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  1. Quick  question guys... whats the pressure amount I should pump to my tyres? The guy pumped upto 33 of nitrogen in all 4 tyres for the Nankangs.. he said if i dont put 35 the tyres will be worn out soon.. as i remember in my previous preseas i pumped 30.. is this statement true?

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    2. Magnum


      35 sounds bit too much for a car. Btw i thought you were gonna get Michelin tyres

      @alpha17 If im not wrong, the tyre pressure is mentioned in kpa in all JDM vehicles

    3. PreseaLover


      I was going to get michelling for my credit card (under installments), and when i went to D*MO to purchase, they said michellin stock is over and will not arrive for a month and then  the  offer wont be there, so had to go with Nankang, but the nankang is superb, its a huge transformation from bridgestone... very less road noise and higher comfort that bridgestone

    4. alpha17


      @Magnum sorry mate.lack of experience😅

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