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  1. Quick  question guys... whats the pressure amount I should pump to my tyres? The guy pumped upto 33 of nitrogen in all 4 tyres for the Nankangs.. he said if i dont put 35 the tyres will be worn out soon.. as i remember in my previous preseas i pumped 30.. is this statement true?

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    2. PreseaLover


      This link says otherwise.. why does it have different pressure levels in the rear? http://www.tyre-pressures.com/bycar/manu_nissan/3011/3012

    3. matroska


      Machan as far as i know this is because of the added weight of engine etc in the front - well according to that link it should be much lower... i'd have guessed and said 32-30 (front-back) for your car but that's just guess work. 

    4. Hyaenidae


      Tyre pressure recommendations differ according to the region the car is exported AFAIK...

      For example, both my user manual and door jamb stickers recommend 32psi for 205/60R16 92H tyres. This is the recommendation for most Asian countries (Sri Lanka, Philippines) 

      But the same user manual I found online recommends 39psi for 205/60R16 92H Tyres! (Probably for Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine)

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