- 2676625 Why these yen is going up?
  10. james


    yes my invoice value lower than Customer value.
  11. james


    this fob value and cif value fixed so it will not change base on the invoice value unless invoice value is higher than the custom fixed value. depending on the exchange rate there will be 100,000 min or max to the actual value to be paid or not.
  12. james


    this value i got from Custom people
  13. james


    thanks for the long details. I have found the current tax values for ZVW 30 FOB VALUE - 2,410,000 YEN AND THEIR CIF = 3000 + 70493 (INS + FREIGHT) TOTAL CIF = 2,483,493 YEN SO TAX 92% = 2,486,562 LKR (EXCHANGE RATE 1.13) And i heard there are gang of robbers in Hambanthota port, SD Card, Changing of carpets, rivers camera, keys they will stolen. so i plan to courier SD card and extra key. But other things will left. There are videos in the you tube those people doing rhis. How the country is corrupted?
  14. james


    i discuss with bank they told it can hold the rate, as per the today rate. and it will be the rate to release the LC when BL received to the bank.
  15. james


    ok everything is done, want to clarify followings. LC opened - Currently yen rate is going down. Is it needed to give the instruction to bank to hold the Yen rate bcz currently it in the lowest rate. TAX - What is the TAX amount i have to pay (PRIUS 2012 / 08 ZVW30). some says it is between 2,400,000 to 2,500,000. And some say it is between 1,900,000 and 2,000,000. How i know the exact amount? Is it based on a fixed FOB value? if the car is 2012 any depreciation value for FOB? LC- Bank it self not filling the LC as they told some customers claim them against some document issues. so i filled it myself with help of one of my friend.
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