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  1. I did a gearbox overhaul from them in my previous presea... after the overhaul it felt good, like the gearbox was smooth, better pickup and gear change and they give a 6 month warranty too.. costed me only 28k for the overhaul and 6k for the gear oil, so its worth it.. after all its your own gearbox you repair, and you never know the condition of a reconditioned gearbox you buy.. I drove for 7 months after the overhaul and sold the car, i didnt have a problem with it.. im sure the new owner doesnt have any problem with it yet so far, cuz if there is a problem she would let me know... no complaints that means the car is still running good after a year.
  2. on average it does 5 that also if you keep your acceleration below 2000, and if not it will do 4 I had to keep 2 extra 1 litre bottles of spare petrol in my dickey when I had the cefiro
  3. Overhauling the gearbox is the best thing to do.. its cheaper and reliable too.. You need to pay a visit to 'Nilwala Motors' at Madiwala and see what's the issue, they do a good job and the prices are affordable... Totally recommend!
  4. Guys, since the year end is coming, if you come across any Tyre shops giving out discounts for Alloy Wheels and Tyres do let me know :D the tyres and alloy wheels are in the roadmap of my project and discounts would help alot :D 

    1. PerfMad


      Check stevans tyres at dehiwala junc (follow their fb page) wheels i guess may be JJ lanka ?

    2. PreseaLover


      yeah I was thinking JJ.. last time also i did from JJ.. ahhh thanks il check their page :) 

    3. PerfMad


      i bought 2 tyres for my honda from them last year (brand was ZETA, they have chinese and thailand both and claimed they will gv 50k KM warrenty) so far no issues have done 10+k KM on those and still in perfect shape. THey do have other brands too

  5. Anyone going to Thailand anytime soon?? Need to get something small down.. 

    1. PerfMad


      Broo contact Shamith Jehan via FB. He usually bring down parts from thailand

  6. Anyone based in Russia? Need to get a center consol panel down. 

  7. bumping a 4 year old thread to see if the speakers you purchased are still working and was actually genuine? anyway how can genuine speakers have a price difference of like 4k? is this really possible??? if it is then i might as well go to this place.. also @Komisiripala did you buy your speakers from here? also @TheFlyingFox are you aware of this place?
  8. No I listen to 80's and 90's and sometimes 60's and 70's music which has real instruments.. if someone I'm travelling with tells me to change this music to newer shit I tell them get off the car.. I actually did this once a pair of JBL rear speakers were quoted to me at 13k, and kenwood was quoted at 5.5k and Pioneer was quoted at 6k.. in my previous presea the kenwood i bought for 6k from Pet#o which they said its genuine.. the sound in it was good, but for house parties, when I opened the door and increased the volume to like 40, it started rattling.. but the daily volumen range I use is like 12... are the aforementioned price ranges accurate for a genuine? and I'm trying to get down genuine JBL's from USA, what I meant was can we find genuine JBL in USA for a lower price instead of purchasing from SL?
  9. I installed a Genuine Pioneer 2DIN Audio only setup today (the exact one I was looking for, similar to what I had in my previous presea (Previously it was kenwood).. So what I thought was to upgrade the rear and front speakers to JBL.. I didn't plan to put a SUB anyway.. So there is a clear difference between the JBL speakers and Pioneer Speakers yeah???? I thought of telling my friend in USA to bring down a set of JBL speakers for me.. The prices also must be lower in USA yeah? This is the setup I bought: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/CD-Receivers/FH-X720BT
  10. PreseaLover

    Speaker brands

    so which did you chose?
  11. haha thanks guys So btw, the audio shop guy said both the rear speakers and the front speakers are 6'' inches.. so the same speakers set i put to the rear can be put to the front as well... Is this accurate in terms of audio sound? Also they said that JBL speakers doesn't have bass power much and if im replacing with JBL I need to use a subwoofer, and therefore said im better off with either pioneer or kenwood.. they also said that BOSE speakers are not available in SL.. are these facts true? The car has tweeters as well, which are working and not hoping to replace the tweeters though.. they said tweeter speakers are hard to find in SL? That true too?
  12. So far what I need to find is this piece of vent... the small pieces of it are broken from the inside.. any idea where i could get it? Only the vent of another presea would suit this.. not even the fb14 one.... Also i have black alloys which I dont like.. want to have silver alloys.. (size 14).. so if anyone wants to exchange their silver for my black do let me know.. pic below..
  13. Ado I swear, yesterday a cigerette got stuck inside the dashboard just like that pen in my previous presea.. a friend of mine kept a ciggerete on the dashboard and it rolled and went inside the dash.. ado im serious... what to do so, now its inside...
  14. Yes, good things takes time you need to be patient like I was patient for months
  15. No this wasnt an advertised car.. this is a 2000 model, 2004 reg one... I found this car after spamming FB groups on a daily basis without giving up and convincing the owner to sell when everyone else told to get a life
  16. I have a blog already presealover.wordpress.com
  17. the name was changed back to presealover right after i sold the cefiro It's a H number 'automatic' but not a white one.. this is metallic green, but since i had a white one before, this time its gonna be deep black pearl (VW euro paint).. and undergoing another restoration.. restoration involves throwing away the dvd player/ reverse camera and installing a simple audio or casette player to make it look like an absolute 90's car No I'm not gonna throw away so, if anyone wants to exchange a double din audio only player for my DVD then i'd exchange..(because i hate touch displays)... also hoping to change the alloy wheels.. currently the ones i have are black.. i want silver... so anyone who wants black alloys, i have and will give for a cheap price.. this is also a limited edition with armrests, tweeters in the arm panels etc. with a better greyish fabric design that the previous ones... il post pics after the restoration with (before and after pics).. the estimated project delivery date would be end of January because im using Agile methodology for the project..
  18. I have black Alloys (Size 14) and if anyone is interested in exchanging their Silver alloys with mine, let me know.. 

  19. Guys I have a pioneer DVD/Reverse Camera setup.. Since I never was a fan of this, if anyone is willing to exchange the DVD player with a double din audio player, let me know..I just need a double din audio player

    1. PreseaLover


      thanks mate :D 

    2. Rumesh88


      But those original audios came with typical JDM FM range and a cassette player, didn't they?.

    3. PreseaLover


      yeah, im just going to put a double din audio player without the touch display which is a new one, similar to what i had in my previous car.. i mean the one with buttons :) found a used one from someone for a low price so im selling my dvd player for a lower price too :) 

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  20. Guys if the shift in the gear between P and D is rough (like you  need to put additional effort from your hand to put it to D from P like something is stuck inside), but the shift from D to the 1,2 or any other gear is smooth and no need a big effort, does that mean there is a problem in the gear box or the gear shift pole?

    1. tiv


      Could be the inhibitor switch, a not so difficult cheap fix to replace or repair, but catastrophic failure if ignored. Is it on a hill?

    2. PreseaLover


      its the gear cable mate.. so what the mechanic said was the gear cable should be turned towards the other side a bit which will fix the issue.. so from the spanner he moved the gear cable a bit and the issue went.. now there is only a slight roughness.. and said thats the maximum the gear cable can be pulled... not on the hill.. it was in the flat road. 

    3. PerfMad


      may be you can replace it with a new one down the line of your restoration project :D

      Glad my hunch was correct :D 

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  21. I have done some motoring Karma in my previous birth that I have to suffer finding a Presea in this birth... sigh

    1. Hyaenidae


      ...like selling a perfectly fine Presea on a whim 😝

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