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  1. You have no idea of the new 'Colour change process' at RMV you guys... went 2 times and still couldn't get it done.. I don't think I ever will... unlike those days, you cant get it done easily now. if you ever decide to change colour or any modification to your car which requires book update, might as well forget about it cuz they wont approve it unless you go there 4,5 times and kiss their ass. I will separately create a new post for the new process for colour changes and modifications. 

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    2. iRage


      To me...the problem lies in you and everyone else who goes through the system.

      When you take your car for a color change (or engine swap or any other update change approval needed) what they do is a technical inspection on the car. You need to pass the technical inspection for anything to be approved. Your car failed the technical inspection. Period. Mind you these inspections are mandatory for all cars in many other parts of the world on an annual/periodic basis. 

      you failed the inspection because there were defects on your car. Instead of fixing the bulb and the oil leak you offered a bribe....so your car was still in a questionable state and instead of fixing it you opted to make the inspector richer with that money; just like every other guy who goes there.

      So tell me....why would these guys ever do their jobs right ? Why would the the country ever change ?

    3. PreseaLover


      I went home and checked in the weekend... The bulb was working and there was no oil leak.. the oil stains were from a previous repair i guess.. he saw the stains and told there is a oil leak so i believed the f**k... when he said the bulb was not working, i didnt really check infront of him, i blindly accepted what he said... my fault so what to do. 

    4. iRage


      Which goes back to my question....why would these guys ever want to do their jobs properly when they can make a quick buck by just faking it ? If they did do their jobs properly the guy would be properly qualified and would actually know what he/she is doing and would have realized that the oil stain was old.

      Sad state of affairs....as i always do....I blame the education system for this....