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  1. So today at the service, those guys misplaced my car keys.. Long story short, the key had been taken mistakenly by one of them and used on a Serena that was there at the service and driven it.. So what is the probability that keys of the same Make can be used in other models of the same make?

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    2. PreseaLover


      I shall check my car too :)

    3. iRage


      I strongly recommend you grab your friends' keys and see if you can open and start your car with them :) try filming yourself too just so we can advise you on if you were doing it right.

    4. Premio


      If your key barrel has worn out, sometimes you will be able to remove the keys in ignition position also.

      Most probably other vehicles key barrel is already worn out. In that case it can be started using any similar model key.

  2. I slipped away without paying parking fee's after parking the car on the road for 10 hours.. did it for 2 days... What will happen now?

    1. Anuz91


      Karma will find you ;) she's a bitch  you know :D 

  3. First Car

    And its fun to ride
  4. is it necessary to flush the coolant and do a refill at every service?

    1. iRage


      Every service ??? Like every few thousand kms you take it in for an oil change ? No...that is not required. In some "older"/"well used" cars you might have to top it up at every service but you don't need to flush everything and refill. 

      In Japan the radiator gets flushed every 2-3 years and is usually done as a free service of the shaken inspection.

    2. PreseaLover


      ah okay thanks irage :)

  5. Driving license

    Let me know once you do... Mine is also expiring in 3 months. davy, it contains less info though :/ the procedure is not there
  6. unprofessional work at  Mr P*int 

    recently i had to replace and repaint the bonnet, fenders and doors due to a container crash and went to them... they were ok though.. matched the colour and no mismatch.. the only problem i faced with them is they delay.. however in the beginning itself when i gave them the car, i clearly told them that i need the colors matched without any mismatch or i will need them to paint again.. and i called and visited them on a daily basis.. then they know they cant f**k around with you..
  7. So a fortune teller predicts that one day I will be dying from a car crash

  8. JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

    I see.. I shall wait then
  9. JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker

    Hi All, I'm looking for a JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker (Pulse 1 or Pulse 2). In Abans the pulse 1 is discontinued and pulse 2 is way too expensive (40k). So is anyone coming down from Dubai, Aussie or USA who can get me down a Pulse? Or is there anyone who knows someone who bring these down?
  10. Kenwood Car Audio - Bluetooth Set Up

    My car setup started displaying and blinking as "Reading", for all mp3, CD and tuner always and doesnt play anymore.. The setup model is KENWOOD DPX-5000bt... Does anyone have an idea, how I can get this issue fixed? Or do I have to totally throw away the setup?
  11. Got copped for 127kmh in the highway... don't they give spot fines anymore? cuz they took my license 

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    2. iRage


      A spot fine is not where you get to pay the fine on the spot (that type of "spot fine" you are referring to is not a fine but 99% of the time a bribe). A spot fine by definition is where you are charged for the infraction on the spot and the fine determined (i.e. without having to appear at court). So the police officers take your licence away from you on the spot until you pay the fine and show evidence as such. Over various times they did try to introduce systems to reduce the time taken to actually pay the fine but none were successful as they lead way to corruption...right now there are certain post offices that have fine payment available outside of normal business hours so you can expedite the process.

      A few months ago the Police were planning on introducing mobile payment system. No idea what the status of that is.

    3. terrabytetango


      Don't go over 120km/h.

    4. asrock


      How did you get in to your car at the car park?

  12. Need a car between 2.1lax to 2.5 lax

    yeah in that go for a Nissan PRESEA... Highly recommend!
  13. Kenwood Car Audio - Bluetooth Set Up

    I also have a kenwood setup. From the SRC menu button you should select the BT AUDIO option. If not check really if that specific model has bluetooth option available.
  14. How To Jump Start A Car

    ohhh right, okay thanks rumesh
  15. How To Jump Start A Car

    ohhhh got it, thanks for the explanation rumesh I found this jumper on ebay, which can be fitted into the ciggerette lighter... do you recommend this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Battery-Jumper-Booster-Start-Extension-Cables-Charger-To-Cigarette-Lighter-/111765267458?hash=item1a05baa402:g:~mkAAOSwu4BV7TP5