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  1. PreseaLover

    Recirculating condemned cars

    And I think the lady should reveal the name of the car sale too so that in the future people would think twice to buy from that sale. these car sales dudes are real crooks.. they can do this to any vehicle and not only this.
  2. PreseaLover

    Road To N'eliya

    You need to define what you mean by "good"... for me i define good as "Nice view with sexy roads".. so for others it might be less traffic bla bla... so be precise 😛
  3. PreseaLover

    Closest Mountain View kinda Cheap bunglow hotel

    Guys this time I have a different requirement. Didn't wanna open another thread for this again so questioning it here...I'm hoping to do a trip alone, but this time I want to go stay around 1 or 2 nights in the WOODS where there is no human interaction or lights or whatever, I just want to enjoy the nature with some alone time.. so i dont mind staying in a smallest cabin if it has a bed..I don't want food either, i can take food and beers with me. I don't wanna go on hikes or anything so should be able to go in the car to the cabin through the jungle.. I don't mind driving over 100km's as I wanna enjoy the drive too... Any ideas?
  4. PreseaLover

    Engine Braking

    What I noticed in my car was quite the opposite. before doing a hillside trip, i replaced brake pads, rears abs, new drums, new tyres. When going down the hill at the start I figured that I had to trample the brakes harder and deeper. I checked the brake fluid level too and it was the same. and after sometime it was normal once again. I thought i was losing brakes, so i had to go real slow for sometime. whats the explanation for this?
  5. PreseaLover

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    So I'm having a very hard time maintaining my black car. I don't use it daily, I only take it out on the weekends. When I wash it on a weekend and take it out in 2,3 days for an emergency, i find it dusty as it has got caught to a desert storm. so I cant keep washing this every 2,3 days and Im looking for a solution like a proper car cover at least. The car is under a garage with a roof, but its an open garage exposed to the air.. an ordinary car cover can be used, but when we take it out, the dust of the car cover might rub on the paint and so it wont make a difference.. anybody has an idea about a better car cover or anything to be done?
  6. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    of course it is! its a classic!
  7. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    not 70, but upto 50 I would totally chose the old I've dated more 40 year olds more than the young ones
  8. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    for everything in life... older the better
  9. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    the 2 dogs can go in the dickey, and if the 14 children are still babies they all can fit in the presea. You can even put two dead bodies in the trunk of the presea
  10. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    NO. .. I had trouble finding a presea because i had so many requirements like, YOM, Numbers that fit my taste, transmission, interior etc. and that's why this presealogist took decades. since the OP has not specified any of it, its a piece of cake to buy a Presea
  11. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    the OP hasn't given specifics.. for those who asks questions like this without mentioning specifics, I also give answers like this
  12. PreseaLover

    Help to buy 1st car for family

    Nissan Presea R11
  13. PreseaLover

    Timing Chain - Nissan Fb14

    what? The FB 14 had a B13 engine?? dafaq man?
  14. PreseaLover

    Nissan Pulsar VZR SR16VE neo

    Yeah i think the dude is a little bit sick. He has created around 50 Nissan groups for each car (nissan bluebird, nissan pulsar bla bla).. he doesn't like any other models.. Only Nissans.. so his world IS nissan.
  15. PreseaLover

    Nissan Pulsar VZR SR16VE neo

    yeah yeah that's the guy.. his 2nd name is Lakshan. Really? I havent gone in his car but what he says is that he has the best pulsar in the country.. well what a f**k up then no wonder he sold his car for a shitty price then.