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  1. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    They say price will be in between the civic and accord, in US. New base Accord is only $2000 higher than top end Civic. So according to that this Insight should be around 8.5m SLR including all the taxes (hybrid 1.5 tax is 3.7m and non hybrid 4.9m. Stafford top end Civic goes at 9.2m)
  2. rajithanw

    2014/15 Mazda Axela Hybrid

    I'm thinking of an Axela Hybrid as my successor to FD1 because of fuel efficiency. I need some feedbacks from users. Is it a good car? Any common faults? Car system is in Japanese, is there a way to convert it into english, at least the infortaintment system? Thanks in advance
  3. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    Guys, wait a bit. 2019 insight hybrid is on the way... with better performance and better economy than 4th gen prius....
  4. rajithanw

    Buying a Vezel

    delay in acceleration probably be due to higher down - shifting time in DCTs. Once you are in the lower gear it accelerates pretty quickly, even more than my FD1. Kick down takes time. thats all.
  5. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    Now I'm using a FD1 and it was fast enough and interior is decent size for me. I'm planning to upgrade to the new civic 1.5T or 1.0T Im getting fuel about 7-8kmpl driving in colombo and suburban, 15kmpl in highway in my FD1. Heard 1.5T and 1.0T both has almost same fuel consumption while having better performance in 1.5T. And performance of 1.0T is as same as FD1. If there is a new civic owner, please update me with your experience about fuel. Thanks in advance!!
  6. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    Now 2 weeks gone. I want to know how is the fuel economy now. and your usual route. Thanks!!
  7. rajithanw

    BMW E90

    I'm looking fwd to buy an E90 (Used ~75k miles) There are frw things i need to know since I'm new to bimmers. 1. how is the maintanance cost rougy (tell me some parts and the cost you've had) 2. How much for a regular service and service interval 3. Fuel consumption in colombo and outstations Thanks in advance
  8. rajithanw

    Honda Civic Es5 Low Fuel Consumption

    You cant compare es5 with es1/8
  9. rajithanw

    2004 Honda Civic Es8 / Es5??

    ES8 is better in fuel. My one did above 15kmpl constantly long run, sometimes above 18kmpl in zero traffic journeys about speeds of 70-90.
  10. rajithanw

    Buying Guide - Honda Civic Es1 2002

    ES1/8 cvt model is very efficient. I owned an ES8 for 2 years and it gave me above 15kmpl long run. Dont go for non evts, they are thirstier than cvt check whether CVT oil change history, need to do it in every 15000km. cost would be about 7500-8000/= Check CVT box before buying. If gear engagement is delayed in cold start, or floor it and check if it jerks too much. Minimal jerky acceleration should be acceptable