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  1. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Anyone knows where can i find a CD Rack/ Shelf like those in CD shops, to purchase?
  2. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    These are Sri Lankan paintings ryt? Nah, I'm looking for some foreign art like world anime paintings which you cannot find in Sri Lanka
  3. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    hahaha no im not trolling ok so I have sorted and found most of the things out... just one more thing pending which I wanna do.. Any of you know where I can frame this picture in the link below.. This shouldnt be a normal glass frame... this is a canvas art, so this needs to be fitted into the wooden frames from behind which doesnt show from the outside, so when I hang this on the wall, it shows like the picture is directly fitted onto the wall without a frame border.. anyone know a place where i could get this nailed into a wooden stick frame for a lower price? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Unframed-Modern-Art-Oil-Painting-Print-Canvas-Picture-Home-Wall-Room-Decoration/183126199610?epid=26016530460&hash=item2aa32c0d3a:m:mO2TTxHJ6m8F7he8wL7GMGg
  4. Launched a new International Female Clothing Website - IVY 21

    I had back up plans if things go south And no im using a pay as you go payment gateway called 'Payhere'
  5. Launched a new International Female Clothing Website - IVY 21

    Ok so I revamped the site... focusing only on the Sri Lankan market now, so the prices are displayed in LKR and reduced the price which is now similar to glfock or kelly felder prices...
  6. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    nah I dont have the much of a budget. Just looking for something simple though
  7. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    how about the price of a home theatre system? Main purpose is loud music and movies. a 5 speaker setup would be fine. Should be able to plug a pendrive to it.
  8. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Ah nice, will check thanks cross Nah, just broke up 2 months back
  9. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Yeah I understand your point. But however I have a strong connection towards art. I had a lot of wall drawings like angels and demons because the house was haunted, and then i painted and removed all the drawings.. So these horses and shit fascinates me With regards to sofa's i guess those are very expensive and really outta my budget.. so maybe i can look for a second hand one from the quick site ryt? Ah also I'm looking to fix an electric gate.. Would you be knowing how much would it cost for that? I'd like a wooden gate too, but will it cost way more than an aluminium electric gate?
  10. Home Renovation/ Decoration Advices

    Guys, so I have a house which I will be living in alone.. And I'm ready to renovate it/ Decorate it as I always wanted to. However I need some advices as to where I could source the products for a good price. Let me know if i should look in any particular places? Following are the stuff I have in my todo list. (The house is a 15 perch single story house with a garden). Also could you let me know the approximate cost that will incur for each of these, so that I would know if im going out of budget or not. 1. Home Bar (I have the cupboard, to put the bottles, I just need a stand to go behind and serve drinks) 2. A moosehead 3. Bear Mat 4. CCTV Camera 5. Home theatre system (5.1 speaker set or something) 6. Ornaments like big Horses, Huge Clocks, Vintage Pictures of these old english musicians etc. 7. A Chandelier 8. Nice Bulb holders 9. A couch set 10. A tree house (To have a drink outside and have a nice view)
  11. nothing smells better than your own birth smell lingering in your car.. therefore i never use air freshner now...
  12. Launched a new International Female Clothing Website - IVY 21

    So guys, I have now thought of the MEN and included BRANDED Mens and Womens Original Perfumes for sale in the site Selling lesser than the market price.. This is the cheapest authentic perfume you can find here... You can check the brands here in this link: https://ivytwentyone.com/en/38-mens-and-womens-perfumes
  13. Launched a new International Female Clothing Website - IVY 21

    Oh and also a value proposition on this site is (which differentiates from other clothing sites) 10% from every sale will be donated to a Girls Orphanage located in Borella. Since this is a girl's clothing site, another girl gets the chance to help an orphan girls life by every purchase she makes At the end of each year the donation will be handed over to the orphanage. That's the plan
  14. Hi Iam now driving Nissan presea. Is this car good ?

    1. PreseaLover


      this car good. what colour? what number?