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  1. Howdy fellas? :D 

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    2. asrock


      @PreseaLover Good to see you machan!

    3. PreseaLover


      time to crawl back in wage :D 

    4. Kavvz


      lol! No don't do that...Give us an update on the two Preseas. Do you have both of them? And did you get the pictures done up as you wanted? 

  2. We can also call Gamini Viyangoda and Chandraguptha Thenuwara to file the petition
  3. logged in after 2 weeks (due to having dengue fever and being in the hospital and all that shit) and ammatasiri this thread is still going? dafaq you guys??? first thing i see when i logged it...*shakes my head and logs out again- take me back to the hospital*
  4. This thread is still going on??? Wake me up, when DFSK ends!
  5. @Nee what Davy said My first car was also presea, 2nd also presea and 4th also presea so go for it!
  6. OMG I'm going to sell my Presea and buy this!
  7. Usually I go at around 6pm and then I get the car at around 4am 7am is too warm to stay the whole day, so I take a pack of ciggies with me and spend the night there when there is less crowd, less noisy and less warm and sometimes I take few beers also, and a friend who lives closeby (who is also a customer of Ravi), and we do beers and chat till morning
  8. that's a weird warm start issue. I'm interested in knowing what causes this too.
  9. So I haven't done a service is the last 8 months and I have only driven 2500km's since my last service.. should I do it now or can I drive the remaining 2500km's also and do the service?
  10. Could be an issue in the fuse I think... I'm not sure... Just take it to Auto Ac repair shop...
  11. so thought of buying the gold badge from ebay.. can you guys tell me how do we paste this badge in the trunk? according to this pic of the rear, can we use double tape to fit this in the trunk? i mean will it get pasted properly with double tape by how it looks to be?
  12. So I actually still dont have a Nissan badge in my car for the dickey, because it didnt have one when i bought it, but i dont want the silver one, looking for a GOLD one.. anyone has a nissan gold badge for sale?

  13. Ok so today i went to narahenpita with the receipt they gave. Then they told me to go to the 52nd room... from there they said werahera RMV hasnt sent them the form yet, apparently they send it the very next day... so i called a contact from werahera to see they have missed to send my form to narahenpita which they should have sent last week... so now again i have to wait until werahera sends the form to narahenpita and go there again.. after obtaining another seal from the 52nd room, then have to take that approval from again to the 41st room for the final registration... this is the remaining process.. sigh!
  14. Once when i had the cefiro it was taken as a wedding car.. so after the wedding we wanted to go clubbing.. so 8 of us we went in the cefiro.. 6 in the back.. 3 seated on the seats and 3 seated on laps.. from grand monarch to kolpetty we went like that.. so possible...
  15. so I thought of sharing the information of the colour change process at RMV as it is not the same process as it was before few years back. 2 years ago, when i wanted to get the book updated for my colour change for my previous car it was so simple.. you obtain a form from narahenpita rmv, then go to werahera rmv and show the car. they then just check the chassis number, engine number and then one inspector approves the form with a seal with a 500 buck receipt. then had to go to narahenpita rmv with the form and the book of the car and they will send the book in 4,5 months time after updating it. thats it. That was then but now, shit gets real as the process has changed. Now if the car has lease, you can't get the colour change approval. You need to clear all your lease and get the book to your hand before the color change. Then you have to go get the form from narahenpita RMV and go to werahera RMV early in the morning at 8 and then stay in the queue. even if you go first doesnt mean you are the first to be inspected. also if you dont go before 10, you will be sent home to come early the next day. you stay seated inside for like 2 hours until they call your name. then you have to pay 500 bucks and get a receipt from them. Then you have to sit and wait for another hour until they call your name. And then they finally call your name. then you have to put the vehicle to the vehicle scale. then the weight of your vehicle showed in the scale should match the weight mentioned in the CR. if it doesnt match you are doomed, you cant get the approval. luckily the weight tallied mine. Then comes an inspector. He checks the engine number, chassis number, colour of the car. not only that they even measure the length of the car, height of the car, tire size, wheelbase, and all the details which are mentioned in the CR and all of those should tally what is in the book. if you have tyre size upgraded then you have to go through the process of submitting the tyre change forms as well. likewise everything should match in the book. then the first inspector checks all those and gives a signature. luckily all of those in the CR matched mine again. then you get to sit for another 1 and half hours. Then comes the turn of the head inspector.. so for another round, you have to repeat the same process of scaling, measuring heights and lengths of the car with him as well for the 2nd time.. this time not only that, he also check if the car is mechanically or physically faulty. he tells you to blink headlights, show if signal lights, parking lights as well as number plate lights are working and then he also gets inside the damn engine and check for oil leaks.. mine had a small oil leaking from the packing, therefore my colour change was not approved and told me to go fix the leak and come.. then the next time you come they once again do the process of inspecting the car 2 times by 2 different inspectors and once again they check if the car is in absolute mint condition like a brand new car. and once again pay 125 bucks and take a receipt and stay in the queue. and if there are no faults then the head inspector gives the approval. then you have to take that approval form to rmv narahenpita with the book, and after few months you get the updated book with the updated information. now i know after you read this you wont ever want to go through a colour change process. i had to go 3 times to get the approval form only. hope this information helps. PS: This is the legal way ok
  16. anyone else here planning to go for the U2 asia tour at the end of this year? if so we can plan and go either way im going!
  17. You have no idea of the new 'Colour change process' at RMV you guys... went 2 times and still couldn't get it done.. I don't think I ever will... unlike those days, you cant get it done easily now. if you ever decide to change colour or any modification to your car which requires book update, might as well forget about it cuz they wont approve it unless you go there 4,5 times and kiss their ass. I will separately create a new post for the new process for colour changes and modifications. 

