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  1. Nissan Presea

    checked with the car engine off.... every morning there is red oil below the gearbox.. when i put the car to the jack and went under, therewere oil dripping from the packing
  2. Nissan Presea

    So I found out that, after the gearbox job, there is an amount of gearbox oil leaking under the gearbox... It was light red in colour so im sure its the gearbox oil and not the engine oil... I took the car back to nilwala motors and they said, no there is no leakage and it is the engine oil that is leaking, but Im sure its from the gearbox cuz it was coming from the packing of the gearbox and it is light red in colour... So they told me to wash the engine since there were oil leaking previously and the stains were all over, and check for another week and bring back the car to them if still the oil is leaking... Im guessing, they haven't done a good job after all :/
  3. Nissan Presea

    Ahhh ****.... yeah The genuine mount is 12k
  4. Nissan Presea

    Yeah, invain i threw the old mount away... I'll recheck the installation again and if that's well, I shall buy a reconditioned genuine mount and use it..
  5. Nissan Presea

    Hi Guys.. need your expertise... 2 weeks back when I did the gearbox overhaul, I also replaced the gearbox mount (the mount which is located under the engine area - not the one in the top area, so i think its the gearbox mount)... I replaced it because those guys showed the mount to me and said its time to replace because its slightly cracked.. so i replaced it with a duplicate mount (not the genuine).. Ever since the overhaul, I find that the car is vibrating at idle when I keep the car at parking position (whether the A/C is on or not this slight vibration is there). and when i put to D, also i feel that vibration and when i speed up its not there... its not a huge vibration per say, but what I'm saying is, I didn't feel this slight vibration before the gear box job... I popped up the hood to see if the engine shakes or vibrates, but the engine is very stable and no shaking whatsoever... I feel the vibration running through my arms and legs... im a little bit worried because the car never vibrated at idle before even slightly.. so what could be the cause for this?
  6. Procedure of exchanging an old to new car

    do you have old parts of your car like throttle body, engine parts etc. which you replaced with new stuff? if so can i have them?... im a b14 parts collector for my car, as im not selling my car ever... so i make/ overhaul them and use them...
  7. Guys, whats the name of the additive that you put to the fuel tank in order to get the injectors cleaned? is it soltron or something which is 220 rupees? or is this another one which costs nearly 2k?

    1. Anuz91


      The later one. 3M, Wurth, BG 44k Fuel System cleaners are popular according to my knowledge. Will cost you around 1.6K. 

    2. Crosswind


      Use Soltron with an Apsara gadgetmatic. Guaranteed results :D 

      Ok so let me be nice to you. Buy Valvoline fuel system cleaner. It has the same ingredients as the Wurth and 3M ones but comes cheaper. Recommended to me by Dhammike Fernando who knows a thing or two about these stuff.

    3. Pawan_Nandalal


      There is another product which called "Emsol - D" Rs.200

  8. Nissan Presea

    oh really? yeah the guy there told me, the fb14, 15's, presea's and N16's had that common issue and most of the cars there are these nissans..once you reach 150k in the odo the gearbox overhaul is a normal thing for these models... yeah kind of, he will ask you when you can bring the car if your given date is not occupied for him.. .. keep 2 days off and get it done.. i wanted to get it done in march, april, and then again i didnt wanna to spend loads for the car in the new year.. so thought of finishing it off and getting it over with this year itself..
  9. Nissan Presea

    yeah yeah.. i saw all the worn out parts.. they showed me... currently the problem is in the D... but the reverse and other gear parts are also worn out so replacing everything.. yes the new rubbers and wheels they are replacing are from Japan.. they showed the replacing parts..
  10. Nissan Presea

    Nilwala Motors Madiwela... yes, 30k... it will be done within the day, but they are giving the car tomorrow morning as they have to test it in cold start after the overhaul..
  11. Nissan Presea

    The Gearbox overhaul is happening right now.. Here are some pics!
  12. Nissan Presea

    So this thing was there ever since I bought the car 2 years back... after running a good 10km's when I accelerate in 2nd and 3rd I hear a rattling noise from the engine.. like a whispering 'gada gada gada gada' noise, and when the gear reaches 4th, it goes away... this noise, ever since i bought the car has NOT increased whatsoever.. the same level for the 20,000km's I drove for the past 2 years... just wondering what this sound may mean if I would ask?
  13. My first car

    He has the NISSAN PRESEA R11 also as an option for a jap sedan
  14. Nissan Presea

    I saw I saw...
  15. Nissan Presea

    Ah right now I get it... Yes the problem was with the transmission.... But I was wondering, if i go for the existing engine's transmission - one day if I want to drop a bigger engine, then i will have to again change the transmission box as well... so that's why was wondering if it was an easy process to drop an engine now itself... seem's like Im better off leaving the engine be and changing only the transmission for now... thanks for the advice davy