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  1. Last week I bought Nissan Car. Nissan Sunny B13. (Doctor Sunny). 19 - XXXX (1993) I like to install car navigation system to my car. This is my first car and I have no fair idea. Please tell me Can I install navigation system for my car? If Can, How much will it be cost? Are there any disadvantages of installing this system?
  2. Schiffer & bagUrE, Thank you very much for your valuable advises.
  3. Hi, I really wanted to buy good Japanese vehicle but the high prices of Japanese cars made me to think another option. Today I saw a Tata Indigo car and searched internet and I am interesting. Please tell me is it true that there is no second market for these cars? and Are there any major disadvantages with this model? and How about the fuel efficiency?
  4. Thank you very much. Great support. Now I got the idea. Thank you. Yes, buying a registered car is a good idea too. Page could you please give me some idea of registered cars which are best on fuel. Thank you, but size is thee matter. Thank you. I don't like Chinese cars too. Thank youu. I will check Perouds Axia. Thank you. I will check vitz.
  5. Hi Friends, I want to buy a car and I don't like Indian cars. I like to buy unregistered Japanese car. But my maximum budget is 3 million rupees. I don't want to buy a hybrid vehicle. Could you please give me some advice.
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