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    2. iRage


      To me...the problem lies in you and everyone else who goes through the system.

      When you take your car for a color change (or engine swap or any other update change approval needed) what they do is a technical inspection on the car. You need to pass the technical inspection for anything to be approved. Your car failed the technical inspection. Period. Mind you these inspections are mandatory for all cars in many other parts of the world on an annual/periodic basis. 

      you failed the inspection because there were defects on your car. Instead of fixing the bulb and the oil leak you offered a bribe....so your car was still in a questionable state and instead of fixing it you opted to make the inspector richer with that money; just like every other guy who goes there.

      So tell me....why would these guys ever do their jobs right ? Why would the the country ever change ?

    3. PreseaLover


      I went home and checked in the weekend... The bulb was working and there was no oil leak.. the oil stains were from a previous repair i guess.. he saw the stains and told there is a oil leak so i believed the f**k... when he said the bulb was not working, i didnt really check infront of him, i blindly accepted what he said... my fault so what to do. 

    4. iRage


      Which goes back to my question....why would these guys ever want to do their jobs properly when they can make a quick buck by just faking it ? If they did do their jobs properly the guy would be properly qualified and would actually know what he/she is doing and would have realized that the oil stain was old.

      Sad state of affairs....as i always do....I blame the education system for this....

  18. Took the car for the colour change process to werahera at 2.30pm and the head mofo said cant take in now as he has to go at 4.15 and told to come another day at 8am. i begged him for 10 minutes and he scolded me, so i scolded him back and told him to kiss the fattest part of my big ass. So instead of going to werahera again i can do the process at Gampaha kachcheri too right? anyone know an inside connection who works at gampaha kachcheri? 

    1. tiv


      You could recorded the whole thing and let it go to the relevant media / authorities 

    2. PreseaLover


      the next time this is what im going to do. didnt think he would be an asshole

    3. kusumsiri


      This is the mindset of most gov servants. Sad about our country. Sorry about your situation.

  19. @Hyaenidae but it wont affect the smell from the seats noh?
  20. I think I don't like the smell inside my car... After having the interior washed 5months back I think the new car smell and the shampoo smell has been mixed and now the car gives a different smell which I dont know to tell if its good or bad.. i cant really figure out whether its an ok smell or a not good smell... so what can I do to change this smell? I tried spraying california scents all over the seats and all but i think this smell stays.. @matroska if you are passing my house when you are free just drop by to do a smell check and see if this is normal since you have had experience in many cars?
  21. Hammey... don't know from where to start Anyway if you are thinking that cefiro has low mileage - brother, you are wrong.. for instance if the car has 8 owners, that means at least 6 times the odo has been tampered.. and if it has 8 owners, actually it must have at least had 10 owners (counting the buyers with open papers) I bought the cefiro when it had 90K on the odo but actually it had run over 150k.. after i sold it, it was advertised again for sale in 2 weeks by a car sale and then the odo was 75k.. so in old cars, the odometer goes backwards and not forward. so if you are thinking that a 20 year old car would have anything below 150k - brother, you are still wrong. And you are comparing one of the top fuel hungry cars vs lowest fuel hungry cars. You know that very well too right? so knowing that why are you asking about the cefiro again? you want to know the fuel figures is it? 3-5km in city and 5 is if you are lucky. Either way, your parents wont have peace of mind buying a 20 year old car unless you keep aside 3,4 laks and do a full restoration and build the car up before giving it to them. safety wise, if it crash hard you are going to die in both cars, cuz both has only 2 airbags, unless you buy that 8 airbag version of the cefiro- you might have a chance to live.
  22. Haven't seen any drama on A/L lately noh? usually once in a blue moon a joker comes and gives us a time noh :D 

    1. matroska


      troubled times ne bro

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