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  1. You have no idea of the new 'Colour change process' at RMV you guys... went 2 times and still couldn't get it done.. I don't think I ever will... unlike those days, you cant get it done easily now. if you ever decide to change colour or any modification to your car which requires book update, might as well forget about it cuz they wont approve it unless you go there 4,5 times and kiss their ass. I will separately create a new post for the new process for colour changes and modifications. 

    1. matroska


      Thanks for the heads up. I wonder what the process is for legally updating the book after an engine swap now. 

    2. PreseaLover


      engine swap also the same machan.. even for colour change, they weigh the car, check the wheel size, and the length of the car and check if signal lights are working and oil leaking is there and what not.. they rejected my goddamn colour change approval cuz one of my number plate bulbs were not working.. and there was a small oil leak from the packing.. told me to fix those and come again... after leaving, i went back to rmv and told il bribe.. they said i should have bribed earlier and now no time for him to approve so i came f**kin back... im sick of this oi.. im also thinking to stay like this without updating the book but will there be any legal issues for me?

    3. matroska


      Well the first legal issue is it's illegal :D . If you meet with (god forbid) an accident then the issue might come up. Also check with your insurance guy - they might have grounds to not issue your insurance claim. I'm just speculating here. Maybe someone who actually knows the subject will enlighten us. 

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