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  1. Hi I'm referring about government servants normal permit
  2. Hi I live around Colombo , yes I saw one of the advertisement from A*W with the all new X-Trail. It cost around 92Mill for gov permit holders. So the brand new one will be only a dream. I'm considering about the models which came after 2014 ( mostly 2014) . because it's much less than the 2016 or the one comes from the Dealer shop (A*W). I'm still on my way of finding a good local shop who imports these variants. Does anyone know a place ? and thank you all for your valuable comments , I really appreciate it , Cheers
  3. Hello I need to know what are the variants that can be get down to LK under the Goverment USD 30000 Permit. My budget is around 50 Lacks and I would prefer SUV. ( Still have no idea that i can get these variants for my budget ) Considering 3 years old vehicles from 2016 what will be the initial cost for Outlander PHEV X-Trail Fortuner ( Possible to import from Thailand ? ) Rexton ?? Since local car dealers not helping I'm posting this because I have no idea of this scenario and please advice me with the all the details, rules and regulation etc . i really appreciate your help in resolving this problem. Thank you everyone
  4. Due to the tax Increase they said it will be affected only to several models .Toyota Voxy already included in the price increasing chart . But Will it be affected to the Noah and Esquire models ?
  5. Thank you for the information I do agree with you . which one is the perfect when it comes comparing Esquire vs Noah vs Voxy ?
  6. Hi there people , We're planning upgrade our family vehicle and I need some help from you experts. Currently owning a Toyota SR40 aka Noah as family use and will be looking for a vehicle to replace that one. Honestly I have no idea about new hybrid drive system that used in 2015 Noah and others ( Power and Fuel Consumption). Well what I'm searching is an SUV Model or Mini Van Model something like Noah . But I prefer the SUV type. My Budget is around 55 Lakhs. The list of vehicle currently on my mind 1. Toyota Noah(2013-2014) Hybrid 2. Toyota Vanguard Petrol 3. Nissan X-Trail (2008-2012) 4. Kia Sorento (2011) 5. Ssangyong Rexton 2012 ?? Any Models rather than those ? All the Vehicle must be capable of at least 5 comfortable seats ( Additional Third Row seats - 7 seater might be perfect) What are the aspects of having Diesel SUV's rather than going Petrol Models ? please let me know , most of them use the CRDI Technology which needs Super Diesel ? Heard when using normal patrol for CRDI engines caused the engine tappet "ticking" sound. Is it true ? What will be the Maintenance Cost specially for Kia -Sorento and Nissan- X-Trail (Diesel)?and how's the Practicality , Reliability and Durability of those models ? I know this is a lot but it's the all information I know , correct me If I was wrong and please do comment your valuable answers and help me to get some information about it Thank you !
  7. Thank you everyone It seems M43 1996-1998 is okay right ? I had the same feeling to go for the m43 should I go for m43 or not ? thank you
  8. Thank you all for supporting me to find the best solution ( mike page ,devinda and don ) @the don : As far as Im considering to buy a 1.8L , I'm a complete subaru guy , who used to love em all from my heart ! but i do found something interesting in E36 , I dont know what is it , but i'm in love with it , may be the look or the class ! I always wanted to own a Subaru , probably a Hawkeye ( 2007 Impreza ) , the only reason I couldn't afford a one because my budget is kinda limit around 14 -15 lacks. There are 1.5L Manual GC8's going cheaper around 16lacks, so I could only go for a basic GC8 with a 1.5L engine ( non- turbo one ) , I'd really happy to have a flat four boxer, but without a turbo its not a proper Subaru, that I always wanted to drive. So at some point I have to choose E36 over the GC8 ( It looks attractive and less expensive comparing to a STI ) sorry for being too emotional :| I heard the M43 comes with a timing chain , how can I identify those things before I buy a one ? thank you !
  9. Hi everyone I'm planing to buy a bmw e36 316/318 in near future , probably a 1996- 1999. This is going to be my FIRST car Is it a okay car to buy ? I mean what are the major defects ? common issues ? I've heard some rumors about the water cooling system on it. but does it really matter for a properly maintained car ? I saw couple of vehicles which are up for the sale and the conditions are much better comparing to a JDM of its own class , Leather seats ,Climate control A/C etc . most are going around 13 - 16 lacks in here SL market. as far as I'm not really concerning about the fuel consumption but at least does it run 8-9km per 1 liter ? I'm okay with that range and what are the engine models that I have to care about ? heard m40 is sohc and m42 is dohc , does m42 comes with the 318i ? I dont want to shoot for bigger engines , I'd be happy to go for 1500-1800 cc , Since I'm not a car expert , correct me If I was wrong and please do comment your valuable answers and help me to get some information about it Thank you !