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  1. I've been seeing a Presea advertised in the quick site for all these years for 3 times now, in fact i went to inspect the car 4 years back and didnt buy it.. all 3 times it was advertised, I see that the odomoter is tampered with... does every tom dick and harry who buys cars does this now when they want to sell?.. shik

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    2. alpha17


      This happened to one of my relation who bought a 2000 Corolla 121. He saw the ad on paper abt the car and inspected the car. When he was ready to purchase,someone else had bought it for around 2.7mil. Then he chased the buyer and bought it back for 2.77million.When he purchased it, it was clocked around 78000-79000 kms. When I saw the car, it was in good condition in perfect shape, but seemed a bit worn like. About using for around 4 years,he sold it for 3.1 million and the mileage was around 110k as I remember. One day when I met him after sale he said.”Malli man ahu unane!!!” According to him the car had done nearly 300k kms and the seller had tampered it. He noticed when he saw a service sticker mentioning the mileage over 300k kms. When he sold it, the car had done closer to 350k kms. Anyway, I didn’t give him any trouble.

      But look how the cars are abused here in SL🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. PreseaLover


      hammaaaa 😩

    4. alpha17


      Even a famous person I know in education field also tampered the mileage from 270k kms to 125k kms....funny thing is, he is a very religious person. Told me it cost him only rs.2000.😅😅😅