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  1. Yes. Agree with you. For my car its only 30K KM done up to now.
  2. Hi, Fist of all i am new to this forum. So thanks for reading this. I have a corolla 141 2008 which only done 30,000 km for all 11 years. I have heard about engine tuneup recently (which i have no idea about) and not sure about it. Please explain some one know about this and is it necessary for this mileage. Thanks! Sanji
  3. Hi Guys, I am new to this website. Recently had an accident and i need to find tail light for corolla 141 2008. Is there any specific place to find it. And looking for Koito genuine light. But its around 22K in toyota lanka. Is there any other place to find this bit cheaper let me know. Heard it should around 12K.(thailand) Thanks.
  4. Yes there was recondition compressor's around your cost. But i bought brand new DENSO compressor.
  5. I was also replaced AC compressor few months back and cost was around 65K. But no one told me to replace the alternator.
  6. Hi All, I am also looking for replace the air compressor for same car. Any one can help me with price and place to have this done. Thanks, Sanji
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