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  1. I was looking at this option as well instead of an Axio. Its a very nice car, silent, nice to drive, good handling, comfortable and spacious. I would assume that the repair costs will be high in relation to the car value. Any other things to look out for?
  2. Hi Guys Just got on the forum today. I love to mess around with my car and wanted to get a basic diagnostic tool. I was told that Launch scanners are very good but they are very expensive. I just saw this DIY model and wanted to know if anyone has any experience or info on it. Launch CRP 229 scanner. There is a company selling it on #### http://####/en/ad/launch-scanner-crp-229-for-sale-colombo-2. Would appreciate some feed back on whether its worth it. Thanks
  3. Does putting a clear 3M UV protection film prevent this discoloration? Ive read that all abbrasives will clear the lights but they also take out the protective UV resistant coating as a result the lights will get discoloured again much faster. So hence after you clean the lights would it be useful to put the clear protective sticker on the lights. Kleen Park do it for around 6000Rs for the front pair of lights im told.
  4. Im also looking at buying an Axio 2007/2008 and I was told that they have an issue with the dashboard getting sticky and cracking. Is this true? Can it be fixed? Are there any other issues that should be considered.
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