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  1. Fellow Autolankans tell me whether getting a hood wrap(not in the vehicles original color) is a offence under motor traffic law?

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    2. asier


      Technically its illegal but practically in Sri lankan context are there instances where owners were charged for having Hood wraps? i personally think its one of those redundant offences like having tinted windows isnt it?

    3. Crosswind


      If you like, you can take the risk and go around like many people do. The law is very clear. It's illegal. Whether a cop will decide to charge you or not, is not something I or anyone can predict.

    4. JayZ


      I have seen many vehicles with hood , bonnet and even whole body wraps. since this trend is new not sure police is paying any attention now.  But as Crosswind said, technically its an offence. 

      Never know out of blue moon police will start chasing the wraps, just like random checks on window tint.

  2. asier

    Upgrading the front bumper..

  3. asier

    Upgrading the front bumper..

    Okay my e46 has the stock bumper (the one with tiny fogs) after seeing the aftermarket bumper cover up for sale in ebay now i badly want to go for an upgrade. is it sensible to order one from ebay paint it and get it fixed the size of the package should be massive and sure get custom officers attention? or else are they available in sl? anybody done that already? Thanx in advance for your inputs
  4. Kidney Grilles..in which color do they look best? Chrome or Matte Black

  5. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    Thank you for the input bro and everybody who spent a minute to help..decided to go for the Rexton tested the X-trail and was realy not upto the hype ,nothing major to choose over the Rexton
  6. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    thats really good news to hear and they are planning to unveil the new Rexton this year i guess..have they improved the suspension system? old one was very bumpy ?
  7. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    Thanx alot was looking for a user experience we had a old one was giving all sort of crap and around 180k it gave up for good..it seems rexton has improved alot but 2000cc seems under powered given the size of the vehicle This is for a government office hope you understand the hassle ..
  8. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    ya since this is a rental the selection is bit tricky..
  9. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    dont know the exact prices um not updated.but the monthly rental is almost same for every vehicle..not buying its a rental.
  10. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    Camry was feasible but clearance is a must...car wont be practical in out station trips.
  11. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    load of doctors used to own Rextons and not that much of a henchayya model like defenders . Xtrail looks like a normal car nothing special about it but technology wise it should be superior to the Rexton .KIA Sorento and a Toyota CH-R(Which is mor toy like and ugly) is also possible and all falls under same price category 70-80ish..any better brand new options rather than these four which cost the same?
  12. asier

    Rexton 2017 or X-trai 2017

    thanx alot don i should have included few guidelines but thing is since its official and the company takes care of every thing its a bit of a decision to make...and rexton is brand new too if some one can distinguish between the performance of two vehicles itl be a great help ..old rexton was largely under powered and had tons of issues, problem after problem ,need to know is there any significant improvement with the new model..this may differ from person to person but what i feel is since rexton had some sort of presence in sri lanka it has that noble presence than the x-trail..in all other aspects x-trail tops..
  13. Need advice from fellow Autolankans lets say an office is going to rent brand new vehicle for official use for a lead executive (long term)..there are two options which are Rexton 2017 and X-trai 2017 2000cc petrol hybrid to choose between (mind i used 2017 as the registration year not the model year) so could you assist me with what to select..thanx in advance
  14. asier


    if you really need a bmw you can find a decent e90 for around five mill i guess..you have to drive a bmw frequently otherwise itl give you trouble one after the other, mileage doesn't really matters when it comes to bmw's.Go for a petrol ,less troublesome but diesels are the bit fun and fuel efficient.Mil**y is old news there are lot of startups and other mechanics who do a good enough job for a decent price.
  15. asier

    5 Series (E39)