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  1. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    4ම disk brake නෙවෙයිද brake dist එකතු වෙන්න?
  2. rajithanw

    Vitz safety sense

    Actually Honda Grace does a pretty good job at CMBS. Even in heavy traffic it doesn't trigger auto brakes, not once in a traffic so far. Only beeps once in a while. My main problem was about that Vitz. 🤔 Sister says she never had auto brake instance. May be her driving is better than mine so that she doesn't try to hit other vehicles often. 😂😂
  3. rajithanw

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    Ok, i use a Grace EX with sensing. It has Lane departure warning + Lane keep assist, Collision Mitigating Brake System, Pre collision warning, Adaptive cruise control, Avoid acceleration if front is blocked (like in the traffic you press the pedal but car doesnt move), and it beeps if the front car moves after a stop. Auto high beams (Still confuses how to turn the auto high beam thing after flashing) All of these are working fine. What more you need to know?
  4. rajithanw

    Vitz safety sense

    My sister owns 2018 Vitz with safety sense for like 6 months. She never have experienced Auto brake in action. I drove that too, sometimes aggressively but i get only brake warnings sometimes. I bought a Grace about a month ago and i had 4 instances of mild auto brake application already (3 times when trying to squeeze through a narrow part of the road with oncoming vehicles and once actually going behind a vehicle) Doesn't the Vitz come with Auto emergency Brakes?
  5. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    It is faster than any other autos. Delay is comparative, because you are used to faster shifts and those faster delays do get noticed a lot. 😉😉 I still remember when i was driving my old ES8 in S mode, someone provoked me and i needed quick acceleration in the middle of traffic to overtake, i felt the car takes forever to accelerate. That time i realized how those tiny things go noticed when needed the most.
  6. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Next gear is selected, wheels are engaged and freely spinning with the other clutch. Yes clutches do switch within milliseconds, but to engage a gear wheel take more than miliseconds. During acceleration, tranny need to upshift from 1st to 2nd and so on. So at the start, 1st will be engaged and 2nd will be ready with the wheel engaged but freely spinning clutch plate. During shift 1st clutch will disengage and 2nd clutch will be in place within milliseconds. Am i correct? And during decelation vise versa. Delay happens when unexpected acceleration like when the upper gear is selected and tranny need to use the lower gear suddenly. It take time.
  7. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Machan, i have no much experience in driving a honda DCT but surely i felt a delay in kick down sequence in a vezel. as in every automatics. So i used to prwle select the gear by myself in my FD before overtaking. DCTs usually preselect the higher gear unless you are slowing down the car. Sudden acceleration mean car doesn't expect it and it has to select 1 or 2 lower gears. I dont know if it programmed to skip gears (eg if it was in 4th gear and you press the gas hard, the car think the best gear for the hard acceleration is 2nd which is in the same gear shaft as 4th in DCT. So either car need to disengage the clutch select 2nd and engage again, or select 3rd on other shaft, switch the clutch, select 2nd and switch again. Im not sure which one car does)
  8. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Straight line acceleration is important to overtake long vehicles. With padle shifters i can pre select a lower gear before overtaking manoeuvre will eliminate that gear lag most of others talking about. I do drag like acceleration if im the 1st one in te color light 😉😉😉
  9. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    I don't know why Stafford instructed you to put the ar to N because it will disconnect the gear feom the engine which will prevent the charging (Not sure though but it was the case in Toyota hybrids) And clutch will to totally disengaged when you are on still in traffic in D mode. So no clutch wear. Using Sport mode will keep the car in the same low gear longer so lesser gear shifts mae the clutch last longer.
  10. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Because I had a permit and needed maximum benefit without spending more money than my sold FD1. And my options were Grace, Vezel, Axio hybrid, Civic 1.0T, Audi A1, Vitz, CHR, Swift Turbo. I need lot of leg room as im 6 feet tall. So Vitz, A1, Swift were out. Didn't like crossovers so CHR and Vezel was out. And i drove a Axio and it was boring like hell. And interior was compact and cheap looking. Thought a lot about Civic hatch and Grace. Did some math about fuel consumption over 5 years, and estimated the depreciation of the vehicle in 5 years, performance figures like handling, acceleration etc. And winner was the Grace. I knew about these issues by then also (I'm a honda guy anyway so i kinda into these techs and faults of many honda vehicles). I still feel that i should've chosen the civic but grace gives higher performance than 1.0T civic. Yeah i knew what i was doing DCT issue was lesser in the grace than vezel. May be because Grace was lesser tuned and has lesser weight than his big brother.
  11. rajithanw

    Honda Grace Gearbox question

    There were few problems and facts i needed to comment. I have been researching about this DCT thing and also driven one of my friends. Also awaiting my new grace to arrive in few weeks. In SL there is a known fault of DCTs, even in 2017/18 models to a lesser extent (May be because they are still new) To minimize this problems most honda techs and stafford recommend DCT oil change in every 10000km which cosg about 3000/=. Also avoiding crawling, minjmizing gear shifts (recommend use of S mode in heavy traffic to avoid frequent gear changes), avoiding of launching the car would increase the longavity of the transmission. Crawling back in a hill is normal thing. Either use handbrakes or press gas while on brakes from your left foot and quickly release the brakes. (Dont keep reviewing for longer than a second or two while on brakes which make the clutch wear quicker) My friend told he has had 28kmpl from Dambulla to Kaduwela during peak hour. And his average i saw as 18.**. Also he has no reason to lie. Pickup was ok (better than my previous FD1) Didn't notice any significant gear lag. But that rev matching when down shifting was horrible to hear. Had good interior space (bit longer leg space and narrower than FD1)
  12. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    Hand the car over to me for the time being ??? Won't be an issue. If you can ask someone else to drive the car few miles once a week. If it's not possible, pit the car to Park position, disengage any parking brakes. අඩ 2ක් තියන්න.
  13. Just checked a random chassis number found in honda garage. Seems once the car is shipped, it cannot be tracked in Japan anymore
  14. rajithanw

    Honda Grace

    Is it a new issue or haven't you driven hill until now? Every DCT has that issue more or less in steep hills. If it is more than its usual behavior, then I'm pretty sure something wrong in there. A tip, there is a brake hold function if you press the brake pedal all the way down and hold for a second or two, then it will activate, car will hold brake for 3, 4 seconds giving enough time for you to accelerate. Or you can quickly move the brake pedal to left foot and press accelerator from right foot.
  15. rajithanw

    Honda Civic 2018

    Thank you for your time expressing the civic. This is really detailed review.