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    Previous Cars - Nissan Presea "Refina-F" (1998/2001): Manual, Nissan Presea "Refina" (1999/2003): Automatic

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  1. Giving away the Presea if I get a very high offer over 2.1. If it doesn't meet my expected offer, I won't sell it. Why? Because I'm bored with my life and keeping it only cause I've invested a lot on it. I will either way sell it when Covid is over to fly for Music concerts. I don't love cars anymore. 

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    2. PreseaLover


      ah trust me, I never miss anything I leave behind :D  music concerts are more valuable to me that metal that degrades :D 

    3. Hyaenidae


      @PreseaLover Everything degrades over time my man. There's a good chance for your love for music concerts to last as long as your love for cars did

    4. iRage


      What if Bono does something despicable and breaks your heart ?

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