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  1. Quick  question guys... whats the pressure amount I should pump to my tyres? The guy pumped upto 33 of nitrogen in all 4 tyres for the Nankangs.. he said if i dont put 35 the tyres will be worn out soon.. as i remember in my previous preseas i pumped 30.. is this statement true?

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    2. alpha17


      I usually pump 32 for all four as recommended by the maker.Nothing special.Just fine🙂

    3. alpha17


      Oh I forgot!!! In my car the tyre pressure is not mentioned as psi, but as kpa(kilo pascals).I used Google translater camera to inspect everything.

    4. matroska


      Tyre pressure changes depending on climate/temperature. 

      "A typical pressure for a tyre is around 32 PSI for a car tyre and around 85 PSI for a heavy vehicle tyre, and for every decrease of 1 degree Celsius in ambient temperature the tyre pressure drops by around 0.19 PSI."


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